Outrageously Brilliant Ways To Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring

Outrageously Brilliant Ways To Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring

Replacing lost diamond in the ring can turn out to be a costly endeavor. That’s why we decided to find you Five Ways to Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring without spending a penny. Try all these steps on how to find lost diamond earring in grass or pavements like a pro. It can save you thousands, so get on it RIGHT NOW!

Read these 10 inspiring stories about people finding their lost diamonds and diamond rings. It’s an interesting infographic from Purely Diamonds.

10 Lost engagement rings and how they were found


How to Find Lost Diamonds of Your Engagement Ring?

Lost diamond out of the ring? You need the expert tricks to find lost diamonds of your engagement ring. We’ve got the quickest ways to find your precious stone. Start RIGHT AWAY!

·        Reverse Search

Most popular and traditional ways for finding diamonds lost from engagement rings is using reverse search. All you need to do is remember everywhere you walked and retrace the steps. It might seem daunting at first, but there are many people who found their lost diamonds from weddings rings by retracing their steps. So, call your friends also!

·        Attack Fluorescence

Another brilliant way to find your lost diamond ring is by being smart. Fluorescence is the light irradiated by the stone under ultraviolet light. If your stone is strongly fluorescent, blue for diamonds and Red for Ruby. So, you can switch off the lights and use a black light to scan the places for finding the diamond you lost from the diamond ring.

·        Crawl the Area

Yes, finding a lost diamond is like searching for a needle in the haystack. But you need to keep the faith because thousands of people have even found their engagement ring from lakes beneath 5 inches of sand. So, start getting on ground and search by wiping with your hands. As diamond is a sharp stone, it will pop up quicker into your periphery.

·        Greedy for Grease

For those of you who heard the diamond fall down the sink, there is no better solution than what we’re about to tell you. Diamonds are suckers for grease. So, they stick to it like glue. Hence, open up the pipes because you will most probably find it.

·        Sweep Up Everything

You can also pick up for brightest flashlight after switching off the lights to sweep. It will help you find sparkling stones wherever they are. Make sure you beam your torch into the nook and crannies too. If that doesn’t work, pick up the broom and sweep everything and check your garbage loot from the start because it is not news to find a diamond in the dirt.

How to tell if your diamond is loose in the ring?

Does your diamond keep getting loose in the setting? Are you wondering how to confirm quickly if your diamond is about to fall off the wedding ring or not, use the three following checks to secure your precious rock!

·         Fingernail Check

For diamond engagement rings with six prongs, it is best to use a long nail. All you need to do is try to move the stone gently by sticking your nail to the edges of the prongs. If the diamond does not feel loose on the nail, you’re good to go.

·         Pin Point Trick

Take a pin and put the pricking side on the highest point of the diamond. Now move it back and forth to ensure the diamond is not moving with the pin. Do it rarely because you might end up loosening the rock because of your force.

·         Close Call

You can also take the diamond ring close to your ear, then shake it. If you hear the cling and clang in the prongs, you know what to do next!

Common Settings that Lead to Loss of Diamonds from Engagement Rings

It’s not always your fault that the diamond fell out of the ring. There are many settings prong to diamond losses. If you’re about to buy an engagement ring, avoid the following settings or get a super-invincible setting!

·        Invisible

When your invisibly set diamond ring is bent, don’t delay going to the jeweler because you’re already in the Red Zone, so you might loose the rock. Pack it up and get it fixed NOW!

·        Tension Mounting

If you have a diamond wedding ring in tension mount setting with the setting out of alignment, you need to head to the jeweler too.

·        Pave, Micro Pave, French Pave

Because checking every melee diamond in a micro pave, pave or French pave takes substantial time, it is one of the commonest settings where diamonds fall out. If you love your rocks, get super strong prongs for your melees or avoid it altogether for the wedding ring!

Before you go …

Losing your diamond from the ring shouldn’t stress you out. That’s why get your ring insured specifically because it is not covered under the Homeowner’s Guarantee.

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