Is ChildFree Wedding a Good Idea? 5 Ways to Help you!

Is ChildFree Wedding a Good Idea? 5 Ways to Help you!

Kids are great, period. But, if you don’t have any nieces or nephews is it really important to set up a kiddie table or book playground space at your wedding? Perhaps not. Today, we are going to outline the success rate of a child-free wedding and discuss its pros and cons.

Are you in?

What is a Child-Free Wedding?

When you have a wedding without any children, it is called an ‘adults-only’ or ‘child-free’ wedding. Nowadays, more and more couples are holding adults-only weddings because it takes lesser planning and budget or even patience.

A child-free wedding often has no children or the exception of two children, the flower girl and the ring bearer. If you don’t want children at the reception, you can arrange the FG and the RB to skip the reception too. And, it would still be a success. We promise! How? Scroll away!

Why is Child-Free Wedding a Great Idea?

Adults-only weddings are not news. They’ve been happening for some time and evidently its working out for many brides and grooms. Why shouldn’t it work for you? It promises many benefits that can make your special day a perfectly special day. There’s nothing harsh about it. We’re all logical, so let us look at the logical sides of it!

Let’s look at the pros of a child-free wedding.

1.    You don’t have any Children

Are you a couple with children? Then, your children must attend your wedding. But, if you don’t have any children, nieces or nephews that you’re really close to, then you can skip inviting children to your wedding.

2.    They’re not really Important

Traditionally, the Ring Bearer (boy) and the Flower Girl (girl) are vital to weddings. But, it’s not written in stone that RB and FG must be kids. It could be the bridesmaid and groomsmen, right. It could be your sister or best friend. In short, kids are not important for weddings!

3.    It’s Cost-Efficient

Having no kids at your wedding means you are saving the cost of managing them or providing extra seats and arrangements for them. On top of it, adults-only weddings take less planning too. When a kid destroys the sound equipment or cutlery at a wedding, do you know who pays for the extra expenses?

4.    Mess-Free and Disciplined

Just imagine the weddings there were kids to know how much you don’t want them. Seriously, imagine with me. Cake table won’t be knocked out. No kids will throw temper tantrums at your golden moment. Crying and shouting don’t happen with couples attending a wedding.

5.    Freedom to Party like an Adult

When parents come with kids to a wedding party, they have to take care of their kids. There’s no room to get loose or actually party. Most people avoid drinking if they are young parents with kids or are pulled away by their kids.

6.    Everyone is on Time

When you don’t have kids to take to a wedding party, you get there on or even before time. You have time to chat, gossip and even stay for the after party. That’s really true because most guests go home early at a wedding party because their child is bored, sleepy or irritated!

7.    Have a Perfect Wedding

When there are no children, things will go exactly as planned. You don’t have to worry about unexpected management responsibilities or damage control!

How to Host a Child-Free Wedding?

It’s not quite easy to host a wedding without children. Not all parents might be in agreement. Some might not want to come and others might need extra care, especially if there are coming from faraway places.

1.    Word of Mouth Calling to Everyone who has Children

Instead of writing on all the invitations that kids are not invited, call them by phone and inform them.

2.    Invite Early so that they Parents can Make Plans

Or book a babysitter in time!

3.    Have a Children-Only Place Nearby

So that parents who are coming from far destinations with kids don’t have to find stranger childcare.

4.    What about Parents with Infants?

You can always make exceptions for the bare few according to circumstances!

5.    It’s your Wedding, Do as you want

On top of it all, it’s YOUR wedding. You make the rules. If someone doesn’t wanna come, it’s their loss.

Before you go …

All that being said, kids do add life to a wedding party. Their mess amplifies the laughter and makes the photos all the more fun. What have you decided? Do you want your nieces or nephews at your wedding? Share your opinion with our readers below.

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