How To Choose Your Engagement Ring Store!


You should have no problem telling what a shopping website sells, finding specific products and brands, and getting pages to load fast without pop-up windows, Flash videos, or other digital detritus. And you should be able to easily find site policies, contact information for customer service, and your shopping cart.


Once you’ve shopped, you should be able to see what you’ve chosen and checkout with little hassle. At some shopping websites, even if you don’t create an account, the site places cookies on your computer so that items you select remain in your shopping cart if you leave and return. Plus, you can see the total cost without having to check out. Unfortunately, at some sites, clicking on checkout takes you to a sign-in page, with no option to buy as a guest or review your order beforehand.


On 7 percent of visits, readers complained about high shipping or delivery charges, a particular problem at flower sites, where more than one in four readers complained. Other shopping websites that got high marks for shipping don’t charge extra for some items or if purchases reach a certain threshold, while still other sites provide no-cost shipping if the item is sent to a local store for pickup. Don’t assume that “free” shipping means you’re getting the lowest price for a product. And add shipping charges when comparing prices among retailers.

Customer support

The better shopping websites post frequently asked questions and have e-mail notification and trackers that show the status of your order. Above all, someone in customer service should be easy to reach either by phone, e-mail, regular mail, social media, or live chat.

Reviews Reviews & Reviews

It is as easy as taking a candy from a kid, to ask people about their idea of making a purchase. The on-line world is filled today with so much information, that all you need to know is where to look. We highly recommend of searching Google, FB and other social networks, see for un-boxing of engagement rings on YouTube, look at PayPal fraudulent list, check your credit card company for advice and more.

Return And Refund

What can go wrong on your most exciting day? well, we all heard about girls saying NO, or about the wrong size “missing her dream ring for a bit”. If you stick to the small prints, or read our review before buying an engagement ring, so you should now that you are covered and for how long. Didn’t work out? a refund policy should get you 90%-100% refund after shipping costs, wheres selling the diamond for yourself should get you about 30% of it’s value.

HD Photos And Videos

Why looking at diamonds with stone age instruments? One of the pros of making a purchase in a shop, is the option to look under the mic. When we shop on-line, we would love to have as close as possible, and that’s what we call an HD show. On most cases, Diamond stores would be glad to send your favorite Engagement ring to a local jeweler for you to have a look for real.