The first lady to best musicians and Hollywood celebs, solitaire is a fave engagement ring setting that shows off the ring. It’s been the fave for women since ages and that’s why I decided to compile this post on how to buy a solitaire diamond engagement ring after checking all the settings and the right reasons to buy it. This five-minute read is all you need to find your dream solitaire proposal ring!

What is a solitaire diamond engagement ring?

From engagement rings to bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces or toe anklets, solitaire setting refers to the presence of one diamond on the piece of jewelry. The same is why solitaire diamond engagement rings highlight one rock in the center.

If you’ve been looking for a setting to flaunt your precious diamond, this is it.

5 Right Settings for Solitaire diamond engagement ring

Which is the best setting for the solitaire type of diamond rings? Can I use a bezel setting with one diamond for the wedding ring? Do people use the halo setting for solitaires? How can you make a solitaire diamond look bigger than it is? Find all your answers below!

·      Tension

When you create a diamond engagement ring in a tension setting, the central diamond is set using tension. Such a ring does not have prongs or bezels to hold it in place, but pressure. It is set into the middle under high pressure and offers a dramatic look to the solitaire diamond setting.

·      Bezel

When you create a solitaire diamond with a bezel setting, it is the safest setting that protects the diamond while uplifting it. Bezel setting consists of a metal rim around the central diamond that protects the diamond like a collar. The simply setting takes the least time to construct and is the oldest setting for diamond solitaire rings.

·      Halo

Although solitaire means one diamond on a ring, halo setting is used to maximize the glow of your central rock. Halo setting often uses a halo of melee stones around the solitaire. This makes the diamond look bright and half a carat bigger in size. You can also combine colorful gemstones with a halo setting to highlight the solitaire.

·      Braided

You can also use the pattern of scrollwork or braids around the shanks to put the solitaire diamond under the spotlight. Braided shanks are trendy and gorgeous with one central diamond on it. Look through umpteen designs before you decide.

·      Prong

Popular as the claw binding, prong setting includes 3, 4 or 6 prongs that are soldered together to hold the stone tightly on the ring setting. Cathedral and Split shank are also prong setting options to think about when investing in classic type of diamond engagement ring.

5 reasons why Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring are awesome

·      Spotlight of Attention

The solitaire setting for diamond engagement rings is fascinating because they highlight the diamond on the band and not the band itself. Solitaire is named thus as it has one centripetal diamond catching all the attention. Wear a solitaire diamond engagement ring if you want to flaunt your rock!

·      Made for the Diamond

One of the classic settings worn by celebrities from Lady Gaga to Michelle Obama, solitaire setting is a glamourous setting for diamond engagement rings of all kinds. Besides keeping the limelight on the diamond, this setting gels well with the wedding band to highlight your stone ring too.

·      Minimalist yet Elegant

I’ve told you solitaires are classy but did you know they can help accent the fingers and wrists of the wearer? Solitaire setting brags a clutter-free setting that ensures you can flaunt all you want minus the snags. The classy appeal comes from rings with minimal works on the band, unlike scrollwork. It will ensure your ring never gets in the way of fashion.

·      Can be Accessorized

Solitaires do not conflict with other fashionable accessories that you wear. It can combine well with finger rings, chainrings and bangles or bracelets without any ado. That’s why choosing a permanent option for your lifetime engagement ring is important when you’re buying it in the first place. Does it blend well with your other jewelry? Check your jewels box now!

·      Easy to Resize or Improve

Another benefit of choosing a solitaire diamond ring setting over others is the ease of resizing that the ring offers. With other gaudy and embellished designs, resizing might pose trouble unlike a micro pave setting. Solitaire is the all-day comfy setting for engagement rings with diamonds.

before you go …

Solitaire has been the favorite setting  for women and men all over the world through centuries! No wonder it is a win-win setting today too. You can also have side stones on the solitaire ring which contradicts single stone nature, but embellishes the ring!

Are you smitten by solitaire? We’ll share some amazing solitaire designs from trusted online diamond sellers if you leave share your thoughts below!

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