MDC Diamonds Review

MDC Diamonds Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Shoppers Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on MDC Diamonds in 49 words?

For starting, we find the landing page full of written descriptions, with an absolute medium design. Going on with trying to choose our engagement rings, we had a hard time dealing with the search engine and seemed to be a random appearance of the diamond rings issues and topics.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on MDC Diamonds in 68 words?

Love at first sight is the phrase that went up our minds when we found all these wonderful compliments of satisfied fresh engaged couples, who experienced with Moishy, Rosa and the team. One of the most important things for me when I buy my diamonds is to feel as I am the only one in that sales representative world, and it seems that MDC has it my way.

MDC Diamonds Facts:

MDC diamonds is an engagement rings and Diamond specialist with a selection of custom jewelry, bridal sets & loose stones. MDC diamonds have stores on New York, Canada and the UK, and they are shipping to 31 other countries.

MDC Diamonds- The Full Review:

Established 2001, MDC diamonds is fresh, but not least on the diamond rings market. Located on the 5th avenue, has put its spirit on the wide selection of different diamond rings, engagement rings and loose diamonds. MDC diamonds claim to have the largest variety, and even if impossible to confirm, we must admit that the selection is enormous. Interviewing some customers, we had a hard time finding any dissatisfaction, whereas the compliments were aroused nonstop. Spread all around the world, MDC diamonds offer convenient options of purchasing, deliveries, pickup and prior to shopping services as a large video gallery, diamond’s education and more. With a wide variety of engagement rings, diamond rings and other jewelries, we believe that any dummy would find her special diamond ring on MDC diamonds.

MDC Diamonds Customers Complaints:

We had some time into searching customers, reviews, business protection and customer protection programs, and yet we only found some trails of a non-perfect service. One- a down payment that claimed to arrive empty in MDC diamonds, while was secured priority. Eventually the customer was refunded by his bank, but had to wait for more than 3 months. Two- we did read some not- perfect reviews on e-bay, but those disappeared, all we have left to do is hope that had been a mistake.

Is MDC Diamonds A Scam?

Though being on the market for a short time in comparing with other big diamond ring retailers, MDC are not a scam. While doing our research, we found some signs of buyers who eventually found similar diamonds on a better deal, but even under their testimony, it seems that the margins were very low, and we are sure that the customer care was lower as well. MDC, in our opinion, is far from being a scam.

My Final Conclusion:

MDC diamonds has definitely made some happy couples. We believe that MDC diamonds has wonderful engagement rings, at a large variety of designs, create your own and more. We do recommend paying a visit to

MDC Diamonds Ratings:

User Friendly 12/20

Low on the friendly rating, given in the very busy landing page, reminds us of a book review forum. In our opinion, it should be less talking, more showing. Yes, you will easily find what you need to know, as customer protection testimonies, different policies and other information.

Variety Of Diamonds 19/20

Declaring yourself as the largest variety of diamonds online is not only a saying, but also a thoughtful acting. MDC diamonds are definitely playing a hard time on the market. If what you dummy, want to have exist, MDC diamonds will ship.

Shoppers Support 16/20

AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google or Skype, along with a live chat option, an email and a phone number, makes MDC diamonds accessible by the largest number of methods we have seen so far. We have contacted by live chat, but it appears that all communication options only vary with the New York business working hours.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 17/20

Payment methods are MISSING within the online website, but contacting Rosa when the store opened, we found that MDC diamonds accept Wire transfers, Cashier’s Checks, PayPal and major credit cards. Shipping is fast and free of charge.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 14/20

A 30-days return policy, along with a 60-days resizing policy for most diamond or engagement rings (shipment payments are on you both directions). We could not find anything about a warranty or an optional trade in.

One Review

  1. MDC Diamonds is a trustworthy jewelry company that does beautiful custom designed jewelry at reasonable prices. I’ve dealt with MDC for over 10 years and would recommend them to anyone. Their customer service is awesome, they make jewelry based on the customers needs and suggests changes to enhance the jewelry not just to make more money. Excellent


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