How to Choose a Diamond Seller Online with Best Upgrade Options

How to Choose a Diamond Seller Online with Best Upgrade Options

Selecting a diamond seller online is tough. You are trading for the rock that symbolizes your love and blesses your holy matrimony. What if we tell you there is a secret power called upgrade option to choose quality diamond sellers online. Explore everything about diamond upgrade options also known as trade-up guarantees.

Why Do you need Upgrade Options for Diamonds

Trade-Up and Upgrade Guarantee are two phrases with the same meaning, in the diamond lexicon. What you need to understand about trading guarantee from the diamond seller is that authentic sellers have it, others don’t.

Diamond geezers offer trade guarantees to customers because they can stand by their rock. Avoid others at all costs!

·         To Sell it in case you need it

Diamond has eternal value. It is a precious stone often valued in carats. If you want to trade your diamond for money in the future, the trade-up guarantee will help you with the jeweler’s confidence.

·         If you change your mind

What if the style is not rocking any more as it was the day you bought it? Perhaps you just don’t like it anymore since the sauce you hate fell on it. Whatever be your reason, a diamond trade up guarantee will help you cover for all your change of choices!

·         What if the stone chips

Ever wondered what will happen if your diamond in the engagement ring breaks? The best option to replace your stone if it breaks, chips or changes structure is with a trade up guarantee.

·         During your Wedding Anniversary

The best time to beckon change is when celebrating your wedding anniversary. You can give the wedding ring a new light by keeping the setting and replacing the diamond, with a diamond upgrade guarantee. It will be the perfect excuse to treat yourself the right way!

What to Focus and Avoid when Looking for Diamonds with Trade Guarantees

What to Do when Searching Diamonds with Upgrade Options

How to find a good diamond with a trade-up guarantee? What do the experts tell about diamond buying with upgrade options? Why listen to experts when looking for diamonds with trade up to guarantee.

·         Ask the Type of Trade-up Guarantee You’re Given

Not all diamond sellers offer the same guarantee. In fact, most diamond sellers will have separate guarantees under which your diamond may or may not be covered. Ask the salesperson about the complete guarantees, warranties and upgrades available to your rock before you buy. It must help you pick a stone with the best benefits!

·         Enquire about the Tenure of the Guarantee

Not all diamond guarantees are forever. While most jewelers offer manufacturer’s guarantee for the metal for a lifetime, diamond trade up warranties can differ from months to years and decades. Clarify the guarantee expiry on your rock before buy!

Choose a guarantee best fit for your professional and everyday use of the diamond ring.

·         Clarify Termination Clauses

Diamond jewelers also have the fine print on termination. When you’re buying diamonds with a trade-up guarantee, clarify how the warranty or guarantee can become void. Often these directions are covered in fine-print and invisible to the layman’s eye.

·         What should be the price of the new diamond

When you’re searching for diamonds with upgrade guarantee, request clarity on the new or upgraded diamond you need to buy. While a few diamond sellers don’t require you to spend too high on the new diamond, most create the clause to upgrade with a diamond of $500/$1000 and so on. Ensure that you check this and calculate the differences you may need in the long-run.

·         Discounts You Get

Another little-known factor is the discounts offered to the customer. A handful of diamond sellers offer huge discounts on upgrade guarantee to encourage customers to spend more. It is a mutually beneficial deal and nothing to lose for you, as a customer as well. Hence, specifically request the discounts you will earn on upgrading the rock.

What to Avoid when Searching Diamonds with Upgrade Options

Why listen to experts when buying diamonds with a trade-up guarantee? How can you avoid the commonest mistakes when buying diamonds with upgrade guarantee? What are the best questions to ask a jeweler when looking for diamonds with trade guarantee?

·         Conditions that are too Ridiculous

If the policies and conditions in the fine print of a diamond upgrade guarantee are nonsense or incomprehensible, move on. Fishy diamond geezers must be kept far-far away from!

·         Hidden Policies and Verbal Oaths

Always ensure that there are no hidden policies that the diamond seller vouches for. All the contracts must be written and signed by both parties before the final buy.

Before you go …

Diamond buying is not easy. Learn everything about trade-up guaranteed from the seller so that your precious rock is forever safe. Have any questions about the trade-up guarantee of diamonds? Drop up us a comment below and we’ll get right back at you!

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