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Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring, watch and jewelry on Jomashop Jewelry?

A reputable seller of luxury watches, pens, and jewelry, Jomashop also has a handful of reasoned that advocate why not to buy from Jomashop:

  • Sneaky Advertisements

An enticing way to captivate a customer is via attractive ads. Jomashop is renowned for alerting their customers about products that are non-existent in actuality. Many verified reviewers claimed that the moment you check in a Sale item that is too lucrative, most times, you are greeted with a dialogue box that the item is out of stock. In short, the product you check will disappear when you reach the checkout phase of buying online. Be it your luck or a smart plan, is for you to test and try!

  • Not all orders are valid for Free Shipping

Even though the website advertises that Free Shipping is valid on all orders, all purchases under $100 are liable for a payment of $5.95!

  • Exhausting Returns

Another important disadvantage of shopping with Jomashop is their rude customer service. In addition to all returns have a restocking fee, most customers vouched that they were met with ignorant customer service representatives. If you’ve time and energy in addition to money to spend on your engagement ring, Jomashop is for you!

  • No Manufacturer Warranty

It is true that Jomashop has been serving customers for a little over two decades with 100% Authentic products. However, Jomashop provides no manufacturer’s warranty for the luxury goods you buy. The customer services representatives claim that there is no manufacturer warranty due to the discounts applied. Jomashop privately provides a Warranty Card for each of its purchase.

  • Loopholes in the Product Warranty

Jomashop products cannot be returned under warranty if damaged due to moisture or the presence of water. Moreover, the length of the warranty is different for each brand, regardless of the lack of a manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Signs of Wear makes the warranty void

Sign of wear is not a huge deal when returning items with luxury product sellers while Jomashop specifies that any item showing signs of wear will not be restocked and be void for warranty. From watches to jewelry, there is no way to judge if you’re comfortable with a fashion accessory without wearing them and hence, the same is a hard rule.

  • Late restocking

A minority of the customers also claimed that a restocking fee of 8% is levied with returns. Moreover, when you shop with Jomashop, you add more items to your wish list than a cart, just because most items are out of stock.

Why should you buy your engagement ring, watch and jewelry on Jomashop Jewelry?

Having a credible reputation for decades, Jomashop is a luxury goods online vendor with many incentives for its customers:

  • 100% Authentic

Jomashop also provides an Authenticity Guarantee on all its purchases which claims that all its products are of high quality and sold with manufacturer’s serial number in addition to being new and unused too. Jomashop also provides 1-5 years of warranty personal warranty on all its products.

  • Variety of Engagement Rings

Jomashop has a diverse collection of engagement rings that are classic to modern, vintage, retro, sassy, fancy and unique in designs. You can refine results based on Brand, Gender or Price when browsing for your wedding jewelry. From diamonds to gemstones in gold, white gold, rose goldsterling silver and platinum, Jomashop has engagement rings starting from $79.99!

  • Competitive Prices

Most customers vouch that they have found their dream engagement ring to ‘loose diamonds’ on Jomashop with heavy discounts. Keeping subscribed to Jomashop mailing list also alerts you with jaw-dropping festive discounts and sales before the stock drains out. According to statistics, Jomashop sells products that are 30% lesser than the MRP and the same is why there is no manufacturer’s guarantee alongside purchases made on Jomashop.

  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Jomashop aspires for 100% satisfaction guarantee from its customers and hence has an uber-convenient bonus of 30 Day 100% refund if you’re not satisfied with the product or it has manufacturing defects. Customers interested in returning or exchanging the item should return it before 30 days from the date of shipping, with proof that it is unworn.

  • Free shipping and Quick Delivery

Jomashop also provides free shipping on all its domestic orders. A good majority of Jomashop customers claimed that they received the item in less than 24 hours or within 2-3 days too. There are multiple shipping options in addition to free shipping when you shop at Jomashop spanning from standard delivery to 2-Days, 1-Day or Next Morning delivery too. Unlike most online sellers, you can also shop on Saturdays from Jomashop for additional shipping charge. All products purchased from Jomashop are shipped with insurance and will reach the customer by a maximum of 6 days, for which customer signature is necessary as well. In addition, every item is shipped via United States Postal Service with parcel tracking details too.

  • Norton Shopping Guarantee

As the website is secure under Norton Shopping guarantee, making sensitive transactions and online banking is 100% safe. If budget is your woe, you can also choose the AFFIRM financing option to pay later for your precious buy too!

Tag Line or Slogan

‘Where luxury costs less.’

How big is the collection?

The total online stock of Jomashop is not listed. Moreover, the website displays hundreds and thousands of engagement rings spanning in the price range of $79.00 to $312,500!

Quality of the Photos

Every product is listed with four high definition photos that show different angels, sparkle, and reflection on the ring. The pictures can be enlarged (up to 120%) for a better view as well. Using the details about the guarantee, shipping, and reviews published alongside, Jomashop is one of the best elaborative jewelry websites to shop online.

What varieties of jewelry are offered?

In addition to wedding rings, Jomashop also has Luxury Sections such as wedding rings, loose stones, necklaces, earrings, sets, bracelets, cosmetics, watches, handbags, and sunglasses for men and women. Jomashop has varieties of engagement rings spanning from vintage models to classic, special and modern ones.

Financing Options

Jomashop offers the financing plan of AFFIRM, which lets the customer pay the total billed amount within 3, 6 or 12 months of installment payments. Levying no hidden bills, AFFIRM is quick and easy to set up on Jomashop too. With your birthday, SSN and mobile phone number, you can pay for your Jomashop product within minutes using AFFIRM!

What is the price range available?

Engagement rings are offered in the price range of $79.99 to-$27, 950 while diamonds can cost up till $312,500.00. Depending on your metal choices and center stone, you can select a ring within your budget and preference easily on Jomashop.

Diamond Source

Jomashop buys from branded diamond sellers such as Swarovski, Bvlgari, Michael Kors, Amour, Bella Pearl, Cartier, Elizabeth Taylor, Laura Ashley, Versace, and Scott Kay. All the brands that Jomashop deals with supplies strictly conflict-free diamonds with appropriate certifications.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Jomashop began as a Retail shop in New York, and today it has branched into the online world as well, providing international shipping too. Jomashop has both retail and e-tail services.

What are the Refund and Returns of Jomashop?

Excluding The shipping as well as handling charges, Jomashop assures that any product rejected or dissatisfied by the customer can be presented for a full refund if returned within 30 days from the date of shopping. Ensure that you get a return authorization number when trying to exchange an item bought from Jomashop. Signs of wear will make the warranty void as well. You can return an item via insured mail such as USPS or UPS in the original packaging without opening or reassemble any part on your own.

Warranty Options Provided

Jomashop product warranty states that no items come with manufacturer’s warranty as they apply to the reduced prices. However, Jomashop offers a 1 to 5 years warranty on all items that are damaged due to manufacturing defects.

Contact Information

There are multiple ways of getting in contact with Jomashop:

Does Jomashop Jewelry have a Jewelry Education Blog?

The official webpage of Jomashop has an elegant and exclusive watch blog in addition to 100Authentic reviews on their best seller timepieces and jewelry.

Founder and Founding Date

Jomashop was founded in 1987 by Marvin Sternberg, who started with watches and other high-end luxury accessories. Marvin slowly moved into jewelry, but since its introduction, the engagement ring has been a hit. Jomashop went online in 1999 and currently has profiles on popular buying websites such as eBay and Amazon too.

Jomashop Jewelry Story Facts

Began in 1987 by Marvin Sternberg, Jomashop is an excellent luxury goods seller with popular items such as wedding jewelry, luxury watches as well as handbags. Jomashop does not provide manufacturer’s guarantee along with its 100% authentic luxury products.  It offers a separate and private warranty with the product, in addition to 30-Days 100% refund excluding shipping. Jomashop has an easy and comfortable website portal in spite of being a retailer too. An experienced jewelry seller, Jomashop is the best affordable precious jewelry mart online. With jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets, Jomashop has a complete shop for bridal shopping.

Jomashop Jewelry Full Review

Even though Jomashop does not provide a brand guarantee when buying a luxury product, it provides jaw-dropping deals and discounts on precious jewelry with fine taste. Started almost a quarter century ago, Jomashop is a well-experienced retailer as well as an e-tailer. Having varieties of jewelry, handbags, and watches, Jomashop has built a reputable online shopping website since 1999. Amongst affordable prices, Jomashop is also known for luxury jewelry designers such as Versace and Michael Chors too. From $79 to $300,000 plus, Jomashop has a design refined for every taste. Although the returns process is explained as exhausting by a handful of customers, Jomashop takes pride in having multiple forms of communication to help repeating or potential customers. Also known for having a website with remarkable fraud prevention as well as Norton Security while paying, Jomashop stands first on Festive Discounts too. Crazy sales are a defining factor of Jomashop, so keep yourself subscribed to the email group too! Jomashop also has multiple modes of payment in addition to the financing plan named AFFIRM if the budget is over your head! In addition, every Jomashop product comes with an Authenticity Certificate as well as 1 to 5 years guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with the product, return it within 30-days for a 100% refund too! Jomashop charges 8% of restocking fee as in addition to shipping, insurance and handling charges when an item is returned. Added with free shipping and quickest delivery amongst the jewelry moguls online, Jomashop has multiple shipping speeds to choose from including Next Day Morning delivery. The online jewelry vendor also provides insurance on all its shipping.

Jomashop Jewelry Complaints

On Better Business Bureau, Jomashop has 28% positive reviews and 71% negative reviews and 1% neutral remarks. Graded with an A+, BB approves the parameters of Jomashop merchandise. Most of the negative reviews account for rude attitude or behavior from the customer service representative, mostly regarding returns or warranty. Jomashop has 366 registered complaints and 97 reviews on BBB while the positive reviews appreciate the ‘crazy discounts’ as well as quickest delivery, in addition to the authenticity of the product delivered.

Is Jomashop Jewelry a Fraud?

Jomashop has more triple the number of negative reviews than positive reviews on BBB, but the online jewelry vendor has been in the business for 29 years and online for 17 years. The credibility of Jomashop speaks for itself and having multiple forms of contact and detailed product warranty information; your buying experience will be comfortable and safe on Jomashop.

Jomashop Jewelry Final Verdict

Selling nothing but 100% authentic conflict-free diamonds, Jomashop has a vast reputation domestically as well as internationally. After thorough analysis and research, we have concluded that Jomashop is an excellent and affordable jeweler if you’re okay with buying your favorite brand without your favorite brand’s promise card or the manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re looking to save money, you will find Jomashop stunning and the best jeweler online with dream deals on precious jewelry!

Jomashop Jewelry Ratings

– User-friendly

An easy to use website with loads of information in addition to well-arranged gorgeous jewelry and luxury goods, Jomashop is an appealing online wedding shopping website. Set in black, gray and white colors, the official website looks classic and elegant for a diamond geezer.

– Variety

From bridal rings to anniversary rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, Jomashop also has luxury watches too. Jomashop is a Complete Wedding Shoppe for brides and grooms. With stunning deals and festive bonanza, Jomashop is also renowned for its diverse variety of stellar luxury jewelry.

– Shopping support

Jomashop has multiple modes of customer service options such as Live Chat, Email Contact Form, Direct phone (877-834-1434) as well as mailing address. To our queries, Jomashop replied within 4 days and were very amiable to help us check out easily with our preferences.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance

  • Payment: In addition to AFFIRM financing option, Jomashop accepts Credit Cards, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Amazon or Wire transfer.
  • Shipping
  • Ground Shipping– $0.00 on orders above $100 USD or $5.99 for orders lesser than $100.
  • 2-Days Shipping Via UPS– $18.00 USD
  • 1-Day shipping via UPS– $43.5
  • Next Day AM via UPS– $55
  • Saturday Delivery– $50
  • International Orders– $20.00+
  • Insurance: All jomashop packages are insured, and hence, the biller must sign at the time of delivery to receive the package.


2 Reviews

  1. They have had my Omega for warranty repair for over 8 weeks and now they won’t communicate. Now I want my watch back so I can take it to a shop that can do the work and not send me BS advertisements every other day. Oh, and they got three stars to make sure the review was not s-canned.

  2. Jomashop sold me what they said was a Montblanc pen for $400. Within six weeks, the piston housing cracked and fell off. They refuse to refund my money even though I told them immediately after it happened. It was a gift and never left my husband’s home office desk. He used it maybe a half dozen time in six weeks. Clearly a real Montblanc pen wouldn’t crack. The only thing Jomashop offered me was a discount on a new purchase. Outrageous. Stay away from Jomashop.


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