How to Remove Glue from Diamond Ring?

How to Remove Glue from Diamond Ring?

I’ve gotten glue on my diamond earring and ring at least six times until date. First time I freaked out and cried for two days because I was scared my diamond ring was permanently damaged. So, you don’t worry even the slightest bit if you got glue on your precious baby. I’ve got all the solutions on how to remove glue from diamond engagement ring like a charm!


Is glue hard to remove from gold rings? How to remove super glue from the platinum ring? What to do when you have glue on your diamond? Why doesn’t the glue come off from my diamond ring, it was an accident?

If your mind is storming with these questions, hold your calmth and read ahead!

Does glue damage the diamond?

No way. Diamond has a hardness rate of 10 on the MOHS scale. Do you know why you can’t glue diamond jewelry? It’s because the surface of a diamond is so smooth there won’t be anything for the glue to hold onto. Get it? So, the glue will come off sooner or later. Most times, all it takes is a nudge to get that glue off your diamond ring.

Glue dried on the diamond? What to do?

Calm down and proceed to the 2nd Way to Remove glue from diamond ring below.

Can you remove super glue from the diamond ring?

Of course, you can. If you’re worried the super glue damaged your ring or diamond on it, don’t worry. Diamond is the hardest thing on earth.

I agree there are crevices where the glue can ooze through, but a professional whisk will clean the diamond off any glue without any damages. However, it is not covered under the usual guarantee. Be prepared to bear the service charges.

Can you remove glue from the gold ring?

Yep, you can remove glue from a gold ring. Gold is a strong metal that does not damage due to air, water, and most acids. It reacts with halogens only. And, we have more than half a dozen solutions to help you glue on ring problem professionally.

Can you remove super glue from the platinum ring?

Yes, platinum is another inert metal that does not damage in the air or ordinary acids. We have many ways to remove glue from platinum engagement rings too! We’ve tried it.

Ways to Remove Glue from Diamond Ring

Before you start, assess the damage you’ve caused the engagement ring with your rendezvous with super glue. Antique jewelry is sometimes set in glue and it can come off when you try to repair your accident.

1.      Soak in Vodka

Denatured alcohol or vodka works perfectly for getting the glue out of your precious diamond ring. Genuine golds and silvers are not damaged by alcohol. On the flipside, it strikes the glue out. Give it a rub with a Cotton Swab if you want to be forceful, yet gentle.

2.      Needle the Glue out

Pricking a needle at the dried glue can shake the entire blob right off unless it is in the prongs or crevices. Make sure to be careful not to damage the stone instead.

3.      Drop it in Boiling Water

Although you can boil the diamond ring, it is not recommended as it can cause more damage if you’re a newbie at boiling diamond rings. You can also add ammonia to a warm water with the diamond ring in if it is a thick band.

4.      Seep it in Jewelry Cleaner

Another ideal way to get that nasty glue off your engagement ring is by soaking it in the jewelry cleanser liquid. Go to any jeweler to buy a pack at the curb.

5.      Dip the Ring in Acetone

Your nail polish remover in the wardrobe is an excellent antidote for removing glue on the ring. Moreover, acetone does not react with metals such as gold or platinum.

6.      Rub some Butter

A crazy yet sometimes effective remedy for getting the glue out of your diamond engagement ring is by rubbing butter on it. You can also use butter to remove the residues of the glue in case it did not come off in full.

7.      Professional Cleaning

Jewelers have many machines, but my favorite is the sonic cleaning one. It grabs the glue and spurns it like a cur out of the way.

Before you go …

Wondering what to do now that crazy glue is on your ring? Make a checklist and do the list of remedies above, one by one.

Still scared on how to remove glue from diamond engagement ring? Don’t worry. Ask us in the comments below.

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  1. I have an eternity diamond ring that has supper glue on the diamonds. Is it really safe to soak in nail polish remover. I am so upset. Please help!


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