My Wedding Engagement Rings Review

My Wedding Engagement Rings Review

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  • Customer Care Value
  • Credibility And Transparency

Why Should You Look For An Engagement Ring Review On My Wedding?

Sometimes, in the stress and tension of the wedding, bride and the groom yearns to have a cupid who’d just drumbeat and arrange their wedding as in a heaven with the least of ado.
For those of you who still believe in angels, My Wedding is the perfect life-size wedding angel!

You should lookout for the expert reviews on engagement and wedding planning via My Wedding because

  • Amazing Wedding Planner:

My Wedding provides everything the newly engaged or about to be engaged needs, ranging from inspiration to Bands to Beauty & Health as well as Catering. Being a trustworthy wedding host since decades, My Wedding is highly sought after as a wedsite too. You can also find details of wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue, Dress & Attire, Event Rentals & Photo booths, Flowers, Invitations, Jewelry, Photography, Transportation, Videography and even Wedding cake when you plan your wedding with My Wedding!

The website also provides a wedsite that features exclusively skilled local vendors for making your wedding day truly special. You can choose vendors after checking the testimonials and feedback for the contracts they have completed.

  • Personalized Wedding Website

My Wedding Wedsite helps couples set up an exclusive website, free of cost to list their favorite pictures and updates about the wedding. Unlike most free wedsites that has the dullest templates; My Wedding also has an extensive variety of templates. The innovative design of wedsite lets the couples browse, select and clip or save the ideas at one place. With an interface akin to Pinterest, My Wedding also lets you RSVP your guests without a wedding card. To add an extra guest as well as to delete guests you don’t want to invite, there are many goodies exclusive to the wedsite on My Wedding.

With null coding or website management knowledge, the wedsite on My Wedding is a high quality wedsite.

  • Structured Wedding Planning

Another important skill of My Weddings is that all arrangements and responsibilities of wedding planning undertaken by My Wedding are structured and orderly to the core.  When you plan your wedding with My Wedding, you will soon know the calmth of having professionals do the work. Having made the dream of scores of couples real, just as they’d expected, My Wedding has many testimonials to its name and accolades.

A special mention is the ability of My Wedding to help and hold the hand of the bride step after step until she is sure about her decisions.

  • Engagement Exclusive

The first tab on the My Wedding tab is ‘We’re Engaged’, which features many untold, and must-read topics like Proposals and Engagements, Wedding Rings, Real Engagements, Engagement Party and Ideas for the same. All posts that we read were thoroughly researched and answered the queries in detail and warmth. The engagement exclusive also showcased many unique topics and styles of My Wedding history.

My Wedding also has a stellar magazine that boasts of the merry weddings for the multitudes that My Wedding has helped make true.

Why Might It Not Be Helpful For Me To Look For An Engagement Ring On My Wedding?

It is not an ideal option to seek for an engagement ring review on My Wedding because it is not a vendor of engagement rings, rather an advocate of which suits whom the best. Having hosted many weddings and vouched for many more, My Wedding has vast expertise in Wedding Planning rather than as an engagement ring reviewer.

The website will show you engagement ring exclusive selection on how to propose as well as selecting befitting engagement ring. This does not give an insight on selecting any engagement rings, but merely refers or tips on what type of rings to buy for your engagement.

The website merely offers services of other vendors. One notable fact is that as the vendors can feature themselves by paying the starting deposit rather than be featured on merit, there is a superior exposure of vendors regardless of their status of contracts or ratings. Furthermore, the reviews are mostly neutral in an effort to protect the reputation of the vendor. Contrary to this, there are many local vendors who complained that no results were observed after months of paying My Wedding for featuring their businesses, not to mention the zero number of clients received via the same.

Do not waste your time on My Wedding if you’re looking for one wedding planner with the caterer to the honeymoon tickets within one contract as My Wedding provides details of the local vendors to make independent contracts with each. More or less a DIY Wedding Planner, My Wedding has successfully witnessed and realized many fairy tale weddings in its past.

However, the sole reliable feature of the website is its rating system, which records the ratings of the vendor based on how his or her service has fared on the previous contracts. Certain vendors who have completed many deals will also have the top-rated reviews adjacent to the rating.

What is My Wedding? Here Are Some Facts:

Started online in 2003, 13 years ago, My Wedding is the complete wedding maven for brides and grooms. Providing diamond geezer advices to how to spice up the surprise in the “I Will until I Do”, My Wedding is like that wedding angel that takes your worries and churns them into a beautiful wedding!

The hassle free interface of the site owes it to the production of Meredith Women’s Network. With exclusive in-depth tabs on topics like DIY Wedding Projects to exclusive wedding registry website, My Wedding is an expert in the art of holy matrimony.

For all the zillions of happy married couples on My Wedding directory, the best thing is that you can easily find the couple by clicking on ‘Find A Couple’ by entering the bride and the groom’s names.

With a global rank of 20,842, My Wedding is a busy website with a thick fan base. Having a net worth of oddly $276,942, My Wedding has 100% wedding interested customers.  There are many reasons to the flawless record of My Wedding, one of them being trustworthy and honest wedding planners.

The website has a rough total of 27,573 unique visitors per day, mostly from the United States. The website provides direct phone as well as mailing address for any audience who would like to personally get in touch with the crew of My

What Can I Find Helpful At My Wedding? The Full Review:

Outstanding wedding maven when compared to its counterparts, My Wedding is not an engagement review site but the One Stop Shoppe for couples wanting their dream wedlock.  In fact, wedding is the most special day in the lives of the bride and the groom. Instead of fretting or being stressed about the events of the day, it is impossible to feel relaxed on your best day, until you’re with My Wedding.

My Wedding has the answer to all and is much like an intimate friend or the best man who shoulders through every step of wedding planning with ease and rejuvenation!

The unique reputation of My Wedding is on account of its rate of finding amazing vendors, locally. Most wedding planners weave giant castles in the air, but when the reception starts, the chaos and contrasts also begin. My Wedding is renowned for its wedsite feature where the newly engaged can set up their wedding journey from ‘I will to I do’ digitally. This eases the trouble of sharing anecdotes and images collectively as well as with love to each of your guest. Being also FREE of cost, these wedsites are easy to use and top-class when compared to its competitors.

To use this, merely fill the page with the basic sections like- Your Story, Your Wedding Gig, Wedding Events, The Dance, Stars, Speeches and even RSVP. Apart from this, the wedsite also offers many templates that are bright and colorful, unlike on the other sites.

Interested couples can also seek local vendors new or established on My Wedding with top-rated feedback and votes.  The user friendly website is not an engagement review site, but has scores of unique and memorable content from the experts on wedding planning. Efficiently managed website with high traffic, all customers on My Wedding, has none but the ones preparing the eternal bond!
In addition, as there are no poky pop ups or ads, as it’s free that can ruin the look and vibe of your website.

These websites look classy and are easy to manage for any person. They cut the hassle of mailing out of town friends as well as family. The website also provides an easy way to add the symphony or the wedding bells or any favorite music for the audience while browsing the website.  To use this feature, My Wedding begins with an easy questionnaire recording your preferences, likes and experiences to make collage a Pinterest type of look.

With scores of newlyweds and engaged elating on the ease and stunning benefits of planning dream weddings with My Wedding, the wedding maven, it is impossible to miss the stellar skills of the crew at My Wedding.

Being an independent wedding planner with no independent referral to the vendor’s featured, manual selection of the vendor is necessary when you select via My Wedding. Although the site provides explicit data on the efficiency of the vendor via the ratings and reviews, independent vendors do have a margin of error or lack of guarantee of risk. Vice versa, for vendors, we noticed certain reviews that claimed that featuring one’s business was tough on My Wedding due to its lack of transparency regarding traffic generated.

Most of the customers also vouched for the exclusive feature of RSVPing, which is effortless and cost-free unlike other wedsites in the market. Above all, being a dream wedding planner for many, owing to the umpteen fairy tale weddings that My Wedding has hosted, My Wedding is also the ultimate destination for a newly engaged. Furthermore, if you’re looking for quality wedding planning tips that are strictly Call-to-Action, My Wedding is Godsend!

Is My Wedding A Scam?

Definitely no. My Wedding is a legitimate website with a domain history of decade plus, having thousands of unique visitors per day. The website has countless unique and valuable data on the subject of the ABC of Wedding planning in America. From musicians to valleys perfect to tie the holy knot of your life, you love the professionalism and warmth of My Wedding.

Holding ownership of the renowned magazine My Wedding, this wedding planner is truly a trustworthy all-rounder. We found no glitches or compromises to its reputation apart from finding the website highly engaging.

The legitimacy of My Wedding is ironclad.

Our Final Conclusion

Based on the unbiased reviews and analysis, we have come to the conclusion that My Wedding is a 100% genuine and legitimate Wedding Planner. If you’re browsing on My Wedding for engagement rings, you will find not many bright answers, but you will surely find zillions of answers to the aftermath of your engagement.

Acquainting with the expert reviews on My Wedding also helps you understand how unique and worthy the idea behind the website is. Now, couples can set up complex coded websites with impeccable templates that denote their love with a magnificent template rather than any dull weight loss or smoothie recipe template!

My Wedding has experts who are credible and strong on their facts.  Unlike most wedding preppers, My Wedding actually walks hand in hand with the couple through each of their decisions, overlooking and advising the same, whenever necessary. With the care of a guardian and the experience of a true wedding maven, every wedding hosted or catered by My Wedding is truly evergreen.

Apart from the countless merits of planning your dream day with My Wedding, when you wed with My Wedding in the backdrop, you also get a golden chance to discover your local vendors who can aide and help you understand how perfect wedding plans gets realized!

My Wedding Ratings:

User Friendly 17/20

The website is one with a special mention. It is designed with warm colors that responds to the wedding vibe. The easy to navigate wedding website and wedsite is built with a focus on the audience’s views. Unlike most of its competitors, My Wedding is a popular and highly talked about in the social media. With hundreds of fans and consistent interactions on Facebook and Google+ My Weddings are the merriest wedding planners.

The website features all its expertise to the audience in simple and easy to read language simultaneously highlighting and elaborating the technicalities of wedding planning. Yet another feature that we liked about the My Wedding website is its appropriate partition of the topics.

Set with the idea that the audience must gain maximum knowledge within the least time of surfing the website, My Wedding is the hottest trending virtual wedding planner. The best attraction of My Wedding is that all of its goodies come for free. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will be amazed at how disciplined and wise My Wedding is. It can also immensely help your wedding chores.

Variety Of Engagement Rings Stores 18/20

With over 600 templates to choose from on the personalized wedding site, My Wedding is the favorite cupid for any couple. Aimed at providing helpful, insightful and fresh content for newly engaged couple, the variety and diversity of topics on the My Wedding website is diverse.

The main tabs on the website are

  • We’re Engaged- exclusive engagement prepping blog posts centered at the immediate decisions to address after engagement. Certain unique topics that caught our keen eye are under the Engagement Rings Category which showcases the best detail on knowing everything about the engagement ring. From ring settings to cut, clarity, style and trend, My Wedding has the perfect answer for any out of the box or world confusion that you are distressing about your wedding chores.
  • Wedding Planning- ABCs of wedding planning. Wedding Checklists include Showers, Attire, Flowers, Food, Registry, Colors, Makeup, Etiquette and RSVP.
  • Wedding Dresses- show the best of all wedding attires in focus on the Wedding Day, in addition to ideas.
  • Jewelry tab draws the Engagement and Wedding rings as well as local jewelers to buy for your best day.
  • Venues provide information for rehearsal dinner as well as reception.
  • Vendors- Photography, Attire, Cakes, Music, Catering and all independent contractors requires for a wedding.
  • Travel includes honeymoon destinations as well as luxury shopping for beauty and home goods!

Customer Care Value 19/20

With a high regard for all of its audiences, the stark example of how My Wedding reveres its customers is valid in its social media involvement. The official facebook site of My Wedding has hundreds of likes and has a strong fanbase that is closely involved with its news, reports, posts and real wedding hosting.

Credibility And Transparency 18/20

The website has its server at Oregon by Easy Street Online Services Inc. while possessing on gross revenue of $276,942 and $23,000+ monthly in ads.

Ideally transparent about the ownership, affiliates and mission, My Wedding is a renowned name in the name of virtual wedding planners. With extensive experience hosting innumerable weddings, My Wedding can make any wedding come true mostly because, My Wedding cares about the love that you share and wish to treasure.

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