How To Propose On Valentine’s Day?

How To Propose On Valentine’s Day?

The day of love is here. If you have wanted to confess your love or propose to your lady love, there is no better time to do it on than Valentine’s Day. It makes them say ‘Yes’ quicker than usual. If you are thinking of proposing her on V Day, you better be prepared that it does not go south. That’s why I compiled the best 9 ideas to blow your partners’ mind and propose to them on Valentine’s Day.

Why Propose on Valentine’s Day?

The girl who goes out with you on Valentine’s Day has said ‘yes’ to you already. That’s why people propose on Valentine’s Day. It is easy to hide the proposal ring in plain-sight because everything is covered in romance on V Day.

You can create a romantic moment or experience for the whole day of proposal when you ask her to marry you on Valentine’s Day.

9 Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Every year, couples find new ways to propose on Valentine’s Day. That’s why we have put together a list of the most amazing to cliché and groundbreaking Valentine’s Day proposal ideas you must try. It has 100% success rate, so go ahead and start planning already!

1.    At Home

The most popular way to propose on Valentine’s Day is at home. Yes, the statistics says so. Why wouldn’t it be? When you’re at home you can cook the dinner and propose in the privacy of just you. It is magical, personal and amazing. You can also decorate the whole house with roses and be ready for her to wake up in the morning to propose the moment she opens the eyes. Go it? Or, call your neighbours, have a BBQ and pop the question in front of all.

2.    At her Favorite Restaurant

The second most popular destination to propose on V Day is the restaurant. When you propose while dining in a restaurant, you can pop the ring in the champagne or dessert too. The staff in the restaurant will help you set it up and run smoothly. Moreover, strangers will join your celebration. Often people around will congratulate you or toast to you as well when you ask her to marry you while dining.

3.    Theatrical Proposal

Another trending way of proposing is when you’re in a theatre. If you and your partner love the plays, nothing beats proposing on the stage. Meet up with the crew who you’re going to see at the theatre and ask them for a favour. Most agree readily because it gives them a superlative reference from the audience on V Day.  

4.    Propose on Air

Another super romantic and extreme way of proposing your lady love to stun her is by proposing on the Radio or TV. All you need to do is request the favour by contacting the network provider and make her tune in at the right time. If she has a habit of listening to the radio while going for work, try it because it will surprise her like her dreams!

5.    Gift a Chocolate box with Ring

After flowers, chocolate is the best gift to give your valentine on this special day. But, chocolate is quite cheap or petty a gift. So, when you gift a box of chocolates, she won’t be surprised. Once she sees the ring in the box of chocolates, she will start crying tears of joy, you bet!

6.    Ask in Snow

Find a place where you can write in snow and it will remain undisturbed. Ask your lady to join you on a walk. Chat and walk until the snow writing and when she sees both your initials in the center of a heart in the snow, she will be thrilled. Pop the question right away and seal the memory forever.

7.    Dress up your Pet with the Question

Do you have a pet? Then, hang a board saying ‘Will you Mary Pappa Purrrr” on your cat and let your partner see it in the morning. With the cute looks of the pet and your gorgeous ring, she will say yes a million times.

Before you go …

Whichever way you propose, make sure there is a friend ready to capture it. You can also ask your partner to pose for a picture your friend is takin and midways, propose her to capture every moment of it.  

Another romantic and sensational time to propose on Valentine’s Day is before you go out. That way, you don’t have to propose her in front of a bunch of strangers in the restaurant. Have your private moment together and in privacy!

Which is your favorite idea? Share it in the comments below!

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