Israel Diamonds Review

Israel Diamonds Review

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Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring, and Jewelry On Israel Diamonds Jewelry?

When you’re buying a diamond, chances are, you’ve a clear idea of how much you want to spend. It’s not like a Hot Dog stall you go and pick anything and it still costs under $10.

Going diamond buying means you know it’s expensive and you’re ready for a perfect budget to spend. How to get the most value out of your buck?

Get it at an experienced diamond seller who sells diamonds at crazy prices since ages. Let’s find out if Israel Diamonds is the one you are looking for.

·      Get Loose Diamonds

The best thing about shopping diamonds is that you can make an informed purchase easily if you know what you are buying. Most diamond engagement ring shops sell jewelry, but not loose diamonds. Only experienced diamond geezers sell this luxury. At Israel diamonds, you can choose from loose diamonds of all shapes (up to 12) and sizes. They have matching and calibrated diamonds too online!

You can also get fancy colored diamonds in yellow, blue, green, red, pink, orange, black, grey and brown hues too.

·      Easy Returns and Refunds

The 30-day money back guarantee by Israel Diamonds is ironclad. You will never be dissatisfied shopping here. It is easy to return merchandise that has not be resized or used by the customer. You will get 100% refunds when items are returned within 30 days of receiving it. Remember to ship it with diamond certificate and bill of receipt. Refunds will be made to the original payee.

·      Great Warranty

Polished and cut by expert diamond cutters, Israel Diamonds warranty covers you against all types of manufacturing defects. It does not include natural wear and tear as well as theft or accidental damages. Better to contact customer care to know about your warranty rights on Israel Diamonds.

·      Excellent Customer Service

When we looked up on Customer Care Chat, just like the prompt service of RRP diamonds, Israel Diamond customer service executive was up and ready for us right away. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, Andrew helped us with a lot. He finally took my email so that a jewelry expert can contact me about my diamond and tanzanite inquiry.

·      Design Your Own Ring

An exclusive program on Israel Diamonds is how to design your own ring. From adding diamonds to creating a new design, you can do a lot on Israel Diamonds. You Start by choosing the ideal settings and proceed to your center stone or vice-versa. Next, select your metal and you’re ready to order!

·      Gemstones Available Too

If diamonds don’t have the color enough, you can find a wide variety of precious stones including Tanzanite, Rubies, Topaz, Amethyst, Emerald, Citrine, Aquamarine. Morganite, Garnet, Prasiolite, Rutile, Spinel, Zircon, and Tsavorite. Add precious stones on your diamond ring to accent it!

·      20 Years’ Experience + 35 Years

One of the perks of shopping on Israel Diamonds is that you are getting a combined total of 55 years experience from this company. They were founded in 1964 and established online in 1998. Hence, you can trust them to give you nothing but high quality diamonds and a flawless customer experience.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Israel Diamonds?

Now that you know the pros of Israel Diamonds, there are certain cons too. Let’s look at why it’s not good to buy on Israel Diamonds.

·      Returns Don’t Apply To Custom Diamond Jewelry

As like most manufacturers, if you are attempting to return a custom made engagement ring with diamonds, bear in mind that it won’t process through. No diamond seller accepts custom jewelry for full refunds.  

·      Returns Has To Be Sent To Israel

No U.S offices of Israel Diamonds also means you have to send your returns overseas. All the returns are to be sent to the official office address. Scroll away because next point might shock you.

·      Returns must be shipped via Specific Service Provides

All the items you are shipping must be shipped via Registered Mail or Global Express Guarantee Mail. Other shipments will not be accepted.

·      Returns Are Charged USD 36

All returns are subject to a charge of $36 owing to shipping and handling fee. Wherever you are, you will have to spend your own dime to send the parcel insured and safely to the manufacturer.

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Israel Diamonds.Com?

Looking for the most variety of diamonds and diamond engagement rings for your big day? Israel Diamonds is famed to have an exquisite collection of diamonds. Let’s find the best one for you!

Design Your Own Ring

Under this section, you can create umpteen diamond rings by selecting the setting, center stone and metal you want to design. Multi-stone to solitaire ring options are also available for custom design of unique engagement rings.

Engagement Ring Designs

Israel Diamonds offers different styles of engagement rings.

  • Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Rings by Shape
  • Multi-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Halo Engagement Rings

You can also browse your engagement ring by center stone or metal used.

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Israel Diamonds

Love a diamond you want to buy, but don’t have enough money? Don’t worry!

When you shop on Israel Diamonds for engagement rings, they accept credit cards from Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club and Discover. There is also a layaway plan that includes 25% down payment. You can collect the ring when the balance is paid in full within six months. It will ship directly to you!

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Both. Israel Diamonds starts in 1964 as a retailer, brick and mortar store. Now, they have evolved to an eCommerce shop since 1998. The in-depth experience offline and online makes them a diamond seller to spend your time and money on.

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Israel Diamonds Engagement Rings?

The return policy of Israel Diamonds is easy to decode.

  • First, contact the customer service on Israel Diamonds.
  • Share your Order Number.
  • Customer Service will give you Return Authorization Number
  • Pack your Item
  • Write the Authorization Number on the Outside of the Package clearly.
  • Send to: S.C.T, P.O.B. 3146, Ramat-Gan, 5213101, Israel
  • Contact customer service with the tracking number and shipping date.

Contact Information of Israel Diamonds Engagement Rings

Does Israel Diamonds Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, Israel Diamonds has a devoted Jewelry Education Blog on their website. You can see articles on the 4 Cs of Diamonds, diamond shape, fancy diamonds, GIA certification, articles on Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Shipping Information and Precious Metal Guide too.

Israel Diamonds Jewelry Full Review

Owned by I. Berman Ltd., Israel Diamonds was founded over 55 years ago, i.e, in 1964 in Israel. A reputed and credible leader in the Israeli diamond industry, today Israel Diamonds has spread as a top diamond seller across the globe.

We love their warranty and 30-days money back guarantee. Although all the returns must be shipping on your own costs to Israel, ID offers amazing slashes on the market price of diamonds, precious gemstones and fancy diamonds.

From designing your own ring to wide variety of classic ring settings and 12 diamond shapes, Israel Diamonds offers loose diamonds that are natural and cut amazingly. You can buy your own loose diamonds and create a unique ring of choice. I love the quality of the Gemstones on ID and their flattering customer service. They are responsive and patient to customer queries with almost 5-star rating from verified customers on multiple websites. We love Israel Diamonds!

Israel Diamonds Jewelry Complaints

On Google Reviews, when you check the lowest reviews on Israel Diamonds, you will come across an inaccurate and hazy one-liner review by Charlotte S. Arnold with poor rating. We describe it like this because the reviewer never explained the problem. It has been replied to by Israel Diamonds politely, even though it was a curt comment. It looks like a bogus review to us!

Hence, zero negative comments online on Israel Diamonds.  

Is Israel Diamonds Jewelry A Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

As Israel Diamonds is not a North American Company, there is no BBB report on Israel Diamonds. They are however not a fraud. Legitimate and in-business since half a century, ID is one of the best diamond sellers for customers searching affordable loose diamonds online.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Israel Diamonds Final Verdict

We loved the structure of the website to the customer service responsiveness of Israel Diamond. Their prices are good, so are the variety of diamond jewelry on the store. Israel Diamonds is recommended by Diamonds Peace Army for customers to buy with confidence.

Ratings of Engagement Ring Jewelry Israel Diamonds

– User Friendly

The website is easy to navigate and loads quickly. We loved the colors and themes too.

– Variety

The variety of diamonds on ID range from solitaires to multi-stone rings and three stone rings besides gemstone rings.

– Shopping Support

There is an exemplary Live Chat option with a knowledgeable customer service representative named Andrew.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


You can pay with Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club and Discover.


Shipped within one day, ID also includes an diamond appraisal and invoice in the package. Know about delivery options here.

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