Complete Ideal Diamond Review (2021 Update)

Complete Ideal Diamond Review (2021 Update)

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Shoppers Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in
Ideal Diamond Corp Review Infographic
Ideal Diamond Corp Review Infographic

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Ideal Diamond?

Operating for over a century, this is a family-run business. And the best thing is it’s this diamond vendor doesn’t work like others. It promises a unique experience like never before with diamond engagement ring shopping and I kid you not. Most of their customers are all in praises with this vendor for their expertise and a fine eye for style.

Let’s look at the core reasons why buying from Ideal Diamond is a good bet today. 

  • Find your ideal diamond 

Guaranteeing a completely unique experience, Ideal Diamond literally helps you find the most ideal diamond for you. How? You get a private jeweler to guide you throughout the way. That’s because when you get an appointment with the founder of the Ideal Diamond himself when you go for picking the best diamond for your ring. 

The founder will then walk you through the steps to buy the perfect diamond that most retailers never share so that you can customize your selection. It will help you pick the best ring at the best budget, with the best design, and something that you love. 

  • No middlemen

A big chunk of a jeweler’s funding often goes to the sales executives and sometimes the infrastructure. The cost is usually borne from the total payment completed by customers. As Ideal Diamond company has no middlemen, you don’t have to pay that extra. Put simply, you’ll end up getting diamonds and diamond engagement rings for much cheaper than what’s available with competitors. 

Truth be told, Ideal Diamond doesn’t even have any fancy showrooms, so it’s a lot of savings when you buy the diamond. You get the opportunity to design and manufacture your ring with Ideal Diamond. 

All these added benefits make the shopping experience truly regal because. The best thing is no one is pushing into buying a diamond engagement ring right away. 

On top of that, the founder of Ideal Diamond used to be a diamond vendor for jewelry stores before he started the company, Ideal Diamond. So, you’ll get wholesale rates at retail prices. The best bang for your buck, right? 

  • Outstanding Designs 

When you’re getting a personalized jewelry consultation, you also automatically get customized diamond engagement rings. While Ideal Diamond doesn’t have a long list of pictures with in-stock diamonds, you get the chance to create the best design you want. You get a unique diamond engagement ring that’s made just for you. It’s the best diamond engagement ring deal you can get on the market!

  • Lifetime Perks 

There are many benefits other than savings when you’re buying a diamond engagement ring from Ideal Diamond. 

First off, we should look at the Lifetime Upgrade Program wherein Ideal Diamond takes back your diamond for 100% of the price you paid and not any less. You can then use the exact amount you paid for the old diamond to buy a new piece from Ideal Diamond whenever in the future. 

The second perk is Lifetime Maintenance where Ideal Diamond provides free services like inspection, cleaning, maintenance, and setting repair if it’s needed for diamond jewelry bought from here. The company recommends customers visit them for maintenance at least once a year. 

Thirdly, you get a Lifetime Appraisal Update. This means Ideal Diamond will update the appraisal of your diamond for insurance from their end at regular intervals so that you don’t have to. 

  • Long Term Experience 

One of the best advantages of buying from Ideal Diamond is their perfect or ideal experience. And, it’s not a decade or two of doing it, folks. The long-running experience spans over 40 years of catering to clients across the world. 

Imagine catering to every single customer according to their very wishes for 40 years and that too mostly custom pieces. That’s nothing like the corporate experience of selling diamond engagement rings because you get exactly what you want whether it’s about design, price, carat, or clarity. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Ideal Diamond?

After knowing all the pros of Ideal Diamond company, it’s time to check out the core reasons why you shouldn’t buy diamond engagement rings from this jeweler. 

Let’s find out all about it! 

  • Single Page Website 

While the pictures on Ideal Diamond are amazing and of top-notch quality, it’s more like a book review forum because the landing page is the whole site. It doesn’t have even a handful of pages like most websites. Although this format is reminiscent of their no-middleman or showroom format of selling, it feels a little less somehow. 

All that being said, this is a completely new format. And, with the way Ideal Diamond redefines the diamond buying experience, this isn’t a big con if you ask me. 

  • Ideal Diamond Site Not Secure

Once you get over the initial discomfort with a new type and style of the website, it shocked us that Ideal Diamond hasn’t paid for a secure SSL certificate on the website. Put simply, their site doesn’t have HTTPS before the web address, and on Ideal Diamond, it’s merely HTTP. 

You’ll notice it says ‘Not Secure’ and if you click on the left of the web address URL, you’ll read that ‘Your connection to this site isn’t secure’. Without HTTPS, any credit card or shipping information you share on the website may be exposed to hackers easily. 

But that’s fine when you aren’t doing any shopping on a site like Diamonds Peace Army site. And Ideal Diamond isn’t doing offering any online shopping experience. 

  • Not Online Selling But Private Consultations 

Ideal Diamond isn’t an online website actually. You can’t buy any diamond engagement ring online on Ideal Diamond as you do on others. 

To buy anything from this diamond vendor, you need to take an offline consultation and proceed from there on about it. 

There’s no way to browse through the designs or in-stock styles to get an idea of what type of designs they offer. 

However, the whole point of going with Ideal Diamond is picking exactly what you want so there’s no need to see others’ designs, right? What’s more, you get the founder and an expert (Sam Ofer) to help you out every step of the way so that you don’t have to skim through so many aimless choices. 

  • No Information About Diamonds Available 

We truly wish the Ideal Diamond Corp website showed more pictures of the items they’ve sold, testimonials from real customers who’ve used these diamond rings, their process of picking diamonds for engagement rings, etcetera. It took us a long time to get a glimpse of any of their products as most of them seemed hidden or rather confidential.

Where are the varieties of diamond options available like cut, clarity, carat, color, and costs of diamonds available with the Ideal Diamond brand? Where’s everything about the information on diamonds available with them? Where are the pictures of their previous sales? 

The thing is, you can choose the diamond characteristics, talk about everything you want to know about the diamond with the founder, and get to see it directly if you wish on Ideal Diamond Corporation. 

All that being said, Sam Ofer makes sure to provide you the diamond you want. The legend says that he once went all the way to Paris to deliver one of the diamond engagement rings! 

Does Ideal Diamond Have a Diamond Education Blog? 

No, Ideal Diamond doesn’t have a clear Diamond Education blog. But they do have a page URL labeled ‘Education’ with less than 1,000 words on it by combining ten tips when buying diamond engagement rings and 4Cs. While it’s a high-quality educational URL, the information is very limited altogether. 

Here’s the education URL from the company Ideal Diamond. 

Can You Negotiate With Ideal Diamond?

Yes. One of the best private jewelers in the world is Ideal Diamond with its own unique form of diamond selling tactic. You get a private consultation and you can clearly state your budget at the time. Ideal Diamond doesn’t have a style of cornering customers into a high-priced deal. 

What Type Of Diamond Varieties Does Ideal Diamond Have? 

Any diamond of your choice can be bought from Ideal Diamond. And we mean any thing really. From round to emerald, Asscher, and even a unique make and color can be bought off this diamond vendor because you get access to the wholesale market. 

How To Contact Ideal Diamond?

If you’re trying to get in touch with Ideal Diamond, there are many ways to do so. Take a look at the contact options below. 

  • Phone: (404) 255-0301
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Address: 6000 Lake Forrest Dr NW #570, Sandy Springs, GA 30328
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM and Saturday and Sunday by appointment strictly. 

As an additional point, it’s true that Sam Ofer forwards his business calls to his personal number and hence you can get in touch with him directly by calling on the above contact information. 

How Do You Buy a Diamond On Ideal Diamond?

Take a look at the stepwise guide on how to buy a diamond on Ideal Diamond below: 

  • Step 1: Book an appointment with Ideal Diamond and set a date. 
  • Step 2: You walk into the private office. 
  • Step 3: You get an appointment with Sam Ofer, the founder of Ideal Diamond.
  • Step 4: You spend 20 minutes understanding Diamond 101 from Ideal Diamond. 
  • Step 4: You are presented with options after due consultation. 
  • Step 5: Sam tells you to take your time for buying the diamond engagement ring. 
  • Step 6: Sam advises you to come back with your partner or take time to think over the selection before finalizing the buy. 
  • Step 7: Ideal Diamond keeps you updated about the process and you come back to buy the ring when it’s ready. 

That’s it! 

Is Ideal Diamond Active On Social Media?

Yes, Ideal Diamond has several active Social Media pages. You can get in touch with them quickly via Instagram or Facebook. Here are their Instagram page and Facebook Page. 

Ideal Diamond History 

Located in Sandy Springs, in Atlanta, Georgia, Ideal Diamond has been in the business for over 40 years has got Ideal Diamond to be one of the big wholesale and B2C engagement rings distributors today. It was started in 1990 by Sam Ofer who was a hotelier from Tel Aviv, Israel. 

After moving to the States in the 80s with his wife Carmela Ofer, Sam began working with a jewelry manufacturer. He went on to do a sales job where he sold precious stones to jewelers around the country en route. Afterward, Sam went onto pursue a master’s in gemology and then opened Ideal Diamond with Carmela in 1990. 

Carmela is the Business Operations and Design expert at Ideal Diamond currently and their daughter Leeron Ofer joined the business in 2014. The other main person in the team is Tomer Glazer who manages the office and design part of Ideal Diamond Corporation.

Today, Ideal Diamond gets 98% of new clients from client referrals. This family business is one of the most unique in the industry at present. 

Ideal Diamond – The Full Review

One of the longest-lasting stores on the ground, you can be sure that you’re getting the best rock or even exactly what you want when you’re shopping with Ideal Diamond. 

Personal care and attention is the biggest benefit of Ideal Diamond. Their customer support and shopping experience are completely unique, just like their unique designs. 

The company has created a completely new world for you to discover about diamonds before making the final choice. For us, the limited showroom options, appointments available only by schedule, are actually attractive because we know it will ensure a tailor-made experience. You can get a wide range of jewelry like diamond rings, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, etcetera here. On top of that, you can also select from scores of designs, prices, and so on. Personalized jewelry consultation is the biggest benefit of this diamond vendor. 

While the website doesn’t resemble your usual site, it has its perks. Sam also believes that every diamond dictates the setting it wants. So, the diamond comes first at Ideal Diamond.

Ideal Diamond Customer Complaints

There are many testimonials talking about Sam Ofer’s educational nature as well as the process of buying diamonds here being interesting. The staff are reviewed as great, claimed to, helpful, straight forth sales representatives. 

Yelp gives a complete five stars just like you see on Google Business reviews for this diamond seller.  

Is Ideal Diamond A Fraud? 

Well, as mysterious as it could be, what happens in the private showroom stays in the showroom on Ideal Diamond. Other than that, happy customers are easily noticeable, and disappointed customers are impossible to hide. 

Considering these two facts, it seems that there is nothing to hide and Ideal Diamond is one of the trusted diamond rings websites at present. It’s very legit and definitely not a fraud.

Ideal Diamond: Final Verdict 

After assessing all the sides of Ideal Diamond, its website to shopping experience and diamonds, we’ve come to the conclusion that Ideal Diamond is a friendly and reliable online engagement rings distributor. 

But all that being said, it’s important not to ignore the red flags if you notice any. As this is a unique diamond vendor unlike most of the ones we’ve reviewed, we recommend you take precautions and make the final purchase after due thought. In any case, have a long conversation with concerned persons before you finalize any diamond engagement ring with Ideal Diamond Corp.

Ideal Diamond Ratings

User Friendly 15/20 

This online diamond retailer is simply a face to face with personal attention specialty. When the page loads, you will find a descriptive landing page. Although it might be a bit confusing, navigating through those pages will take you one step closer to getting your deal. It’s a unique website with unique perks. 

Variety of diamonds 15/20

A whole world of diamond rings, engagement rings, and more is hiding behind private consultation sessions. Being a wholesale diamond vendor in the past, Sam Ofer provides a large variety of unique diamonds on Ideal Diamond from a very large variety of designs to unique engagement rings, antique diamond jewelry, earrings, bracelets, etcetera. 

However, we don’t know where these are because we couldn’t find any samples on the website at all. A point to note is that the general consensus says so though. 

Customers Support 17/20

Ideal Diamond does not offer a regular online chat option, but there are a business hours Skype, customer service emails, a phone number, and an online showroom scheduling option. The e-mail reply is within New York business hours only. You can get in touch with them via phone or email to book an appointment first. 

Payment, Shipping, and Insurance 15/20

Ideal Diamond website isn’t an HTTPS site and hence any information shared on the site may be exposed to dangerous individuals. So, there are no online shopping options currently on the website. You have to take a physical appointment with Ideal Diamond so that you can make shipping to payment arrangements based on what you mutually agree with. 

Returns, Refund, and Trade in 15/20

As for returns, Ideal Diamond offers a personalized consultation and not online purchase options. That’s why returns must be discussed personally with Sam Ofer before you complete the deal.

A lifetime upgrade is available for buying a more expensive diamond ring or loose diamonds at 100% of the price you paid for the original rock can be added up to buy another diamond any time in the future. 

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