Non Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

Classic Ways to Pick the Perfect Non-Diamond Engagement Ring

A commercial campaign since two centuries ago, Diamonds is now the epitome of love, marriage or eternal romance.

A pivotal role in commercializing diamonds as wedding jewelry was attained by the celebrated diamond geezer- Debeers.  No one denies how strong Marilyn Monroe’s impact was on the diamond dominance as engagement rings, but history reveres many gemstone engagement rings like the Eternity rings or Irish Claddagh rings too.

A nontraditional way to express one’s love and commitment towards marriage, engagements rings made of gemstones are also everlasting. While shelling out a few months’ salary all at once seems the symbol of love for many today, there are countless other ways to realize one’s love and its epitome through diamond alternatives too.

Why opt for a non-Diamond Engagement Ring?

With bloody business of all conflict-free diamonds being questioned of their purity, it is sane to value humanity and opt for non-diamonds for your engagement ring. Classy and real in essence, many alternatives to diamonds such as gemstones to natural stones are ideal as the engagement rings.

Celebrated as Girl’s Best Friend since centuries, diamonds are not the only sparkle unique to symbolize love.

·         Celebrity Motif

Often known for its stance in history and trend perfect to symbolize one’s independent choices, celebrity motifs are a trendsetting engagement ring too. Using mixed jewels like precious metals and colored gemstones, these are better than customized yet unique.

Ideal examples are Titanic Heart of the Ocean, Lady Gaga’s heart-shaped pink diamond and the floral beauty famed after Nikki Reed.

·         Light on the Wallet

Affordability of the engagement ring is important to most young couples of today’s generation who propose on an impulse. Being light on the wallet or the EMI is important to be able to start a home after. In fact, you can save up the money you’d be spending on a tiny diamond and add it your future.

·         Aesthetic Appeal

The popularity of using alternatives to diamonds for engagements is also a choice. The beauty of rare Emeralds and Tanzanites are usually one’s wish from the nuptial dreams. Little beauties as they are, gemstones are ideal to stand out as an unconventional engagement ring as well.

·         Your Birthstone is a gemstone!

For people who believe in the healing and spiritual powers of precious stones always hold their birthstones close to their hearts. If your beloved’s birthstone is not a diamond, pronging the centrestone fitting her birth chart will be evergreen!

·         For a cause

Yet another important reason why non-diamonds are an ideal choice for the engagement ring because oftentimes when they stand for a mutual cause that binds you. When both the partners believe in one cause and get a specifically customized ring speaking the same, the value of it cocoons the wedding vows.

Smart Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Often known as the clever options to diamonds, engagement rings that are alternative to diamonds are financially perfect and also symbolic. Gemstones to Pearls, engagement rings are but a part of one’s dream image and should be purchased based on the same ideology than financial frames.

In addition to style, these non-diamond alternatives can also be virtuous to regard a specialty item.

·         Sapphire

Next to diamond on the Mohs scale scoring 9/10, Sapphire is impossible to be scratched. From blue to pink sapphires, the cerculean gemstone has also been a trendy engagement ring since centuries. The earliest gemstones of mankind, Sapphires are also highly durable.

Apart from royal blue, some other sought after settings to add to your lucky day are Sapphire Halos and Circa Rings. You can even club with other gemstones or diamonds to enhance the look of your rock. While Pink sapphires are known to be the favorite engagement ring rock, yellow sapphires are also hot!

·         Emerald

Slightly softer than other gemstones, Emerald on an engagement ring requires thorough care while wearing. Emerald claims 7.8 on the Mohs scale and radiates a captivating and illuminating green depending on its purity. For people who’re addicted to the color green, Emerald engagement ring is ideal. Nevertheless, Emerald requires perpetual maintenance such as oiling the gem in a vacuum chamber. Often, Emerald also requires ultrasonic treatment and steam cleaning to keep it durable.

If the same is an engagement ring, you’ll be regular at the maintenance, in addition to using it for a long time. The same will also bring down the structural integrity of the stone can crack it in the due course!

·         Claddagh Ring

The ring is made in the shape of two hands joined together at the stone-point of the ring to clasp a heart. A traditional engagement ring, Claddagh ring roots from Ireland and are also used with diamond engagement rings. The ring symbolizes the efficacy of vows and combined commitment in the marriage.

·         Amethyst

The stone known as an everlasting symbol of passionate romance, Amethyst has been the highlight of engagement ring since ages. The crystalline quartz is durable and rare. The protective stone was also believed by the Romans to provide protection from anxiety, trouble, grief, intoxication and confusions.

Claddagh rings with amethyst as the centerpiece are also highly sought after as nuptial trinkets.

·         Eternity Rings

These are simple rings sans any nucleolus rock which symbolizes the eternity of love. The ring forms a knot in the centre where two circumference gold or platinum are intertwined. The ring can be made out of gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum or even silver!

·         Moissanite

Akin to diamond in its anti-scratch ability and hardness, Moissanite has a similar sparkle too. At an affordable price, moissanite is a natural rock that is rare in occurrence. First discovered within a meteor, Moissanite symbolizes star-born, it is currently available as lab grown stones too.

Moissanite also helps to keep calm, unite chakra power and increases radiance in addition to scoring 9.5 on the Mohs scale!

·         Heirloom Gemstones

A paradigm of valuable engagements rings, heirlooms are also priceless! Before plunging onto buy an extravagant diamond engagement ring, check with your family if there is an heirloom vintage ring doing the rounds.

An Heirloom Engagement Ring also imparts a unique family value, love and meaning to the engagement ring.

·         Morganite

One of the most gorgeous engagement rings doing the rounds now, Morganite is a naturally pink stone that are even found in shades of pink! The eternal symbol of love, pink is not the only attraction of Morganite. The gemstone is a variety of Beryl and spans across shades such as blue to pink and yellow as well as a mellow violet.

With an equivalent anti-scratch ability akin to Topaz, Morganite needs to be set in a protective setting too.  Morganite is also celebrated for its power of maintaining love and passion amongst couples.

·         Garnet

A bold centre stone to opt for your engagement ring, Garnet has a hardness of 7 to 7.7 on the Mohs scale. Suitable for everyday wear and tear, Garnet is an ideal engagement ring choice owing to its affordability and variety of colors spanning from rose to green and yellow.

According to Bible, Noah used Garnet to light his ark during the Genesis Flood and Quran states that the 4th door of heaven is lit by garnet. From health to skin disorders, garnet has been used to maintain the reproductive health of the wearer too.

·         Theda Ring

Popularized by Theda Bara, the Theda Ring is an exotic engagement ring design with ruby and pink tourmaline. Consisting of five stones with a central oval stone and two stones on its either sides, the ring is usually set in white gold or platinum.

·         Ruby

One of the best non-traditional engagement rings, Ruby is the epitome of love, passion and eternity. An affordable engagement ring stone, Ruby is renowned to fire the heart with desire too. Clubbed with platinum or rose gold, Ruby is a gorgeous bauble to pride your engagement ring with.

A symbol of rarity and vigor, Ruby is known as the ‘Stone of Nobility’ and refers to peace and satiation in marriage.

·         Tanzanite

A little known non-diamond engagement ring, Tanzanite is the symbol of suave and eternal love. Signifying the unique love and passion between a couple, Tanzanite is also rarer than diamonds! A highly durable gemstone perfect for long-term wear, Tanzanite also possesses trichroism or the ability to change colors under different light.

From red to violet, blue and bourbon, Tanzanite displays various colors and imbibes wisdom, fidelity and spiritual love to its wearers. The stone also requires ultrasonic cleaning and steam washing as part of its regular maintenance too.

·         Topaz

Using Topaz as a central stone, many engagement rings are hitting the trend currently. Scoring an 8 on the Mohs scale, Topaz is not expensive, unless it’s the rare variety.  Blue Topaz is extensively used as nuptial jewelry owing to the fact that is gives a positive aura to the person wearing it. The stone reflects intelligence, serenity and true love.

·         Oregon Sunstone

Yet another perfect symbol of marriage and everlasting love, Oregon Sunstone is the sign of a signal relationship. Oregon Sunstone radiates a baby pink shade with the luster of a diamond. The stone is a labradorite feldspar with copper, varying from colors of yellow to green and pink.

Sterling Silver bands match the best with the engagement rings set in Oregon Stone and multiple facets add complexity to the gem. The spotted points of color on the gem also give it an ephemeral yet, exotic aura.

·         Tsavorite

One of the favorite engagement rings of 2016, Tsavorite is also a subset of garnet with high amounts of vanadium that gives it a strong and fresh green hue. A recent discovery, Tsavorite is stellar and outstanding in look too. It is best clubbed with platinum or silver bands when chosen for engagement rings.

Tsavorite scores 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale and is known to be durable as an engagement ring.

·         Pearl

An exquisite yet less durable natural stone to pick up as your engagement ring, pearls are not cheap when natural in origin. The biggest con of a pearl ring is that it can be preserved for a lifetime only with proper maintenance. When exposed to unfavorable chemicals, pearls can chip and wear off easily. When used for a long time, pearls absorb the skin oils of the wearer and develop a deeper luster. The same makes it remarkably unique and fit for an engagement ring.

With pearls found on heritage sites preserved for thousands of years, deterioration of pearls account to the inappropriate use of the user. The timeless look of the bauble stands for divinity and eclectic love.

·         Enhanced Diamonds

Minded from diamond mines, enhanced diamonds undergo laboratories process to remove inclusions. These are cheaper than diamonds and are also renowned as cheap diamonds owing to its prior history of having blemishes or inclusions.

These flaws are manually filled with silicones and nitrogen that may have a chance of expanding under high heat conditions. Nevertheless, another celebrated variety of clarity enhanced diamonds are treated with laser to make the filling next to invisible.


Diamonds are not cheap. Often, the man has to sacrifice the dream diamond or the stone of their dreams because it’s exuberantly priced or not a diamond. With non-diamond stones as centre pieces you make a strong statement with your engagement ring.

As many non-diamond engagement rings like the Claddagh ring or knot ring are vintage engagement ring too, jewelry aficionados will love it!

If you’ve been wondering why should you lighten your wallet to a tiny diamond sparkle than get a multi hued stone with parrot green, olive green, azure, tangerine and cherry shade of opal for your beloved, we say go for it! You can even stud diamonds around the ring, if your lady love is a diamond fanatic, but keeping a gemstone as your centerpiece of the engagement ring can also be powerful.

Many scriptures enlist the healing powers of natural stones and wearing one pertaining to your birthday is also a wise suggestion for a perfect engagement ring!

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