Limoges Jewelry Engagement Rings Review

Limoges Jewelry Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer's Shopping support
  • Payment, Shipping & Insurance
  • Returns Refunds and Trade-In

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Limoges Jewelry In 312 Words?

Nevertheless, if you have liked something unique to Limoges, we could keep the biases aside and rate Limoges with the skill it has, or vouches to have. Having a reputation for 100+ years as a diamond geezer, Limoges has served an entire half of our big wide world!

Our reasons why you should buy from Limoges are

  • Price Match: This is an exclusive guarantee of Limoges Jewelers, termed ‘Lowest Price Guarantee’ for matching a lower price of the identical jewelry, quoted at another Cross check if any of your Wish list jewelry is from Limoges or identical so as to utilize this feature and save some money!
  • Multiple Shipping: Limoges offers many shipping options.
  • Orders less than $50 should pay $4.99
  • Orders ranging $50- $74.99 should pay $6.99
  • Orders above $75 should pay $7.99
  • Limoges does not have international shipping options and ship only domestically and to Canada.
  • Their rush delivery or Express Shipping Orders are:

USPS Priority Shipping: $9.99 within 6 days delivery

UPS Blue 2nd Day Air: $17.99 within 2-5 business days

UPS Next-Day Air: $26.99 1-4 business days

  • Customer Satisfaction Card: Exclusive to Limoges, this card assists the customer to elaborately carry out the online engagement ring buying experience in comfort and safety.
  • Multiple payment Options: Payments accepted by Limoges are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.
  • Easy Returns: If a customer is displeased with the product, he or she can utilize the Limoges guarantee, which also provides 100% refund of the item exclusive of the shipping charges.
  • Limoges Exclusive Collection: This consists of personalized jewelry with tailor-made engravings made exclusively for diverse occasions with stellar engagement rings.
  • 20% off on the first Order: Exclusive to Limoges, all online diamond jewelry buyers have an automatic discount of 20% off on their first orders.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Limoges Jewelry In 185 Words?

Firstly, it is not every day that we come across disappointing diamond merchants. It is with regret that we inform you that Limoges Jewelry has showed up a very disgraceful track record from verified customers over the globe. It is not the lack of COD (Cash on Delivery) or the faux Next-Day Shipping that multitudes of the customers complained, but grave things like stealing money and missing orders as well as jewelry.

  • To our dismay, 99% of the verified customers on various portals have elaborated in detail how certain unethical staff at Limoges had conducted Credit Card frauds as well as the abandonment of order, leading to loss of funds.
  • Additionally, yet another majority of the customers complained that the company is downright rude and illegitimate with their service with customers.
  • Limoges shipping charges are exclusive of the sales taxes specific to Illinois (9.25%), New Jersey (7%), Maryland (6%), Minnesota (6.88%- 7.88%) and Tennessee (8.5%- 9.8%)
  • Like the 99.9% of the verified customers who suffered horrible transactions, we advise you to stay off Limoges, owing to the depth of our research.

Limoges Jewelry Facts:

Started in 1895, Limoges has been doing diamond rings business via online since, 20 years now. The self-acclamation on its official website described that Limoges has been providing exquisite and trending fashion of jewelry to most retail jewelers over the past 100+ years. Limoges is a part of MBM Inc.

The about us page on Limoges Official Website provides no substantial information or proof of its 100 year old history. We also found that 1895 is the year portrayed solely on Limoges Logo and could not find the same elsewhere. Limoges is accredited by BBB since 3/1/2015 and has opened the BBB file on July 27, 1998 and dated as opened locally on 01/05/1992. Located in Chicago land area, the company is known to serve in several states across the U.S.

The principal of the company is Suzanne Cuevas posted at Customer Service Representative. Alternate business names of the company are Carroll Street and MBMCO.

Address: 3349 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Limoges Jewelry- The Full Review:

Limoges aims at providing unique and personalized diamond jewelry for diverse occasions. Since 100+ years of its diamond trading, Limoges has reaped a mixed customer base, thanks to the different customer satisfaction packages introduced in the many years of its service.

The truth is 99% of the verified reviews online, from diamond buyers of Limoges were negative and hence, we have come to unfortunate conclusions. To our horror, a good number of them also claimed about attempted Credit Card theft by the staff as well. Several complaints from verified customers including photos are available to cross-examine online, registered against Limoges. We have compelled to down vote Limoges as an ideal jeweler for your wedding purchases. In fact, Limoges has had a disguised image in its decades of trade until the online portal was introduced, roughly two decades ago. The lone credibility of Limoges is its experience and expertise in the diamond industry. We hope that soon, it will revive and do everything that it guarantees to do.

Nevertheless, Limoges provides a handful of unique and extra-ordinary features as well, for its online diamond engagement ring buyers. The truth is there are not many online diamond geezers who provide Lowest Price Guarantee or exclusive Returns Option through mail apart from direct return to Limoges today. The company offers a 100% refund on all orders exclusive of shipping charges. One can also utilize multiple payment options on Limoges, including that of PayPal. However, you cannot avail Cash on Delivery, Layaway Plan, Personal Checks, Canadian Checks and Canadian Money Orders. The mandatory security requirement is that the customer’s billing name and address should be one. Limoges also provides gift-wrapping options along with Personalized Card for $4.95 each on an order.

Limoges Jewelry Customer’s Complaints:

On other websites, the reviews on Limoges are extremely negative with 1% positive reviews. On the website- Better Business Bureau, Limoges is accredited as well as rated ‘A’, for its ideal business ethics and credibility quotient. In the past three years, 68 complaints have been launched against the firm. Out of this, Limoges has successfully resolved 16 in the past three years. Out of the 68 complaints, 46 are on the low quality of the product. According to us, Limoges Jewelry has an epic string of complaints to its name.

Is Limoges Jewelry a Fraud?

Definitely not, Limoges is an accredited company and hence not a fraudulent company. However, apart from two positive online reviews, no data on the pleased customers who shopped with Limoges is available.

Limoges Jewelry Final Verdict:

We advise you to stay far away from Limoges if you do not have the time or patience for inappropriate behavior, low quality material and credit card frauds. According to our diamond experts, Limoges is a highly down-voted company. It lacks quality, stance any genuine face to be rated one of the top rate diamond vendors, according to us.

Limoges Jewelry Ratings:

User Friendly 17/20

The Limoges Website is highly user friendly and provides easy navigation options to select the choicest jewelry in seconds! The images on the website provide 3600 views and give a detailed description of the make, type, sizes available and personalized options as well. The navigation is straightforward and indulging with high-resolution pictures.

Variety Of Diamonds 16/20

In the category of diamond rings for engagements, we found that Limoges has a limited collection to choose from some of its signature varieties of Sterling Silver Diamond, Gold over Sterling and Silverstone categories. Customers can also effortlessly customize the ring based on different budgets, weights, metals, sizes, styles and stones when shopping on Limoges.

Customer’s Shopping support 14/20

Limoges offers an Email Request form to which we applied however, received no response even after 2 days, whatsoever. No Live Chat was accessible.

Payment, Shipping & Insurance 15/20

Limoges offers multiple payment options such as Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. Shipping: $4.99 for all orders less than $50, $6.99 for orders $50-$74 and $7.99 on all orders above $75. Insurance: Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Card is provided for all purchases. Additionally, Limoges offers no exclusive insurance or guarantee on their products except for cases with defects in artisan-ship.

Returns Refunds and Trade-In 17/20

Returns: Acceptable and liable for exchange and replacement when returned via mail or directly within 30 days of shipping. Refunds: Approved for 100% refund when the damaged or wrong item is produced with the original bill within 30 days of purchase. Trade-In: Limoges offers no Trade-In options.

One Review

  1. Very unhappy! Ordered Mother’s ring and received it after Mother’s Day…..25 days after the order was placed (and with the extra money for priority shipping)! The stones are so small…..and the names are almost illegible unless you are carrying around a magnifying glass!!! Don’t waste your time or money!


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