Remember These When Sending your Ring Via Post

Remember These When Sending your Ring Via Post

You love your engagement ring so much that you wear it all the item. But, just yesterday evening you made a dent on your ring. You know the ring needs professional cleaning and repair. The jeweler has agreed to do your repairs for an agreed-budget. He has asked you to send the ring by mail. You are worried. Is it safe? Before you stress out, check our experts advise on things to remember when sending your ring via post. Do not send your ring before you read this article!

Is it crazy to mail the engagement ring to the jeweler?

No definitely not. If your conscience is saying otherwise, surf on the millions who have successfully sent far more expensive item than jewelry via mail. When you do, all you have to remember is the limit of items. It is wise to send commodities up to $25,000 in a mail, especially US Postal Service.

Is FedEx equally good? Not according to general consensus. But, if you have sent something valuable such as an engagement ring via FedEx, share your experience below with our readers.

Are there Safe Ways to Mail your Ring?

Yes, that secret way to keep your ring safe when mailing it is by getting it insured. Even if you’re going on holiday, the ring insurance can protect you!

It is different than what your home insurance cover. This way, your ring will be replaced in case it is lost or misplaced by the insurer without any ado.

How long does it take to send jewelry via mail?

Depending on the distance and the time you’re sending, your mailed item can take up to a week for within the state. In fact, if it’s across the country, give it a handful of weeks. Send your jewelry via mail only if you have no option of dropping it at the jewelry on your own.

How to Send your Ring in Mail?

Jay Cutler sent his fiancé the big surprise via mail. If celebs trust the mail, what’s holding you back? It’s a great idea.

Sending your ring via mail is no big deal if you prepare well and take the advice of people who’ve done this before. Start scrolling to find the simplest steps to send your engagement ring through the post.  

1.    Great Packaging

The first advise you will ever hear from any jewelry pro who has seen the shipping process of jewelry is ‘Layer your ring’. We don’t mean layering the ring, but the box in which it is stored. While jewelry tends to be stored in small fitting boxes, when you’re sending rings via mail, it is best to go for a big box.  

Why? Larger boxes are hard to get lost in transfer. Wrap it in brown and use tape at the seams because that’s what the post office will tell you to do as well!

2.    Insurance is Vital

Have you gotten yourself ring insurance? The safest way to send ring through post is by getting it insured at first.

3.    SEnd as Registered First Class Mail

Do you know a type of mail that goes through the standard checks at every step of the way? Registered mail. Make your ring extra-secure by sending it via first class mail because it will be faster than the typical snail mail.

4.    Be Discreet

The marker here is- Don’t Scream Jewelry, when your package is seen by someone else. Thieves won’t try to mug big boxes and especially if it doesn’t say ‘jewelry, handle with care’! In short, disguise your package to avoid getting the ring lost in mail or post.

5.    Request Return Receipt

Getting a registered mail automatically gets you the receiver’s autograph. If the ring doesn’t turn up, you know the signature that will lead you to the robber. Upon delivery, this will give you a ping too!

6.    Drop it yourself

Another way to avoid misplacing your ring when sending it via mail by doing the dropping process on your one. Simply put, don’t use a dropping service.

7.    Record the Tracking Number

Another way to avoid the risk of actually losing the ring in transit is by saving the record of your tracking number given from the post office at the time of dropping off. Do you have it? Then, contact the customer service of the shipping service provider and all will be fine!

Before you go …

Have you notified the jeweler at the receiving end that you’re sending your jewelry via Mail? Confirming the same is important to make sure your jewelry is not lost in transit.

Good luck!

If your ring is lost in mail, please share your experience below with our readers in the comments.

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