Is Rose Gold As Good As It Looks?

Is Rose Gold As Good As It Looks?

From clothes to jewelry, cars and even houses rose gold made a big boom everywhere in the last few years. In fact, rose gold is not a purer gold, but alloyed to give the synonymous color. Rose gold looks chic, makes the wearer glow and often compliments a range of skin tones. But, does it last? Are there couples whose rose gold ring broke? Is rose gold auspicious for wedding rings? While our experts can resolve all your worries, we will answer all the logical ones to the best of our abilities.

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What is Rose Gold?

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This variety of gold “Popularly known as pink or red gold, rose gold is made by mixing gold with the alloy copper or silver”. The color you so love is gained from adding copper to any purity from 22k to 18k, 14k and 10k rose gold.

There’s pink gold and red gold too, if you didn’t know these rose gold cousins!

To get the facts right-

  • Yellow Gold at 18K has 75% purity with 5-15% copper, and 10-20% silver
  • White Gold at 18K has 75% purity with 18.50% silver and 1% copper.
  • Rose Gold at 18K had 75% purity with 2.75% silver and 25.5% copper

The combination of yellow gold with silver and copper makes excellent rose gold; but if you’re allergic to any of the afore, stay away from rose gold. The same is why rose gold is not as hypoallergenic as platinum. That being said, rose gold is a spectacular metal.

Let’s find out more about it!

Is Rose Gold Real Gold?

Of course, yes. Rose Gold is the real gold. While pure gold is mixed with proportionate alloys to give its color, in rose gold, these alloys are replaced with copper. That’s the only difference between any other gold and rose gold. It is as pure as yellow or white gold, I promise!

Do Rose Gold Rings Fade?

No; the best thing about a rose gold engagement ring is that it doesn’t fade. Copper is a strong alloy that keeps the luster and color intact of rose gold forever. First appeared in early 20th century, there are heirloom-quality designs of rose gold rings too.

Can Rose Gold Tarnish?

No, rose gold does not tarnish. While rose gold is not as powerful or invincible as platinum, it is durable enough for centuries. Rose gold is stronger and more durable than both white and yellow gold.

Although, rose gold develops something called a patina. It’s nothing bad; instead a patina makes your rose gold metal look like it was worn by a king.

Is Rose gold good for engagement rings?

Yes, of course. From celebrities to phone manufacturers, Rose Gold is a notch above yellow or white gold today. While white gold shook the market in 2011 with 70% bands purchased in the year being white, rose gold is not far. Besides, the trend is not just rose gold, but rose gold with white gold or yellow gold for a multi-faceted appeal to your ring.

Will Rose Gold Turn the Skin green?

It can turn the finger a bit green. But, if you have a reaction to copper from your rose gold, the green color on the fingers will disappear overnight. It is not toxic and is easy to remove with warm soapy water. If you want to prevent this, all the while using rose gold, paint a layer of transparent nail polish on the inside of your ring.

Why is my rose gold turning my finger black?

The black color on the ring or finger is due to oxidization. If you see this, quickly remove the ring because this might be a reaction to the moisturizer, deodorant or makeup you’re wearing.

What Skin Tone does Rose Gold Match the best?

There is no ideal-skin-tone to carry the beauty of rose gold. Whether you’re fair, dusky, black or amber, rose gold will look great on any complexion. Wear it with pride!

Is Rose Gold Costlier than White or Yellow Gold?

As rose gold includes the alloy of copper, it is priced lesser than yellow or white gold. However, white gold and yellow gold contains the same purity of gold and hence, almost-always costs the same as rose gold.

Are there allergies to wearing Rose Gold?

Depending on whether you’re allergic to the alloy copper or silver, rose gold can be allergic. Please consult your dermatologist before wearing, if you have metal allergies.

Before you go …

Rose Gold is a durable metal for engagement rings and looks modish too. Are you choosing rose gold this time? Tell us about your choices and experience in the comments below!

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