Michael Hill Engagement Rings Review

Michael Hill Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Michael Hill in 52 words?

The Michael Hill diamonds engagement rings company, has been working for over 35 years, with a very large sales revenue, mostly outside of the US. Under this data, I found some very unpleased customers, whose complaints seem realistic and does not stand with the expected behavior of a major online wedding ring website.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Michael Hill in 52 words?

Michael Hill offers a very large variety of diamond rings, engagement rings; vintage designed rings and colored engagement rings, along with other jewelries in a vast price selection, which should fit any taste and budget. I managed to find a large number of satisfied customers and very little complaints about the online service.

Michael Hill Facts:

Michael Hill is a specialty retailer of engagement rings in North America and Oceania. Michael Hill operates a retail of 240 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. The Headquarters are located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Michael Hill- The Full Review:

Founded 1979, Michael Hill is specializing in engagement rings of all styles: cheap diamond rings, colored diamond rings, vintage diamond rings and other fine jewelries. The New Zealand Company, who expended onto Australia, Canada and the US, offers an online website with a very large variety of prices and some hundreds of different designs starting vintage rings, all the through blue diamonds and other diamond earrings, gemstone necklaces etc.’. Michael hill also offers men diamond jewelries and great gift ideas for mother’s gift, anniversary rings and others. The company is registered and legit, with over 35 years of experience in retail stores and some years online, I find that even when disappointing by your purchase, there is someone there to talk to, a name, telephone and address.

Michael Hill Customer Complaints:

It is not hard to find some customer complaints or bad reviews about diamond rings, engagement rings, custom designed jewelries or gold rings, however, customer complaints about Michael Hill were right there and extremely easy to find. I asked myself why allow it to leave so many unsatisfied customers, and I decided to go ahead and read some of these reviews. My findings are, that most complaints concern the Michael hill stores, not the online website, on these complaints I found some about very aggressive salesperson, misleading prices for showroom and payment time and some about disagreement with customer care representatives.

Is Michael Hill a legit diamond engagement ring online website?

I can assure that Michael Hill is a legit and registered company, selling engagement diamond rings for years, all over the world with a very impressive revenue that speaks for itself. I would not consider Michael hill an online diamond scam or fraud.

My Final Conclusion:

Michael Hill is a recommended engagement ring online shop, with a very large number of showrooms around the world, we would consider it to be magnificent. Be aware of a “create your own” engagement ring.

Michael Hill Ratings:

User Friendly 15/20

Michael Hill landing page delivers all there is to ask for, a bit different than other online diamond ring websites by the fact that no custom rings are available, but sure all necessary information presented is clear and easy.

Variety Of Diamonds 16/20

No loose diamonds are offered on Michael Hill , but you will find thousands of engagement rings, diamond rings, gold wedding bands, diamond jewelries, men jewelries and other luxurious products, which all make the variety large and fancy.

Customer Shopping Support 12/20

Michael Hill is showing their online visitors’ satisfaction efforts, by asking for feed backs, using large icons and giving very short policy issues for your attention. I did not find an online chat that in my opinion is important and effective, I had to leave my e-mail at the contact box, which immediately mailed me a thank you for contacting us, but I am still waiting for a reply.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 16/20

Delivery is free upon any order and leaves the ship within one working day, insured and promised to be with you within 7 days. Payments are available via major credit cards, PayPal and bank wire transfer.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 15/20

I must state that Michael hill has one of the best return policies on the market, offering 60 days money return, including clearance items (most), the only fee is shipping and insurance, and is available to return to one of the stores or ship back.

6 Reviews

  1. This company sucks. They told me if I finance I can pay them back in 18 months. I changed my apartment thus never got monthly payment letter from you. I paid full amount at the end of 18 months. Now on my credit score I missed payment for 17 months. This company is here to screw customers and sales people just lie on your face. They should have told me I suppose to pay monthly payments. Now my credit score is bad. I highly recommend going to the competitors and never buy anything from this company ever.

    • Hello wondering if you were able to resolve this issue? Same thing happened to me. Never was told to make equal monthly payments so I have a missed payment on credit and I never had that before.

  2. I bought a set of diamond ring and I payed cash, that was Tuesday the 27 of November 2018 and it needed alteration, the store manager Tommy in place d’Orléans in Orleans Canada promised to rush it and be ready by latest on Friday the 30 th. We went on Friday and we have shocked to find it’s sent the same day which is Friday and the by their manipulative words unfortunately and sorry and you know all these words just to get out of the situation they promised it will be ready on Monday the 3rd of December, then we called n the Monday dec the third and we found it’s still not ready yet so they promised again on Friday the seventh of December, I called yesterday and they said it’s still in the transit and I am calling today and still no answer for God sake anyone tell me what kind of customer service we have, misleading manipulating and lots of lies.

  3. Was not impressed at all.
    Bought a sterling silver bracelet last Christmas and was told sizing would be included with the price.
    When I took it in to have a couple of links removed I was told I would have to pay.
    After a brief conversation they agreed to know charge. Well it took over to weeks to remove 3 links and they even kept the ones they removed.
    I will never shop there again.
    I should have stuck with Peoples.
    I bought a watch at Peoples this year and when we went back to have the band shortened, no questions or problems and it took about 10 minutes while we waited.
    Never again will I shop at Michael Hills.

  4. I just bought an engagement ring from Michael Hill Richmond today. Never thought of learning so much about diamond from the sales people.
    The manager is so knowledgeable and spent half an hour answering all my questions without even pushing me to buy the ring.
    Excellent service, explained the warranty in full details, very impressed.

  5. I received an engagement ring from this store. Super excited. I needed a significantly smaller ring. I agreed to a special order replacement. 6 weeks later, I called the store and determined that it was in store (I had not been contacted). The new stone was significantly different than the original stone.It was stressful. (I should mention that the receipt for the original purchase was presented to me, by store manager, Destiny, at the counter…not cool). I agreed to a re-sizing of the new ring. The store subsequently closed due to Covid 19. Understandable. 3 months later, I contacted corporate customer service about store re-opening and obtaining my ring and was advised that no information was available. On June 29, 2020, I was at the mall and determined that the store had reopened. I asked if my ring was available and was advised that there was an unopened stock box in the back. I asked when it would be opened and she advised me that it was close to the end of the work day. It was 6pm and the store closed at 7pm. The store opened at 11am. She assured me that I would be contacted when my ring was available. I indicated that this had not been my experience in the past. The following day, I called the store by phone, and determined that my ring was available for pick up. I don’t understand why it could not be released to me the night the before. Based on the customer service I have received throughout this process, I would NEVER recommend this store, and we will not be using Michael Hill for the purchase of our wedding bands.


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