Loose Grown Diamond Store Review

Loose Grown Diamond Store Review

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Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Loose Grown Diamond Jewelry?

Looking for the best diamonds that will last a lifetime? Now, get it at great prices with no conflicts. How? Let’s find out why it’s a great idea to buy your loose diamonds from Loose Grown Diamond.

–       Manufacturer to Your Doorstep

The unique guarantee at Loose Grown Diamond is incredible. They offer delivery from the manufacturer directly. When you have no middlemen, there are no risks or scams. You get exactly what you ordered at no extra costs.

–       Amazing Prices Up and Great Savings

Continuing from the point above, when there are no middlemen, you also get diamonds at amazing prices. According to calculations, you can save up to 40% on the retail price when you buy from loosegrowndiamond.com. On top of that, lab grown diamonds are generally 50% less than earth mined diamonds. Can you do a rough calculation of how much you will be saving when you place an order on Loose Grown Diamond?

–       Flawless Lab Grown Diamonds

Conflict Free at its best, lab grown diamonds are easy to buy. You don’t have to worry about the torture and terrorism that almost-likely comes with all the diamonds around the world. When you choose a synthetic diamond, it gives you gives you the luxury of never being guilty about your purchase. It is ethical from all angles when you invest in a loose grown diamond vs natural diamonds.

–       Trustworthy Diamond Seller

With its ties to the main company RRP Diamonds, the natural diamond seller online with decades of experience, LGD can be trusted. You can buy from Loose Grown Diamond because they already have immense experience in dealing with diamond customers since ages. So, whether you are choosing natural or synthetic diamonds, there is an option with this diamond geezer.

–       Great Fancy Diamonds

Want your diamond engagement ring to look unique? Choose a unique shape. You can find a good variety of fancy shape diamonds such as princess cut, cushion cut, heart-shaped, marquise-shaped, pear-shaped, oval-cut, cushion-cut, emerald-cut, and baguette-cut diamonds.

–       Custom Shape Diamonds

If the shapes above are not enough, you can also go for a custom shaped diamond on Loose Grown Diamond. Have you ever wanted a triangle shaped diamond? If you have radical and refined sense of style you might be stunned by this. Perhaps you want shield shape of diamonds, hexagonal shape or trapezoid shape. Even taper budget diamonds are a custom shape you can go for. Read all about custom shaped lab grown diamonds here.

–       Endless Varieties

As it is sourced from India, where 80% of world’s lab grown diamonds are made, you will get to choose from the best of best. You have a countless variety of diamond shapes including custom shapes and colored diamonds to choose on Loose Grown Diamonds. If you have a new idea of custom lab grown diamond in your mind, share it with the customer service team.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Loose Grown Diamond?

If you Want Natural Diamonds, it is best to buy from a shop that sells natural diamonds. If you love the designs of Loose Grown Diamonds, you might love its natural diamonds parent company- RRP Diamonds.

Loose Grown Diamond is specific and clear about what they sell, starting their website URL.

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Loose Grown Diamond.Com?

From standard shapes of diamonds to custom shapes, you can find a wild variety of diamonds for engagement rings on Loose Grown Diamonds website. The prominent lab grown diamonds are Melee Lab Grown, Custom Shaped Diamond, CVD Diamonds, and Fancy Lab Grown Diamonds.

You can also shop from the main tab on the official website saying ‘Round Shaped Diamonds’.  

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Loose Grown Diamond

No. You will not find any options for financing when you’re buying loose diamonds on Loose Grown Diamonds.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Being a wholesaler, manufacturer and retailer, Loose Grown Diamond is a seller who transacts offline and online. They have a brick and mortar store besides the eCommerce storefront. Regardless of your needs, they can meet it if it’s about loose synthetic diamonds.  

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Loose Grown Diamond Engagement Rings?

Loose Grown Diamonds offer a transparent returns policy. You can return the item you bought on the website within 30 days of purchase. 100% refunds are offered on successful returns with the diamond certificate. If the bill or diamond certificate is missing, they will levy a charge of $50. You will receive the refunds via PayPal within 21 days of submitting it.

The only termination reason is tampering with the diamond or diamond jewelry item. They offer FREE returns in addition to FREE Shipping.

Contact Information of Loose Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

To contact the owner of Loose Grown Diamond, use any of the modes below:

Does Loose Grown Diamond Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, there is a dedicated blog on diamond and lab grown diamond education on LooseGrownDiamond.com. You will find informative content on earth mined vs lab mined diamonds. The blog also talks about pointers to help you make a wise diamond purchase online.

If you want to know about Lab grown diamonds in detail, check the FAQ of Loose Grown Diamonds. It describes the certification to value and grading of lab grown diamonds clearly.  

Loose Grown Diamond Jewelry Full Review

Do you know there is a resale value for lab grown synthetic diamonds just like natural diamonds? A unique and emerging synthetic diamond seller, LGD has ties with the old company RRP Diamonds we recently review. It is an earth-mined loose diamond store while this supplies lab grown. Whichever your option is, the founder Hitesh Patel is set to give you affordable diamonds.

With establishment in the mid-20th century, Hitesh Patel has a lineage of experience selling quality diamonds. Now, he is steering the diamond industry to save the earth by selling synthetic diamonds.

Offering price match too, Loose Grown Diamond sells lab grown diamonds. They have a huge variety of classic shaped diamonds as well as custom shapes such as triangle, trapezoid, hexagonal and many more shapes. You can also find colored lab grown diamonds here. If you want to learn all about the value of lab grown diamonds, you can check their blog with informative content.

When you’re shopping on Loose Grown Diamonds, you needn’t worry about returns or shipping because both are free. You can also transact easily and securely on this website. The customer service team is always available for help via the Live Chat too.

You get created diamonds at great prices because they are already 50% lesser than earth-mined diamonds. Moreover, at this website, you are getting it directly from the manufacturer to your doors without any middlemen. Consider 40% more savings to the bill you will pay anywhere else!  

The certifications you will find for the loose lab grown diamonds sold on the website are GIA, IGI, GCAL and GSI. As for customer reviews, all the reviews we found about the website are positive. It deals with the quality of diamonds and process speed. This is a good diamond seller with more than a century of diamond market experience. You will find the finest quality diamonds for the best prices. The only problem we found with the website is how it doesn’t sell natural diamonds. If you’re looking for natural diamonds to buy for your engagement ring, you shouldn’t on a site that says loose grown diamond dot com.

Loose Grown Diamond Jewelry Complaints

No complaints were found on LooseGrownDiamond.com yet. All the comments you will find are positive and appraise the quality of rocks found from the wholesaler. If you do find any complaints about the synthetic diamond seller, do let us know in the comments below.

Is Loose Grown Diamond Jewelry a Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

No, Loose Grown Diamond is not registered on BBB because it is not a North American company. Situated in Surat, Gujarat, Loose Grown Diamond’s advantage is its location in world’s biggest diamond cutter country.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Loose Grown Diamond Final Verdict

Perfect for customers looking for ethical diamonds at record-breaking prices, loosegrowndiamond.com is the perfect option. You have a beautiful variety of diamond shapes, colors and options to choose from. Getting your dream diamond becomes easy here!

Ratings of Engagement Ring Jewelry Loose Grown Diamond

– User Friendly

The website is classy with easy to navigate interface. You will find the colors pleasing and text easy to read.

– Variety

We were enamored by the variety of custom shapes like triangle and trapezoid for synthetic custom shape diamonds. You will too!

– Shopping Support

You have a 24×7 available customer service as Live Chat on the website.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


You can pay on LooseGrownDiamond.com using PayPal or Wire Transfer.


Find out all the shipping options on LooseGrownDiamond here.

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