Tips For a Perfect Engagement selfie!

Tips For a Perfect Engagement selfie!

How to take an engagement selfie!?

Engagement is truly the most special day of any girl’s life. To brief it up, all that you need to break the happiest news of your engagement and the lovelier proposal is just a snap of the ring on your finger. From Kardashian to Kelly Osborne, engagement news has been flashed to their fans and the world with a thought-out, elegant engagement selfie.

Do you have a friend who just got engaged and duly, your inbox is brimming with her hundreds of her Instagram picture updates wearing the ring in 70×70 different poses?
To avoid this ugly bauble, it is best to know what you’re in for, a tad bit before you’re deep in it!

Things to Consider Before Taking your Engagement Selfie:

Popularly referred to as the engagement selfie, the picture of your engagement ring, does speak a million words! With a warmly lit up ambiance and limelight on your sparkly ring entwined around your fiancés ring bearing hand, an engagement selfie can truly, last forever.

From tips to get the blood back in your hand by raising your hands for 30 minutes, there are many hacks to go Carpe Diem on your best day of life!

Make sure you double and quadruple check the below to make the most out of your engagement selfie.

  • Light

While some people believe that lighting is just another option to edit on their built-in phone cameras, others think that 12 in the noon when the sun is right above, is the perfect light to click the engagement selfie.

The truth is that, neither is accurate. If your engagement ring comes with an innate bling, adding light filters or holding the camera aligned to the sign will only make the whole setup look like the Edward Cullen Sunlight fail!

The best light setting for an engagement selfie that can accentuate the sparkle of your diamond without overshadowing its aesthetics is the soft evening light. Even if you have to wait for the natural light, hold your braces and wait. Remember that, gentle sunlight is your goal for the flawless engagement selfie!

  • Ring Cleaning

Engagement surely lasts forever, but if it has been sitting on the jeweler’s dingy rack for a long while, prior to your lover picking it up, you better give it a thorough rub before limelight runs its course. Often a forgotten etiquette of ring users, any new to an old ring needs a rub prior to its photoshoot.

Avoid clicking the selfie with the zoom-in enabled as this will blur the sharpness of your ring and mar its sparkle. This also captures a high-resolution picture; hence, you might want the dirt to keep off the shine!

If your fiancé caught you by surprise at a time when you had postponed your manicure too many times already; put on some moisturizer or makeup on your hand and go creative on the spur of the moment!

To properly take a snap of your ring, hold your arm outward like a selfie stick as you can always taper the edges later.

  • Pose

The most important stage of the engagement selfie session is to capture your beautiful ‘Will you marry me moment’, in its complete sap. For some it might be the shortlisted pictures out of the Skype Pop Out Proposal, Graffiti Art proposal or the classic after dinner on the knee proposal while others need a few poses to get to the perfect ramp pose. Regardless of how different the proposal is, the featured image should capture the essence of your love or something that you both, love together.

Choose a pose that epitomizes your treasure stone as well as the human treasure that slipped onto your finger and made it the loveliest moment of your life.

  • It’s not all about You, technically speaking; we are all serious here

Literally, yes it is your engagement. But, seriously, it is not about you in zillion poses with your gewgaw. But, it is about the man who proposed you with the lovely gem on your finger that you’re head over heels already. Furthermore, the centre of attraction of an engagement selfie is not your man as well. It is about both of you and the symbol of your love- the engagement ring.

Additionally, make sure to remove all the additional blings and trinkets on you so as to highlight your ring on the day it is celebrated for!

  • Choose your Background

If choosing the background is out of your limits, look out for the best emotive frame that you can lock around your present background. Listen to your heart and heed to your hand while capturing as many engagement selfies as you need, rather than just one. Even if the proposal was doggy style, or in the bedroom, you can always spice your background with pillows or even corners of walls!

The bottom line is, go carefree on a full throttle of your creativity, but do avoid silly to the extent that you will definitely regret it.

  • Grooming

Personal Grooming is a vast topic for the woman preparing for the wedding. Nevertheless, for the mini-wedding known as the engagement, you merely need a manicure to spruce up your charms. Make sure you clean your hands, nails and cuticles well in addition to polishing the nail with the colors to match your center stone on the ring.

Pampering and priming are necessary if you’re striking a pose too. With proper makeup, your finger, ring and profile will be sharp and perfect to last forever!

Apart from the above, you must also learn to practice steadying your photo taking hands to take a high-resolution, sharp and crisp image.

Ways to take an Everlasting Engagement Selfie with your Fiance

Hands around his Neck

One of the sweetest poses to seize the prettiest shade of love that you share with your man is by taking a shot where you wrap your hands cross-cross around your fiance’s neck, ring hand over the other. The shot is focused on the ring with your fiance’s head in the backdrop covering you.


By far, the best of the engagement selfie shots, the Engagement Selfie Inception shot is a picture with a thousand meta versions. One way is to hold your phone by the proud ring finger enwrapped on the phone with the loveliest picture of you two as its wallpaper.

Open Palm covering both of your kissing in the backdrop

This is the hottest trending engagement selfie currently. To click one of these, you should write on your palm, ‘I said YES’ and focus the camera on the same with you kissing lovingly your fiancé in the backdrop. Try to cover 60% of the screen with your open palm and don’t forget your manicure beforehand.

Ruffling his hair

Yet another epitome of a romantic engagement selfie is to ruffle your fiance’s hair with your ring finger and keep the camera focused on the ring without marring the same with the hair. Done right by posing by either sitting on your man’s lap with his head on your bosom in the backdrop or caressing his lower neck hair, you can strike a memorable or hot engagement selfie that lives forever.

Family Pose with Your Dog

For those of you are habituated to celebrating happiness the canine or the feline way with the doggy style proposal, the perfect engagement selfie pose is to focus on the ring with your dog in the backdrop or betwixt.

Classic Man on Knee

If you adore simplicity more than glitter or glamour in life, the classic pose of the proposal with the tuxedo-clad fiancé proposing on his knee to the gorgeous will be the best engagement selfie shot for you!

Romancing the Engagement Together with nature

Touring or even scouting for a daring background that rings the memories of the first time you laid eyes upon each other, in your shack or say a place you first kissed each other in, can be an ideal background to the perfect engagement selfie.

Humor some selfie

If you’re a creative person, you might want that spicy hue of pun, ambiguity or hyperbole in your engagement selfie. The best example for a humor plus meaning engagement selfie is to shape your hands into a heart with your fiancé stand at an appropriate distance such that the shot looks as if he is in your shimmering heart.

Your Favorite Dance Move

Be it samba, salsa or EDM and even a random trance, pulling off a sexy or romantic dancing duo shot with the camera focused on the sparkle of the ring is an ideal engagement selfie.

Fairy Tale Engagement Selfie

Last, but one of the best poses for the evergreen engagement selfie is to choreograph prior, with a fairy tale background in a fairy tale venue, wearing fairy tale attires in a fairy tale kiss or rescue pose gleamed by your priceless gem.

Memorable Engagement Selfie Poses exclusively with your Ring

Ring on an Object

Choose a novelty item like the Eiffel Tower replica or things convey bold and distinct contrast to brighten the sparkle of your stone. This way you can insert or clip your ring onto anything and make a unique engagement selfie.

Hand on the latest release of Brides

Yet another ideal engagement selfie that brings the zest out of your diamond ring is a shot focused on the ring bearing hand holding the latest or the favorite edition of BRIDES.

Holding your Sunglasses

Simple yet bold and ingenious a pose to strike off the personality in your engagement ring is by focusing the shot on the sparkle while holding your favorite chic sunglasses.

Holding Hands

Hold both your hand in the shape of a heart, with the focus of the camera on your ring finger. This is the best sentimental engagement selfie of all times!

Holding your favorite Ice cream

Another self-describing engagement selfie is to take a shot focused on the bevels of your ring while holding or eating your favorite ice cream.

Holding your Favorite Beverage

Another stylist, classy and chic engagement selfie picture is to take a shot focused on your stone while holding an exuberant glass filled with a beverage or alcohol that matches the gem’s color.

Holding your Favorite Flower

If you’re a romantic, the perfect way to make the engagement selfie is to tell the blurb of your life-story by keeping the camera focused on your treasure while holding an imminent or favorite flower of choice in the backdrop.

Unleash the Diamond

This is a power shot on your ring. You can highlight it with a close-up of your ring from angles that befits the best. Try different lightings and settings as well as backgrounds before settling on one.

Meaningful or comical

Another memorable way to add that extra glimmer to your ring make a sentimental pose of having your fiancé’s sleeping posture as the backdrop to your sparkling ring and the engagement selfie.

Tying the shoelace of your favorite shoe

Another perfect shot that speaks a thousand words, you can also substitute the shoelace with a pen or capture a shot when you’re typing away on your computer.

Engagement Selfie Poses Mistakes

  • Clogging your master piece with too many pictures like in a collage is exhausting. Hence, avoid posting more than 2-3 snaps.
  • Bad Timing

Avoid the bad weather and time of day like cloudy or mid-day hours to avoid ruining your engagement selfie.

  • Bad Poses

Make sure you research enough before giving your pose as it is better to look mute than weird on your special day.

  • Humor Turned Sarcastic

If your humor is reckless, you wouldn’t know when the tint of sarcasm will pop up and clog your symbol of love!

  • Too much Editing or lack of editing

Another important thing to avoid is the over or under editing of the featured engagement selfies. If you’re confused, opt for something simple and lucid rather than gaudy and chaotic.

Most importantly, your must remember to share the snap of your special day by telling your friends and family before facebooking the whole wide world!

If everything fails, process and edit your engagement selfie with exclusive apps like moreBeaute2, BeautyPlus or even Instagram!

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