James Allen Engagement Rings Review

James Allen Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety of diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why Should You Only Buy Your Engagement Ring On James Allen In 145 Words?

James Allen is today’s most advanced and user-friendly diamond store online! We get excited over and over again just from going thru the large variety of diamonds in all shapes, carats, and grading. James Allen, the customer care team, are available 24/7 on live chat, e-mail, phone and by a contact form on the website. James Allen 60-Day Returns – No Questions Asked, (others usually give 30 days!). JA has a vast variety of diamonds, with a very smooth and classy way of showing it on the web. As once COCO CHANNEL has said: “girl should be two things- classy and fabulous.”
We have to mention some of James Allen advantages:
Risk-Free Shopping JA stands completely behind all products and offers an unprecedented commitment to quality assurance. The risk-free retail ensures that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase.
Payment Options- James Allen accepts several methods of payment, each 100% secure.
Upgrade Benefits- James Allen would like to be your jeweler for life, offering you two great upgrade benefits to keep you happy, not just today, but years down the line.
Packaging- Every item on James Allen is packaged beautifully, with particular care. Whether you purchase a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring set, or a pair of diamond stud earrings, the James Allen packaging experience is one of a kind.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Engagement & Wedding Rings on James Allen In 98 Words:

Going for James Allen must be the right decision, but taking into consideration the sum of money which is paid for the brand’s tag. James Allen offers some of the best cuts and qualities, in absolutely the highest resolution, though looking for a low price deal would direct your search to other vendors. Getting your Engagement Ring On James Allen means that you have chosen nevertheless the best, in addition to one of the most expensive and fancy online retailer out there. The only reason you shouldn’t buy on JA is if you are broke!

James Allen “Seeing Is Believing” Facts:

James Allen is an online diamonds retailer for engagement and wedding rings. James Allen was founded in 1998 by James Allen Schultz and is familiar with the James Allen brand since 2005. The headquarters are located at 6 East 45th Street, New York, NY, USA.
James Allen is now the second Biggest online diamonds and engagement rings company, as published by Forbes earlier this year. The James Allen contacts are:
USA: 877 826 9866
Outside USA: +1 301 631 1414
E-Mail: [email protected]

James Allen Full Review- Is It A WOW??

James Allen is impressive with the very well designed website, allowing us all to do our shopping a once in a lifetime experience. Reviewing dozens of jewelry sites, I must admit that I am impressed. James Allen has a vast variety of rocks, in all 4 C’s standards, which means that you can easily choose a diamond you like a price you can reach…
Moreover, James Allen has a fabulous variety of rings styles for making the suitable match.
Along with that, we have encored an extreme review split regarding the customer service. Some critical negative customer reviews such as lousy customer service complaints as not willing to reserve a diamond, telling rocks are unavailable on the phone, while a talented customer ordered it hours later and surprisingly got it… VS. Excellent reviews, mentioning specific employees; professional, kind and helpful.
James Allen has the best photo quality within all online stores; it offers excellent customer service, a variety of trade- in methods and an excellent packing and delivery style. Buying on James Allen is a treat that is kept to those who are both inspired by the best quality of diamonds engagement rings, and those who can afford it!
Looking for the JA payment methods, we find it 100% secure, along with some very lovely financial options, makes the “pain in the bank” part not as bad as it sounds. JA also offers a privacy policy that promises a safe and quiet mind in any future discussion.
JA will do their best, in making their customers satisfied, and that is marked on the James Allen policies. A 100% satisfaction, means that you will always have the option to complain, cry, ask, regret and return any of the diamonds, rungs or other jewelry bought on JA.

Is James Allen A Scam?

No! JA is safer than your bank’s savings, and there are no trails of any fraudulent activity regarding James Allen. Perfection can sometimes be a warning sign, in our case, I pointed in some cases that make sure this website has some work to do. Bottom line, I cannot promise you all at its best, but I can assure this is not a fraud! We can honestly recommend anyone to purchase JA without any worries on his or her mind!

What’s the News about James Allen Engagement Rings in 2018?

James Allen has been strategically expanding their empire of engagement rings in the last year. They added more jewelry, more importantly, diverse jewelry like non-engagement rings. From pendants to bracelets and rings, there are many excellent jewelry options you can find on JA now, then a year or two before!

Just last month James Allen declared FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Since JA started taking exclusive 3600 videos for the website portal, the diamond options on the stone have become more and more varied too!

James Allen Customers Complaints:

At first, we must mention the 24/7 service provided by live chat, phone, and email, in a variety of languages. Also, we found the customer care staff most helpful and useful.
James Allen customers complain every day, but as one of the largest companies online, I would expect that. James Allen complaints are considering all kind of subjects, as Rocks falling off the ring, dirty diamonds delivered rocks uneven on original designs, etc.’.
Lousy customer service is also a common complaint, and I believe that it considered it is because based on such a significant customer service center, not all employees can be professional.

Our Final Conclusion:


James Allen is one of the top 3 online diamonds and engagement rings store. JA offers a large variety of diamonds, in HD quality, top of the line customer service and great policies, including payments, shipping, and packaging! We advise you to make only one double check before your purchase on JA- and that is your bank account.

James Allen Ratings:

User-Friendly 19/20

James Allen is a very welcoming site, creating the ultimate shopping mood, having all in one place as you are thinking of proposing: Instagram’s pics, a do it you diamond ring with beautiful combining options. The JA Blog, HD pics, and other useful information making it one of the best we have seen online.

Variety Of Diamonds 20/20

Nevertheless one of the best there is, James Allen has it all, with over 100,000 different combinations of diamonds, settings, rings, etc.’. No matter what style you think she would like, JA would have it online. Do not forget to take a look at some of the matching sets offered and keep them as an optional purchase later on.

Customer Shopping Support 18/20

As an industry leader, James Allen provides a 24/7 online chat, with a real human, directing you quickly to answers of any kind. Unlike other automatically assistance online. We find the representatives professional, an essential instrument on your next diamond engagement ring purchase.

Payment, Shipping And Insurance 19/20

All rings and diamonds are shipped directly to the US and other specific countries, all guaranteed overnight or 1-2 working days, depending on the total amount and is of course insured. A variety of payment methods is available, and we are confident in your ability to find a decent one that will fit your needs! All shipping is insured so you will have nothing to worry about.

Returns, Refund and Trade- in 19/20

A 60 days return, lifetime warranty, lifetime trade in on some of the products and a free refund, make James Allen one of the best customer support on the web. A lifetime trade-in on some circumstances will make your purchase an optional upgrade upon income or budget raise! Ask for some funding options!

5 Reviews

  1. James Allen did a very good job with my order! thank you goya for your recommendation.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. perfect engagement rings

  3. order was delayed by 6 days due to Quality assurance. When it was received, the ordered center stone wasn’t even the right shape. Returning, hopefully it will go smooth.

  4. Amazing review about James Allen. JA is pioneers when comes to online purchasing of diamonds.

  5. Got a .71 cushion with rose gold ring, paid about 2k$ and was appraised by a friend for no less than 2.5k$
    I’m happy!
    My wife to be is happy as well


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