How to Wear your Wedding Ring

How to Wear your Wedding Ring

Making your own tradition is suaver than you think. What is the real tradition to wear your engagement ring with other rings such as wedding rings? How Long Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring After Marriage? Whatever is your question, I’ve been there and done that. So, trust me and start reading!

Vogue Ways to Wear your Engagement Ring Right

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How To Wear Your Engagement Ring Before The Wedding?

When he has just proposed to you, we suggest you let the ring be on the finger he slid it on. If you’re thinking of proposing to your girl and wondering which finger to put the ring on if she says ‘yes’, the answer is left-hand ring finger.

How To Wear Your Engagement Ring On The Wedding Day?

This is the time to switch your engagement ring from the left hand to the right hand. On the day of the wedding, wear your engagement ring on the ring finger.

Who made the tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the third finger on your wedding? It was the Egyptians! That’s where the belief of the third finger having a vein that directly connects with the heart originated. But, now we know how all the veins go straight to the heart or from the heart anyway!

Why is Wearing Your Engagement Ring On Right-Hand good?

Do you know what Vena Amoris is? The Greeks believed it was the vein closes to the heart, like the Egyptians. That’s why people tend to wear the engagement ring on the left hand. However, Romans believed left was evil and right good. Hence, wearing the engagement ring on the right or left hand is definitely your choice on what you believe as good or bad.

It is good to wear the e-ring on the left because it is the symbol of eternal promise.

How Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

During the wedding, one of the ceremonies is to put the wedding band on the left hand. However, after the wedding, the engagement ring is switched to the left hand on top of the wedding band. So, it is best to wear your engagement diamond ring on the right hand during special events only like Anniversaries and Birthdays.

What Is The Right Way To Wear Other Rings With Your Engagement Ring?

Besides the tradition, if you’re big on aesthetics you can add many rings in addition to your engagement ring and wedding ring. You can stack the wedding band below the engagement ring and the rest of the rings above the e-ring. Another way is to split other rings into other fingers on your left or right hand.

Which Finger Are You Supposed To Wear Your Engagement Ring Every Day?

You can wear the e-ring on the third finger of the right or left hand, above the wedding band as a tradition. The modern trend is wearing the engagement ring on the finger you’re comfy with. You will see women wearing their engagement ring on the 4th finger or even the middle finger of the hand they are comfortable with.

When you’re committing to wearing the ring every day, agree to a fashion you can carry without conflicts.

What Is The Right Way Of Wearing Your Engagement Ring On Vacation?

Unless you’re going for a flaunt-worthy function, I’d recommend keeping your ring safe when you’re on a holiday or vacation. Once the diamond or the ring is lost, it will be hard to retrace your steps to an exotic location. Hence, keep safety as your first priority.

5 Times You Shouldn’t Wear Your Engagement Ring

1.      When Cleaning

If your hand is prone to cleaning acids and disinfectants, it is best to avoid wearing the engagement ring. It is best to remove it while cleaning dishes or clothes.

2.      In Swimming Pool

As water in swimming pools are chlorinated, precious metals and rocks can tarnish over time. If you’re a regular at the pool, take off your wedding ring before diving in with it!

3.      When Cooking

Heat and spices might seem natural, however, when you introduce precious metals like gold and platinum with the diamond center to heat and oils, it can damage the luster of the engagement ring in a short while.

4.      In the Shower

If you’re unsure whether your shower has chlorinated water, it is best to remove it while bathing. Moreover, shampoo, conditioner, and serum can also render damages to the metal and rock.

5.      When putting on Cosmetics

Your foundations, lotions, and moisturizers are equally harmful to the delicate ring as the disinfectants. So, take the precious ring off or put it on after you’re doing with your makeup routine.

Before you go …

You must understand that comfort is the highest priority than style in the 21st century!

If you wanna go traditional, wear the engagement ring on the Vena Amoris forever! It has to do with the Egyptian belief that the ring finger is the closest to the heart.


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