Natalie Diamonds Review

Natalie Diamonds Review

UPDATE: Due to poor management and business failure, Natalie Diamonds has shut down in 2021.

Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring, Watch and Jewelry On Natalie Diamonds Jewelry?

Why should you invest in a diamond ring from Natalie diamonds? Are wedding rings beautiful? What are the benefits of buying diamond engagement ring from Natalie Diamonds? Let’s find out!

·      Good Customer Service

Known for excellent customer service, Natalie Diamonds can help you find your dream ring easily. Their representatives are knowledgeable and go the extra mile to satisfy you.

·      Exactly as Advertised

A good majority of the customers emphasized the items they received were exactly as the seller advertised on their website. To get the diamond as described validates Natalie Diamonds as a good seller.

·      Design Your Own Ring

At Natalie Diamonds, you also have an option to create custom rings. You can choose your diamond shapes from the options Round Cut, Princess Cut, Cushion Cut, and Emerald Cut. The metal options range from platinum to white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. But when you open the ‘Design Your Own Ring’, the page directs you to a list of ready-made engagement ring.

We could not assert if it was possible to design your own ring. Hence, if you want a custom ring from Natalie Diamonds, please talk with their customer service execs.

·      Free Shipping, Lifetime Warranty

All the items ordered on Natalie Diamonds are shipped via FedEx for Free. It is a priority shipping order that includes Free shipping for international destinations too such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and U.K. Every package is insured as well as beautifully packed to reach you.

·      100% Diamond Upgrade Program

Natalie Diamonds offer a diamond upgrade program if you wish to change your rock or choose a bigger rock. To avail this offer, however your new diamond must be at least 50% higher in price than the previous one. Your credit is infinitely valid without an expiration date. When you choose the diamond upgrade program, please keep the original bill and buying certificate on you.

·      Free Cleaning for 12 Months

When you buy from Natalie Diamonds, you get many goodies. You can avail free cleaning of your Natalie Diamond jewelry once in every 12 months. You can also send the jewelry to Natalie Diamonds for tightening the prongs, rhodium plating, re-polishing, plating or cleaning too.

·      Military Discount

If you’re a veteran, you can avail the military discount too. This is not a huge discount but 3% off on the total order once you prove that you’re a military person. It is bigger than a simple thank you!

·      Insurance Appraisals with Purchase

On Natalie Diamonds, every purchase is accompanied by the insurance appraisal of the stone. The complete insurance valuation of the diamond or diamond jewelry will be given along with the order.

·      Quick Delivery

Many of the customers who shopped on Natalie Diamonds claim to have gotten their order before the expected delivery date. Besides expedited delivery options, Natalie Diamonds ensures you get your item ASAP after ordering it!

·      Great Offers

Almost always, Natalie Diamonds has a stellar discount offer going on. So, if you’re buying on Natalie Diamonds, be sure to check for discount coupons on the website before you complete your order.

·      Cheaper and Affordable

When a customer compared James Allen and Natalie Diamonds exactly same diamond, she was shocked because there was a big difference of $240 between the two. The customer chose a 0.70 carats, G-color, VS2 diamond which was priced $3,110 or James Allen and $2,859 on Natalie Diamonds. The customer purchased from ND and was overjoyed with her savings!

·      They Make Their Own Rings

Unlike most diamond sellers today who buy from other designers, Natalie Diamonds make their own engagement and wedding rings. That’s why custom engagement ring design is their forte. You can talk directly with them to choose your one of a kind, bespoke ring.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Natalie Diamonds?

What are the main reasons why you should not buy from Natalie Diamonds? Can they be trusted? What makes Natalie Diamonds the worst option to buy diamonds or engagement rings from?

·      Expect International Fee

Whenever you place an international order on Natalie Diamonds, expect a customs or international fee on the order. Although this is not mentioned on the website FAQ, you need to look out for your country’s custom fees.

·      UGI Certified, Not GIA

The second most important thing that sets down the standard of Natalie Diamonds is their certification. Truth be told, all of the diamonds from ND are certified and appraised by Universal Gemological Institute (UGI) situated in Kerala, India.

·      Natalie Diamonds Arbitration

Erika C is the customer who recommends never to shop with Natalie Diamonds. She had sent a valuable gemstone to be set in one of their rings. However, when she got the ring back, it was chipped. It seemed like someone was forcing the stone down the mounting. After receiving inappropriate responses, she headed for court. Through arbitration, a compensation was awarded to the customer. However, Natalie Diamonds have no followed the court decision as they have not yet paid up.

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Natalie Diamonds?

You can select your engagement rings in diamond on Natalie Diamonds based on the following varieties-

  • Round Cut
  • Princess Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Halo Cut
  • Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

You can find Wedding bands on Natalie Diamonds too. Another option to shop for engagement ring is by metal and diamond carat size.

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Natalie Diamonds

When you shop for your dream engagement ring on Natalie Diamonds, look out for the Layaway plan. Here, you just have to pay 10% down payment on any ring or diamond on ND. You can pay for your order without any interest, provided you pay within 12 months for all amounts. There are no additional charges either. You can avail it during checkout.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Natalie Diamonds is not a brick and mortar retail store. It is an online seller of diamonds and diamond rings for engagement and wedding.

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Natalie Diamonds Engagement Rings?

Whether you bought from Natalie Diamonds within U.S.A or internationally, you can get full refunds on your purchase including the shipping fee if you return the item within 45 days of receiving it. To process your return order, contact the customer service and they will help you out with the pre-paid FedEx Air Way bill via email.

Refunds will be issued to your original mode of payment.

Contact Information Of Natalie Diamonds Engagement Rings

You can contact Natalie Diamonds in a wide variety of ways as given below.

Natalie Diamonds Inc.

233 S. Federal Hwy. Suite 309

Boca Raton, FL 33432


Natalie Diamonds LTD

Antwerp Diamond Bourse

Pelikaanstraat 78

2018 Antwerpen


Does Natalie Diamonds Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, Natalie Diamonds has a jewelry education blog on their website. The different categories for learning are Loose Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Natural Gemstones, Wedding Rings and Fine Jewelry.

Natalie Diamonds Jewelry Full Review

 A unique 4th Gen diamond jewelry store run by the family, Natalie Diamonds was born as an online store in 2011. Besides making their own rings, ND offers Free laser engraving on your diamond. Every packaged wedding ring from Natalie Diamonds comes packaged in a luxurious ring box.

For every purchase you make, you will also get free Lifetime warranty that covers you against manufacturing flaws. If you doubt poor craftsmanship, send it back to Natalie Diamonds and they will do a free inspection and repair. You can also avail free rhodium plating, prong tightening and professional cleaning by sending your ring to their office address.

Every product is also accompanied by a Jewelry Appraisal including Free 45 day returns with free shipping. The only con about Natalie Diamonds is their certifying body, which is the UGI labs situated in India and not GIA.

Natalie Diamonds Jewelry Complaints

The prominent reasons customers complained about Natalie Diamonds is when they had to pay international fee (when it was not mentioned or notified earlier). The biggest disadvantages of buying from ND is their UGI certification. In addition, one of their lawsuits is still pending payments from Natalie Diamonds.

Is Natalie Diamonds Jewelry A Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

With over 27 reviews, Natalie Diamonds is a good business accredited by BBB  too. ND has also responded to the reviews on BBB. While most are positive reviews, there are a few negative reviews too on BBB against Natalie Diamonds.

One customer named Diego received a smaller diamond than he ordered, but he was compensated the difference. Another customer complained they never received the complimentary gift that was promised on their purchase. All the rest of the reviews are positive about ND.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Natalie Diamonds Final Verdict

After carefully assessing the validity of Natalie Diamonds, we have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best diamond stores online. However, if you want GIA certified diamonds and diamond jewelry, Natalie Diamonds is not a good option.

Ratings Of Engagement Ring Jewelry Natalie Diamonds

– User Friendly

The website is reported as easy to navigate and place orders by a good majority of customers.

– Variety

There is a limited variety of diamond shapes from round cut to cushion cut, princess cut and halo cut rings on ND.

– Shopping Support

There is a live shopping assistant available on Natalie Diamonds.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


You can pay via credit card, debit card, Wire Transfer or PayPal on Natalie Diamonds.


FedEx priority FREE shipping is applied on all orders bought with Natalie Diamonds.


All the packages are insured when you buy on ND.

3 Reviews

  1. Are you kidding me? Natalie Diamonds is a scam! Fake diamonds, fake gold, and a D- rating with the BBB! Who wrote this review, the owner? Lol!

    Check out Natalie Diamonds reviews on Trust Pilot and the BBB. Do not buy anything from this company unless you like overpaying for Moissanite.

    • All the bad reviews on Trust Pilot are from 2020-2021 while this article was written in 2019. At the time, Natalie Diamonds had a good reputation. And, their BBB profile of the company is frozen and the brand has gone into thin air!

      Thanks for sharing what you saw. We have updated the necessary.

  2. This company is horrific. So many people have been fleeced by these criminals. Do not promote them ever.


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