Mikado Review 2022: Diamond Engagement Rings

Mikado Review 2022: Diamond Engagement Rings

Website Address of Mikado: https://www.mikadodiamonds.com/ 

Whilst not new to the diamond engagement ring space, Mikado Diamonds aren’t popular with mainstream diamond ring buyers. But all that’s about to change today. If you’re wondering about investing with Mikado Diamonds, you’ve come to the right place. 

What’s so special about Mikado Diamonds? What are the pros and cons of buying Mikado diamond engagement rings? 

Mikado Diamonds is a family-owned Nebraskan company founded in 2009 with diamond engagement rings. They also use clarity-enhanced diamonds, natural, and lab-grown alternatives in their jewelry. Mikado Diamonds is known for its cheaper diamond jewelry at fair pricing. You also get free shipping, insurances, and 30-day returns here.

I’ll tell you all about the strengths and shortcomings of buying from Mikado as well as their history, complaints, returns policy, warranty, legitimacy, website navigation, type of diamonds, and more. Get ready to review Mikado Diamonds in detail right NOW!

Why Should You Buy From Mikado Diamonds? 

In the world of diamond engagement rings, Mikado isn’t new. So what else adds to its integrity so much so that you should buy from them? Let’s find out! 

  • Cheapest settings money can buy!

The best thing about Mikado is that it can guarantee prices for settings with yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold in 14k and 18k purities apart from platinum for one-third of the prices available nowadays. 

We decided to dig around a bit to see if that’s true at our last conference at DPA. Our conclusion? Yes, they are!

Here’s the cheapest solitaire setting from James Allen for comparison.

Source:  https://www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/solitaire/14k-yellow-gold-15mm-comfort-fit-engagement-ring-item-41515

Here’s the cheapest solitaire on Mikado in the same setting:

Source: https://www.mikadodiamonds.com/solitaire-diamond-rings.html

The good news is, the Mikado one’s stronger with two extra prongs! 

  • Build Your Engagement Ring 
Source: https://www.mikadodiamonds.com/ring-builder.html

Mikado offers a customized ring builder that involves nothing more than three simple steps

  1. Select your setting.

You can select from traditional and modern settings like a halo, multi-row, vintage, solitaire, chandelier, and more here. This is the first step of choosing your engagement ring. 

Also, keep in mind to picture your ideal ring to narrow down the setting. In fact, choosing a setting is half the battle because diamonds don’t look too different once you have the carat and clarity confirmed. 

  1. Select your diamond.

The second step for building a ring on Mikado Diamonds is selecting a diamond that fits into your budget and style. 

  1. Complete your ring. 

You can also select specifics like metal choices such as platinum, yellow gold (14k and 18k), white gold (14k and 18k), and rose gold (14k and 18k). The next choice comes to accent diamonds, their clarity, color, and cost. Once you confirm the ring choice, all you’re left to do is complete the order. 

  • Free Diamond Guide to Select your ring 


Mikado has a reputation for caring for their customers and that’s why if you subscribe to their newsletter or get in touch with them, Mikado Team will help you choose the perfect diamond ring. For this, they’ll be sending you a free diamond guide that’s easy to download. Get in touch with their team to know more! 

  • Insuring your Mikado Diamond jewelry 
Source: Mikado Diamonds Homepage

Insuring your diamond jewelry is a necessity for a few decades. Truth be told, this is one of the finite things that most diamond engagement ring buyers look for these days. In a way, insurance takes care of the legitimacy and authenticity of your ring including the diamonds for years to come. 

Mikado offers two insurance options of Brite Co and Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance. Go to their official website to know more about it. 

  • 30-Day returns

Like most of the online jewelry sellers, Mikado Diamonds also offers a generous return window so that you can return jewelry you’re unsatisfied with. Take 30 days to weigh in the diamond ring for engagement that you purchased from Mikado so that you’re completely happy with it. 

Don’t worry because you can find other pieces of your favor on Mikado just as easily in case you got polar opposites than what you saw online. Because Mikado runs exclusively online, they’re really good at it than their counterparts. 

You also get a manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase diamond engagement rings on Mikado. The lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects under normal use. However, keep in mind that it’s not covered for misuse, negligence, accidents, and non-Mikado servicing. This includes chipped and broken diamonds too. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Diamond Engagement Ring From Mikado Diamonds? 

Knowing the advantages of a brand or product isn’t enough to invest thousands of dollars. In fact, the way a company works around its pitfalls and shortcomings says more about its business than winning points. 

Let’s look at the cons of buying diamond engagement rings with Mikado next. 

  • No Offline Stores 

Mikado Diamonds is a stone that exclusively works online. This also means there isn’t any storefront office or showroom you can go and check out the diamonds with your own two hands, or four for that matter. But if you’re a big fan of virtual reality and that alone, Mikado is the way to go! 

  • Not A Lot Of Diamonds

Mikado boasts over 50,860 diamonds while competitors have way more. 

To put things into perspective, James Allen showcases 383,956 diamonds on their website at present. 

But Mikado boasts over 13,100 lab-grown diamonds. In comparison, James Allen has over 43,000 lab-grown diamond options.

  • No 360-degree Video of Rings

While there aren’t any 360-degree videos of the rings, Mikado offers a simple video for rings. However, there are 360-degree videos for their natural diamonds. It’s not that friendly, but it does the job if you ask me!

  • No ASET Images

While you won’t find any ASET images for diamonds or settings with diamonds, the sadder truth is diamonds don’t even come with any images. Hog onto the 360-degree video as much as you can to identify different angles because that’s all you can do until writing this article. 

Mikado Diamonds Ring
  • No Live Chat Service 

Another biggest disadvantage of Mikado Diamonds is that they don’t have a Live Chat option yet. That being said, Mikado has put many contact options on the table that we’ll discuss ahead in this article. Stay tuned!

Options to contact Mikado Diamonds
  • Less Readymade Options 

I was happy to find that you can filter out diamond engagement rings that are ready to ship for quicker purchases. However, little did I know that this famous company only had 9 rings to showcase. If that wasn’t sad, sadder was that this included clarity-enhanced diamonds apart from natural options. 

Mark ‘Quick-Ship’ under their filer on the diamond engagement rings tab and see your options for yourself! Although, that doesn’t make it any less an option for its custom-made diamond engagement rings!

  • Diamonds Aren’t Cheaper

While many magazines talked about Mikado pricing their diamonds cheaper than counterparts, the reality of it is just marketing. If you compare the price for an SI1, I color, 1 carat diamond on Mikado with James Allen, Mikado is costlier.

Here, take a look at diamonds from James Allen

Here’s what you’ll see on Mikado for the same metrics:

Yes, Mikado is consistently pricier than James Allen or others. Another disadvantage that I’m not adding in a point is their lack of ‘price matching’ that most of the other competitors guarantee without asking. 

History of Mikado Diamonds 

Mikado Diamonds

A family-run diamond seller store that exclusively works online, this Nebraskan diamond seller founded Mikado in 2009. Currently, Mikado Diamonds LLC. is situated in Omaha and creates diamond and moissanite engagement rings. They have an exquisite bridal collection as well as men’s rings too!

Operating solely online is how Mikado claims to keep their costs low and that’s why you can find the cheapest settings and not-so-cheap diamonds online at a trustworthy place. The best thing about them is most of their jewelry is handcrafted. 

One of the best things about Mikado Diamonds is that it’s registered with the Jewelers Board of Trade. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a tidbit to set in stone- they don’t except everyone. The selection process approves jewelers with the best service, expertise, and regulations.

Mikado cares for its customers and strives to make jewelry that can be cherished forever. Find out more about the different aspects of their company ahead! 

What Types Of Diamonds And Diamond Engagement Rings Are Available On Mikado Diamonds? 

While this brand features a long string of diamond jewelry as their name says, they also sell moissanites. Moreover, they also have clarity-enhanced diamonds for a fraction of the prices of their original counterparts. 

You might’ve noticed we usually start this section with celebrities who wear diamond jewelry from the brand we’re reviewing. Unfortunately, we dug around but failed to find any sensational star donning their diamond jewelry. 

  • Mikado has a good variety of natural and lab-grown diamonds in shapes like round, oval, princess, cushion, marquise, emerald, radiant, and pear shapes.
  • You can find diamonds ranging from carat sizes between 0.52 and 8.30.
  • They have various colors of diamonds in D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K to Z, and Fancy options.
  • Their lowest priced natural diamond is $3,750 and the highest is $630,330. When you compare with James Allen, the range is $290 to $844,810.
  • Another noteworthy thing about Mikado is their ideal cut diamonds that shows up with the highest grades in terms of symmetry and polish. You can get it through the Prestige Engagement Collection or via direct contact with Mikado Diamonds Team. 

This diamond engagement ring seller also has clarity-enhanced diamonds as well as lab-grown options. For clarity-enhanced stones, diamonds are cut and polished before a special treatment that removes the inclusions visible to the naked eye. By doing so, Mikado offers diamonds with excellent features at a fraction of untreated diamonds. 

Mikado Diamonds sells moissanite for engagement rings and other jewelry authorized via Charles and Colvard Moissanite retailers. Combined with their diverse experience in the diamond engagement ring industry spanning over decades, Mikado promises higher-than-average expertise to create your dream rings easily. 

Are There Pictures And Videos Of Diamonds From Mikado? 

Yes, there are pictures of diamond engagement rings, several of them that you can use to make an informed decision. Apart from that, Mikado diamond jewelry comes online accompanies specifications apart from videos for rings and diamonds. However, there aren’t any ASET images.

How To Buy Diamond Ring On Mikado Diamonds? 

First off, buying your diamond engagement ring on Mikado is like buying anywhere else. Because they’re exclusively virtual, you get a specialized platform for accommodating the many questions you might have before buying the jewelry online. 

  1. Click on the Diamond Engagement Rings tab.
  2. Click on a jewelry you like.
  3. Now check out the ring details (warranty, certificate, and metal) as well as center stones (shape, size, color, clarity, and carat).
  4. Select the ring size and add the jewelry to cart.
  5. Login and check out with payment and shipping options you’re comfortable with. 

When you go around the website, you’ll notice a wide variety of filters to choose from such as price range, cut, clarity, color, carat, and more. Do filter options by quick ship, made to order, and so on to have a better experience navigating through this diamond website. 

How To Get Custom Diamond Engagement Ring From Mikado Diamonds? 

When I had to pick my engagement ring, I also had to pick for my husband who’s not keen on romantic things like rings. So, the burden of choice was doubled or even quadrupled. That being said, I had more freedom to get couple’s rings then. 

I went ahead and customized both the way I wanted. And you can do this too on Mikado Diamonds. They have an exclusive ring builder process that feels close to the way I did it. Their experts are knowledgeable and but don’t respond quickly on Facebook or other social media chat options. 

But book an appointment with them and you can clear all your doubts and design some of the unique, best, and cheapest diamond engagement rings that look just stunning! 

The process of getting a custom diamond engagement ring on Mikado is easy.

  1. Go to the Ring Builder page
  2. Choose your design from solitaire, halo, and more. 
  3. Choose your metal type, accent diamond choices, and ring size.
  4. Don’t forget to check out ring and stone details towards the bottom of the page too.
  5. Shipping takes 14 to 21 days and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee with 30-days window for it.

If you’ve any more doubts about the process, check out their FAQ page. 

Does Mikado Diamonds Offer Financing Options? What Are The Payment Options? 

Yes, you can get financing options on Mikado Diamonds. Personally, it’s best to rely on a financing option for a large purchase with zero interest so that you don’t empty your bank account all at once. 

Scroll through the following list to find out the best payment option from Mikado Diamonds for you:

  • Credit card

You can pay with a credit card for bill payments on Mikado Diamonds with cards such as American Express, MasterCard, Discover, or VISA.

  • PayPal

Upon request, you can do a PayPal payment. But, bear in mind there will be a restocking fee of 3% on all returns and refunds of products purchased from Mikdao via PayPal.

  • Paypal Credit

PayPal Credit is also permitted with requests and a 3% restocking fee is applicable here as well. 

  • Bank Wire

This is yet another body of paying on Mikado where it’s a norm of payments over $4,000. You can save the processing fees of credit cards with this option where Mikado transfers 1.5% of savings to you. Note that this is a good option for international customers. You can mail [email protected] with the diamond ring and its SKU(s) to get further details about bank payments. 

  • Layaway 

With 25% downpayment, you can pay for diamond engagement rings on Mikado but it’s applicable ONLY for purchases above $1,000. You can even purchase items worth up to $8,000 sans any credit checks. You get interest-free options for plans under six months. 

Where Does Mikado Diamonds Ship To? What Are The Shipping Options? 

All orders placed via Mikado are free and Insured. Depending on the type of order you choose, it may ship right away or within two to three weeks. 

Here are the shipping options available on Mikado:

  • USPS Priority for Free (2 to 3 days) 
  • USPS Express for $35 (1 to 2 days)
  • FedEx Priority for $40 (2-days)
  • FedEx Overnight for $125 (1-day)

They also offer USPS Express (1-2 days) for orders above $8,000 and USPS Registered (2 to 7 days) for orders above $12,000.01 at no extra charges.  You can select it during checkout although they don’t have a specific page for it yet. 

How To Return Diamond Engagement Rings Bought From Mikado Diamonds? 

Mikado offers 30-day returns on all its products. This also includes insured shipping without any charges borne by you. 

In case you aren’t satisfied with your purchase with Mikado Diamonds, you can return the item for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Make sure to send back the item in its original packaging with the diamond certificate they sent you. 

One thing to note is if you purchased from Mikado Diamonds with Affirm or other Layaway plans, there will be a 3% restocking fee that will be expended from your reimbursement. If you cross the 30 days, they won’t accept your item for a return service no matter what.

How To Get In Touch With Mikado Diamonds? 

  • Phone: (402) 348-9476
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Text: SMS to +14023609650
  • YouTube: Head over to Mikado Diamonds YouTube channel to checkout over 72 videos going all the way back to 2015. 
  • Address of Mikado Diamonds for postal purposes: PO Box 540184, Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 68154.

Is Mikado Diamonds A Fraud? Is Mikado Diamonds Legit? 

No Mikado Diamonds isn’t a fraud. With over two decades of history selling diamond jewelry, this brand is synonymous with fair pricing and innovation. While there’s very little known about the founders of the brand, on their official site as well as press coverage, it’s a trustworthy brand. 

Mikado Diamonds boast a BBB score of A+ Rating. Check Mikado Diamond’s complaints on BBB if you want to know more. According to ScamAdvisor, the website is ironclad with a score of 86 on a nine-year-old domain as of writing this article in 2021.

Mikado- The Full Review 

Founded way back in 2009, Mikado Diamonds is a one-stop option for handmade diamond jewelry.. But today they sell lab-grown diamonds, clarity enhanced diamonds, and moissanites in their bridal as well as engagement ring collections worth drooling about. 

I personally like Mikado Diamonds for their multifaceted payment and credit options. Free insured shipping and resizing are also part of the deal! They really want us to be worry-free when anxiously looking for that perfect diamond engagement ring. Aww, right?

The best thing is you can make your own ring apart from choosing quick-ship options that are pre-made. Although they take a while to respond, there are a large variety of diamonds and engagement ring options that span all across the spectrum. 

With over 20,000 diamond rings and 50,000 diamonds, you’ll be spoilt for choice here! 

Mikado Diamonds Ratings 

  • User Ratings 14/20

The website online from Mikado Diamonds is easy to navigate although their videos don’t feel smooth to go through. Overall, their UX is satisfactory.

  • Variety Of Diamond Engagement Rings 15/20

You’ll find over 58,000 diamonds and 784 diamond engagement rings on Mikado Diamonds at the time of writing this article. They include both traditional and modern designs that are bound to stun you! 

  • Customer Service and Shopping Support 15/20

While Mikado doesn’t offer any live chat, you can phone in, SMS, or email them to get a response within 48 hours. Because we contacted them over the holidays, responses were terribly slow and automated. 

  • Payment, Shipping, Insurance, & Warranty 19/20

You can pay using PayPal, PayPal Credit, Bank transfer, as well as various Credit Cards on Mikado Diamonds for purchases. There are USPS and FedEx free as well as priority options when it comes to shipping. All diamond jewelry is also covered under a lifetime warranty as discussed above. 

  • Returns and Refunds 19/20

You can return items purchased via Mikado Diamonds within 30 days of placing the order. Note that there will be a 3% restocking fee for items purchased through layaway plans. 

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