Is Ring Avulsion A Real Thing? What About Enso Rings?

Is Ring Avulsion A Real Thing? What About Enso Rings?

Engagement rings are cute and sweet but if you haven’t ever heard of ring avulsion, you don’t know what you’re signing up for. From losing a finger to irreparable damage, ring avulsion is a serious warning everyone must know before investing in engagement rings. Today we describe ring avulsion in detail, in addition to offering a credible engagement ring seller whose rings don’t lead to Avulsion known as Enso rings.

Are you ready? One warning, before you proceed, ring avulsion is an extremely dangerous thing. Hence, the graphics and language of description might put you off. You need to know what you’re signing up for!

What is Ring Avulsion?

Are metallic rings actually safe?

Ring avulsion is when the skin around the finger is torn because the ring caught in a machinery or something with a sharp edge. Ring avulsion can remove the skin around the finger and at times, break the finger permanently.

That’s why engagement ring sellers often advise you to avoid wearing the ring when you’re doing exercise or handling heavy machinery. Besides damaging the ring, it can lead to physical damage to you as well. Take off your ring and store it in a safe place when you’re doing things rough or unsafe to prevent ring avulsion.

What are Enso Rings?

You can also go for non-metallic engagement rings to prevent avulsion. Do you know titanium bands caught in avulsion are the toughest things to cut in an emergency medical room? That’s why, Enso Rings.

Enso rings was a popular product on Shark Tank that won investors in their first drill. Made with lightweight and flexible silicon, Enso rings will break apart upon stress or weight without damaging your fingers. Popular as ‘engineered to take a beating’, Enso rings are durable and stylish.

While traditional engagement rings are disruptive, Enso rings aren’t. They are inspired by the very first of rings made with hemp by ancient Egyptians. Enso offers comfort and security without an ounce of danger to your or your fingers. You can also get these rings engraved!

Why Enso Rings?

Acclaimed by 76.9k verified reviews online, Enso rings are easy to buy wherever you are. It is an online jewelry based on rings to prevent ring avulsion. Enso rings are seen on LiveStrong, KSL, OK! They are made for people with active lifestyle who don’t want physical injury due to a ring.

The benefits of wearing Enso rings are many. Let’s focus on the best three.

·      Safe

It is safe to wear Enso ring and work? Unlike traditional rings, you don’t need to take it off while working. Even if a machinery caught your ring, it is designed to easily break without any harm to you. The most secure engagement ring to prevent ring avulsion, the silicon based Enso rings are super comfy and cozy to wear all-day long.

·      Cheap

Unlike precious metals, Enso rings are made with silicon. Hence, the prices vary from $5.99 to $39.99. You will not find a ring pricier than $100 or even $50 on Enso. It’s an affordable ring store online for cost-effective ring purchases. Save your wallet and finger with Enso Rings.

·      Stylish

Enso rings are also practical equivalents because they don’t look like ordinary rubber rings. Enso rings are available in different colors even with a unique inked variety. Enso rings snugly fit around the finger without leaving spaces. It is a cozy to wear without sacrificing your comfort or style.  

Is Enso Rings Valid and Legitimate?

Of course. All the rings on Enso are designed by five designers, Sloth, Chantel Lauren, Pocketful of Letters, Ben Hanisch and Jennifer Reichardt. All the rings are made out of hypoallergenic silicone material. There are Enso rings infused with precious metals too. Every ring is made with superior breathability whatever work you do with it. All the rings are made in Utah.

Precious metal infusions are available in gold, silver, copper, black pearl and rose gold. They also offer charity to end hunger and poverty. Enso is a responsible company to buy your engagement ring from. The only problem is the warning symbol on the description of inked rings where ‘Cancer’ is specified.

Enso rings is a valid and legitimate company with 79k+ verified reviews. There is nothing to doubt about them!

Here’s a video of an Enso Ring being made!

Favorite Enso Engagement Ring- Inked Ring

This is a beautiful engagement ring in multiple inked colors of orange to peach and blue. A stylish and gorgeous ring, this Enso Ring is priced at $39.99 made in synthetic plastic polymer.

Is Ring Avulsion A Real Thing? What About Enso Rings?
Source: EnsoRings

Source: Enso Rings

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