Mervis Diamond Importers Review

Mervis Diamond Importers Review

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Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring, Watch and Jewelry On Mervis Diamond Importers Jewelry?

A diamond seller with 80+ years and even 100+ years of experience seeing the world change and the diamond market change with it, Mervis Diamond Importers are not news. They sell quality diamonds and there are many reasons they have a wide fan base.

·      100% Lifetime Diamond Trade-Up

Mervis offers a Lifetime trade-up for your diamonds at 100%. Simply put, you can get the complete value of your diamond should you choose to upgrade it with a new diamond or one of the same price. They promise no gimmicks or upsell tricks, so you can trust them. They also get the best place for your diamond even if you did not purchase it with them. This also means you can buy a budget diamond for now, save up later and go for a bigger diamond when you’re ready!

·      Complimentary Lifetime Maintenance

When you buy from Mervis, you also get complimentary services that include FREE inspections and appraisals on your diamond jewelry. If your prongs are not tight or the ring requires a professional cleaning after your beachside vacation, take it to Mervis. If it was not purchased from Mervis and you still want it cleaned by this jeweler, all you have to pay are the shipping fees and repair fee!

·      Conflict-Free and Ethically Sourced

One of the most important feathers in the hat of today’s diamond geezers is the ‘conflict-free nature of diamonds’. If your diamond is not certified conflict-free, the demand goes down. Mervis Diamond Importers started in South Africa and has upheld the tradition of selling conflict-free diamonds only. All the diamonds you buy form Mervis Importers are ethically sourced, have no doubts!

·      Intelligent and Classy Customer Service

When you shop with Mervis, you will know the customer service staff is highly trained. Each customer is welcomed with a refreshing drink and brief on diamond purchases prior to selection. By the time you look at your dream diamonds, you will know what you want. The customer service is described as amiable and not-pushy.

·      Option to Customize your Engagement Ring

Do you want to create a special and exclusive engagement ring for your lady love? Don’t worry, Mervis has you covered. All you need to do is consult their customer service online or via a store to help you customize the ring. They will get the diamonds to the setting, all handmade to perfection for you.

·      Has Bagged Many Awards

Considered the diamond giant, Mervis Diamond Importers has won a lot of awards. We would like to point out a few such as the Best of Knot Weddings 2018 and Best of NOVA. The Washington Post called Mervis Diamonds the Best Place to Buy a Diamond. Also voted America’s Coolest Stores and Couple’s Choice Awards 2018, Mervis Diamond Importers is also W*USA 9 Best Wedding Rings winner.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Mervis Diamond Importers?

Now that you know all the pros of Mervis Diamond Importers, it is time to assess their cons too. No diamond purchase is complete without checking the negative reviews about the place you want to buy your engagement ring from. We’ve filtered the disadvantages of shopping with Mervis Diamonds below.

·      Poor Workmanship

Shonna on Trustpilot clearly explained her pain of getting a perfectly sized ring. Several others exclaimed how their diamond engagement rings always came back looser than before. Hence, if you want a perfect fitting and craftsmanship, look elsewhere. A customer even had to pay extra for custom and duties because the sizing was incorrect from Mervis’ end the first time around!

·      Engraving Problems

Another thing to keep in your mind is the problem of engraving. Look out for company hallmark signs that might prevent engraving long quotes or lines. If there is a company emblem or hallmark, you can’t engrave over it as it voids the warranty. Hence, the manager will deny engraving for your ring.

·      Poor Communication, Late Response And Wait Time

We had to mention how several would-be couples walked back home because of the rude or poor customer service as Mervis Diamond Importer Stores. Most of the wait times were 15-20 minutes with absolutely no service. Many a time the communication also mismatched. Hence, if you want to design an engagement ring with hassle-free service, Mervis Diamond Importers is not for you.

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Mervis Diamond Importers?

There are many types of diamonds and shapes on Mervis that you can select for your dream engagement ring. Let’s help you find one.

·      Diamonds

  • Natural Diamonds
  • Lab Grown Diamonds
  • La’Amour Diamonds

·      Engagement Rings

  • Halo Engagement Ring
  • Three-Stone Engagement Ring
  • Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Sapphire Engagement Ring
  • Colored Stone Engagement Ring
  • Shop by Shape  

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Mervis Diamond Importers

Mervis Diamond Importers offer a financing option for couples looking for engagement ring purchase support. You can buy your favorite ring and worry about paying later. With a smooth and fuss-free application form that takes 5 minutes, your dream engagement ring is just an arm away …

Learn more about financing options on Mervis.

Your options range from 6 months to 3 years with an option to apply online too.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Mervis Diamond Importers is both retailer and etailer. They have been in the business for a century and recently dived into the e-commerce diamond shops online. You can visit the store closest to you or order your diamond engagement ring online with Mervis.

They have three stores with the first one in Germiston, South Africa. The second store is located in Washington and the third in Rockville.

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Mervis Diamond Importers Engagement Rings?

If you bought a ring from Mervis Diamond store, you have a 14-day return window within which if you return the item, you will get 100% refunds. When you purchase diamond jewelry from Mervis Diamond Importers online, you get a return window of 30 days. Please remember that you might have to pay a refurbishing fee in some cases. Make sure you communicate your concerns with the customer service team.

Contact Information Of Mervis Diamond Importers Engagement Rings

You can contact Mervis Diamonds using any of the following

  • Email Contact Form
  • Phone: 800-437-5683
  • Addresses
  • 1700 K St. NW, Washington, DC
  • 1775 Rockville Pike, Rockville MD
  • 1900 Mervis Way, Tysons, VA

Does Mervis Diamond Importers Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, in fact, Mervis Diamond Importers often different elaborate pages of information on Diamond education. You can see the 4Cs, Video Tutorials, Wedding Ring Guide, Lab Reports and Why Platinum besides an insightful blog on the diamond buying experience.

Mervis Diamond Importers Jewelry Full Review

The Mervis Experience is a unique experience because it covers the lifetime trade-up, the lifetime warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects, FREE Cleaning, appraisals and inspections too. When you shop with Mervis, you can relax and trust the sales executive to help you all the way out.

With almost a 100 years since their first store in Johannesburg, Mervis Diamond Importers have come a long way. According to their story, brothers Zed and Ronnie followed in the steps of their father Morris Mervis to create what we know as Mervis Diamond Importers today.

The focus of the diamond seller Mervis is quality diamonds for affordable prices. With direct access to many of the diamond producing hubs around the world, Mervis has access to the best quality stones around the world. We love their 30-day return policy for online shoppers besides great in-store assistance.  

Mervis Diamond Importers Jewelry Complaints

After checking on multiple places like Wedding Wire, TrustPilot, Yelp and BBB, we have found only a handful of disgruntled customers from Mervis Diamond Importers. The lowest rating was a comment that talked about the poor craftsmanship at Mervis. If you want flawless finish and work, Mervis might be too old-school for you.

Other complaints dealt with delay in response. Hence, ensure that you’re booking your engagement ring well in advance when you buy with Mervis.

Is Mervis Diamond Importers Jewelry A Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

With zero reviews on Better Business Bureau of four Mervis Diamond Importers store, this diamond store is not accredited by BBB. You will find the A+ rating on the VA store in Tysons.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Mervis Diamond Importers Final Verdict

After assessing multiple parameters for trust to ethics, we have come to conclusion that Mervis Diamond Importers is a reputable place to buy your diamonds from. We recommend you to search for best quality diamonds on this store.

Ratings Of Engagement Ring Jewelry Mervis Diamond Importers

– User Friendly

The official Mervis Website is easy to use and navigate with clean fonts and easy to read font sizes. The language is simple with good designing tactics.

– Variety

We love the variety of engagement and wedding ring options on Mervis Diamonds. You will definitely find your dream ring here!

– Shopping Support

There is no LIVE shopping assistant on Mervis Diamond Importers website.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


You can pay using Amazon Pay, PayPal or Credit Card when shopping on the official Mervis Diamond Importers store.


FedEx is the official shipping service provider for Mervis diamonds website.

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