How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look As Good As New?

How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look As Good As New?

Remember when you first say your engagement ring? You were smitten, right. At one point in time, if the whole world revolved around your ring, it might not be the same after a year or two.

Perhaps you cared for your ring so much in the initial days that you completely forgot to set a schedule to clean it every once a while. The truth is, most of us are the same. Moreover, everything gets old with time.

Don’t let anybody fool you saying that diamond is the hardest substance in the world and hence it won’t tarnish. Or that gold is the only thing that wouldn’t dull whatever you do.

You need a more than a thorough cleaning and after looking for ways to make your engagement ring look as good as new, I was heartbroken. There was actually no clear list online to make it sparkle like a new one. That’s why I put this together.

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7 Ways to Make your Engagement Ring Looks as Good as New

So you love your wedding ring but it has lost all that dazzle and glitter it had in the start. What to do to get back the sparkle on the diamond engagement ring? Well, hunting for DIY ways might sound easy, but trust me, I hunted day and night and almost melted my ring before I found the right way to get it sparkling. You want a safe way to make your engagement ring look good as new and I have seven brilliant ways.

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·      Handle with Care

First things first, let’s find out why your wedding ring has lost its sparkle. Beside the quartz dust in the air around us being a threat to jewelry, there are many more things you need to worry about when wearing precious metal rings such as your diamond engagement ring.

Click on this blog post on a list of 11 Tempting Things Not To Do With your Engagement Ring On to find out ways to make your ring look good as new forever!

·      Clean it at Home

Let me introduce you to the secret of making your engagement ring sparkle within the four walls of your home. While professional cleaning is something else, you can always clean your precious ring to make it look as good as new with household things.


Take a bowl and fill it with white organic vinegar. Place your engagement ring inside the bowl for up to 2 hours. Take it out and place it underneath cold running water. Now, use a soft bristle brush and clean. Pat it dry after!


Take 4 spoons of baking soda in 16 spoons of water. It should be a paste, not the liquid solution. Now take a cotton ball and scrub your ring. Place it under running water to clean it well. Pat it dry when you’re done!

·      Storage must not be Reckless

Just like cleaning your ring regularly, another way to prevent it from losing that bling is with careful storage. It is best to keep your ring in the box you got it with the purchase whenever you’re not using it. If you can’t find the box to store your precious engagement ring, wrap it in a silk cloth to prevent tarnish from damaging it.

You can also wrap it in a white paper to make a DIY jewelry box to keep your jewelry from losing its sparkle.

·      Give your Engagement Ring a Vodka Shot

A good rink uplifts everyone. It’s the same with your jewelry. Next time you’re partying, take your engagement ring with you. All you need to do is soak the ring in a glass of vodka for at least 30 minutes to get rid of the dirt and grime on it. Once you’re done, place it under warm water and cleanse it with a cotton cloth.

Don’t take a shot of the cleaning vodka after!

·      Get a Professional Cleaning done

If everything else fails or you don’t want to take chances, take your precious engagement ring to a jeweler. Take it to the jeweler you bought to get the cleaning done for free!

What I Recommend …

Did you try all the methods I listed above? If you did, I am sure your ring is sparkling new right now. If not, your proportions were not right or you weren’t disciplined enough. That’s okay. I’ve got one more special tip that can make your engagement ring look good as new in 50 seconds, I PROMISE.

To reveal the tip, leave a comment with the type of your ring, size, metal band material, and stone name. That’s all!

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