Lumera Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

Lumera Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety of diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Lumeradiamonds in 42 words?

Lumera diamonds is not a real diamond retailer. Lumera diamonds is an online diamond broker, who connects buyers to manufacturers. As for this kind of retailer, you might notice the lack of settings and rings options, for engagement rings this is a small minus.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Lumera diamonds in 69 words?

I think that Lumera diamonds is a very straight and reliable distributor. We have seen and read hundreds of positive reviews of people who purchased their engagement rings and more and wrote about it, we have been convinced that this company provides very good products, along with reasonable prices; good customer care, a quality guarantee and a lifetime trade in. on Lumera diamonds there are no promotions, but a yearlong sale!

Lumera diamonds facts:

Lumera diamonds is a Public company, an online engagement rings dealer. Founded on 2007, Headquarters are at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Lumera diamonds Full Review- Is My Lifetime Ring Right There?

Lumera diamonds is a diamond broker, which means the diamonds displayed are shown to buyers on behalf of sellers from around the world. Lumera diamonds does not manufacture any diamonds at all.
Lumera diamonds has a very large variety of diamonds shown online, updating constantly with a wide variety of manufacturers. Lumera diamonds is actually saving for you the price of store rent, electricity and other expenses paid for by customers buying “old fashioned” on stores. By examine some of the manufacturers, I confirm that the diamonds displayed online are only a small number comparing to the large range possible.
I am deeply impressed by the website online assistance, given by neutral employees, who mean they are not paid per sale, but paid by the clock. That method assures that you wouldn’t be rushed by anyone to make a purchase and you will patiently be answered all questions and thoughts.

Is Lumera diamonds a Scam?

Think not? Are you convinced by all the written above? Well… no reason to think twice, this website is not a fraud. With hours and hours of research and hard work, we can personally guarantee that making a purchase with Lumera diamonds is a sure deal!

Lumera diamonds customer Complaints

Complaints are always easy to find! The challenge is to distinguish between the real ones and those that are written by people that we wouldn’t call customers… As for this website, I had only found 1 complaint that was, by the way, written by a very satisfied customer (5/5), which was unsatisfied by the fact that he couldn’t talk to anyone on the phone.

My final conclusion

For first time proposal (s**t happens), we recommend you to make a very strict research about the diamond you plan to buy if your settings will be placed later on.
Lumera diamonds is a very high quality store, with competitive prices and a practical customer service, which allows you a very pleasant shopping experience. At an intuitional world, we recommend this two things: as a buyer, use patient dealing with Lumera diamonds, since they do not “hold” the diamond. For Lumeradiamonds, we recommend an upgrade for a better customer care experience.

Lumera diamonds Ratings

User Friendly 18/20

Lumera diamonds is a very clean and clear online distributor, offers diamonds for any purpose and allows some very nice options of search and match, including settings, 4 C’s etc’.

Variety of diamonds 18/20

Shopping Lumera diamonds, you will find thousands of different stones in every existing cut, shape, carat and clarity, allowing you to be inspired and find the right ring or rock for you or your beloved.

Customer Shopping Support 17/20

Lumera diamonds does not work 24/7, meaning you can look but you cannot touch. A live chat is available during working hours, and an e-mail is available for a return call upon store opening.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 17/20

A very pleasant service is available, helping keep your surprise after order. Shipping is free, by overnight FedEx, and precautions are being taken in order to avoid any discovery of who has sent the package. Shipping is free and insured.

Returns, Refund and Trade In 17/20

A 30 days return is a standard upon any purchase, a lower- price refund is guaranteed if found and approved, including a 100$ bonus. Lifetime trade in is available under certain regulations.

4 Reviews

  1. They delayed my delivery twice and it was late for my anniversary gift. They would not do anything for the inconvenience. Order from another source.

  2. Was a little nervous buying something so expensive online, but they were great. A lumera rep helped me find something better than I had originally chosen for the same price, and I received it on the day promised. Have had it appraised and am very happy with the result

  3. I had a great experience with Lumera. I had chosen a 2.00 ct round, G VS2 and placed the order. The same day I received an email from Lumera pointing out the the diamond I chose was slightly small in diameter for a 2 ct. They recommended two other options, both same quality and carat, and price (actually both were slightly lower than my original), but with larger diameter. I did a little due diligence and realized they were right. The new diamond was beautiful, and lower in price. I was very happy.

  4. Great service and quality. I had a diamond picked out but they recommended another option that was around $2k less and nearly identical visually. The setting was great and everything got here super quick. I am very happy with the end product and didn’t expect to be “down-sold” but greatly appreciate it. Highly recommend to anyone who is a bit overwhelmed with the diamond purchase process.


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