How to Identify High quality Rose Gold for Engagement Rings?

How to Identify High quality Rose Gold for Engagement Rings?

The Romantic Epitome: Everything About Rose Gold

Set in hues of pink to red, Rose Gold is the ultimate metal that stands for love. If you are wondering whether Rose Gold is for you, you must first do an allergy patch test so that it is ensured that Rose Gold is hypoallergenic for you. If that sounded scary, the following will open your eyes on the truth about Rose Gold in-depth.

Picking your dream choice of Rose Gold Engagement Ring using thorough analysis of the pros and cons of Rose Gold will help you choose a high quality evergreen wedding ring that lasts forever.  Known as metal that cannot be used in its 100% pure form, all forms of gold contain one or more alloys that keep the metal in solid shape. Rose Gold is made by mixing gold with copper, a superlative and multi-faceted metal.

Majorly available in rose hue, there are many color variations of rose gold, making it the reigning heartthrob of engagement rings since long.

A Brief History Of Rose Gold

Simply out, pure gold is too soft to wear or even pick up. Historically, man began jewel-making since ancient times, but copper as an alloy to beautify the immortal yellow metal started just a few centuries back.

A trendsetting new trinket in the wedding and jewelry industry today, most jewelry enthusiasts believe that Rose Gold is a new discovery. Nevertheless, the fact is that Rose Gold was first used as jewelry oddly 200 years ago in Russia. History also reveals that since the early 1800s, Russia was a leading jeweler with rose gold as its trademark trinket. The jewelry had mushroom popularity all over the country with minor gaps in between, but until date, it is popular as the Russian Gold.

The rosy hue of rose gold is derived from the copper added in it. While White Gold and Yellow Gold adds aluminum and nickel in it, Rose Gold uses copper, zinc or silver as its exclusive alloys. When the popularity of Russian Gold died in the 19th century, the production was sporadic. However, within a few decades Russian Gold was off the market for almost a whole century when platinum boomed as a jewel. In the early 1900s, Rose Gold regained popularity during the World Wars when platinum was banned to be used for any purpose other than military.

What we know as of Rose Gold during the 1930s to the 60s is considered the vintage or retro rose gold, today. This retro look has undergone a serious makeover and 21st century Rose Gold is stunning!

What is Rose Gold?

Commonly known as Rose Gold owing to its pinkish shade, Rose Gold is the best affordable, durable and sweetest looking jewelry. Popularly known as pink or red gold, rose gold is made by mixing gold with the alloy copper or silver. The pinkish to red shade that you notice in this gold owes it to color of the alloy. In fact, rose gold is made by creating an alloy base (copper/ zinc/ silver) base on which thin layers of rose gold is applied.

While white gold is nothing but rhodium coated yellow gold, this tarnishes in a short time as well. With Rose Gold, you don’t need to worry about your jewelry getting chipped or wearing off the rhodium at the wrong time, because the shine of Rose Gold is eternal. Under the rose gold jewelry, there are a variety of colors inclusive of pink, rose and crimson. Depending on the increased rate of copper in the jewelry, the metal will be redder.

Perfect to go along with any setting, color, attire or personality, Rose Gold is perfect to add the neo personal touch to your nuptial jewelry. The truth is Rose Gold is one of the few ornamental metals that are not naturally occurring. Sometimes, the composition of copper is not the sole deciding factor of Rose Gold’s color, but other elements such as zinc and silver.

Types of Rose Gold

Gold has but one natural color, that is, yellow. One Rose Gold Bar is made from Three Yellow Gold Bars and One Copper Bar.  Ranging from 40%- 75% of Gold content, Rose Gold differs based on its karat.

To measure the purity of precious metals like gold, karat is used. While each karat is 4.16% Gold, pure gold is 24 karat and Rose Gold is 12 karat to 22 karat, with 18k as the most used. The highest Gold percentile in rose gold is in the 22k Rose Gold, also known as crown gold.

There are four main categories of Rose Gold and to see how each differs from another, read on.

  • 18 Karat: This Rose Gold consists of 75% Gold and 25% of one or more alloys like Copper, Zinc and Silver.
  • Red Gold- Made with 75% of Gold and 25% Copper; the larger composition of Copper makes the gold red.
  • Rose Gold- Made with 75% Gold, 22.25% Copper and 2.75% Silver; the addition of silver to the gold and copper creates the rose or mild red color in the metal.
  • Pink Gold- Made with 75% Gold, 20% Copper and 5% Silver; the increased quantity of silver in the gold and silver dilutes the red and yellow to give a pink hue.
  • 14 Karat: A recommended Rose Gold jewelry is the appealing color and karat of 14k rose gold. Made with 58.3% gold and remnant alloys, 14 karat rose gold has a characteristic shade to it. The alloys added can be copper, zinc or silver and the possible shades are of mild red to pink.
  • 12 Karat: Made with equal amounts of Gold and Copper, literally 50% Yellow Gold and 50% Copper, 12 Karat Rose Gold can be different colors dependent on the rate of copper or silver in it. This Rose Gold has 1/20 Gold and as the jewelry is not plated with other metals, the shine is everlasting too.
  • 10 Karat: Made with 41.6% of yellow gold and 58.3% of alloys, 10k rose gold is a strong metal, but with a strange color. The alloys used to make this rose gold are zinc, silver or copper and the colors range from copper red to baby pink. This is the legal karat limit for gold in the U.S and 10k rose gold has a slightly higher chance of faded color due to the high content of silver in it. The jewelry is considered long-lasting owing to its high composition of strong alloys.
  • 9 Karat: Also called the 9c, 9 karat rose gold is illegal in the United States. Made from 37.5% gold, this Rose Gold uses zinc, silver and copper as its alloys. Depending on the highest alloy, the shade of the rose gold also differs from dark red to pale pink.

If you’re strict about wanting a superior grade of gold in your wedding ring, Crown gold is perfect for you! The highest cartage of rose gold comprises of 91.66% gold and 8.34% alloys. The best way to know the real value and composition of a rose gold ring is by appraising or certifying it with a reputable lab like AGS, EGL, GIA or IGI. Make sure to avoid the fraudulent Rose Gold Plated jewelry that can easily deceive your sense of colors of rose gold and rob your money.

Benefits of using Rose Gold

Apart from the fact the Rose Gold is the most affordable type of gold with a null maintenance fee as well as hassles, Rose Gold promises its users a wide array of long term benefits too. Used widely as jewelry for both sexes- Rose Gold first hit the stardom via Cartier Trinity Rings, popularized by Jean Cocteau. Russian Wedding rings have a hallmark tradition of using white, rose and yellow gold.

The infamous accent metal of Rose Gold is a sought after jewelry because it fits with most complexions as well as color choices.

  • Purity of Rose Gold

De facto, Rose Gold is real gold. As no one uses the soft pure gold for ornamental purposes, the mixing of strong alloys such as copper, zinc and silver renders the jewelry strong and good for daily wear, and befitting for an engagement ring.

Tenfold better than nickel or palladium, copper is an expensive metal that keeps the purity of the gold intact and makes it more malleable.

  • Durable

Known as the best durable gold than white or yellow, Rose gold is known to have a strong anti scratch rating amongst all types of gold. In detail, 18K Rose Gold has 160-195 as its HV while yellow gold has just 155 HV. An important fact to remember is that lower the karat of Rose gold, lesser its resistance to scratches will be.

The metal that is the epitome of romance is strong depending on the alloys used in it. Depending on the alloys, tarnishing rate of the rose gold is also varied.

  • Ideal all complexions

Being set in the soft shade of pink to red, it is easy to find your dream rose gold ring that also fits with any skin tone. Rose Gold not only compliments the skin tone, but also brightens it by giving it a mix of retro and neo look.

For people who suffer from a change in skin tone throughout the year, Rose Gold is Perfect! Another reason to get you the epic rose gold engagement ring is because this is the only metal in the red color.

Demerits of Using Rose Gold

Remember that it is impossible to tell what type of gold karat a rose gold wedding band is made from based on the ring’s color because the weight is not the proof of the percentile of gold as well as alloys in the final metal.

However, these are not the lone cons of Rose Gold. Some others are,

  • Allergies

The biggest reason why Rose Gold is kept off the mainstream jewelry shelves is because Rose Gold has a long record of allergies on its history. Being an alloy of gold, it is possible for the wearer to develop allergic reactions, provided that he or she is allergic to Copper, Silver or Zinc used in the same.

As yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic metal, you must first recognize what you’re allergic too, and then choose a rose gold type based on the hypoallergenic alloy. Most recorded allergies are against copper in the jewelry industry and hence, this is as strong point why Rose Gold has fewer fans than other precious metals.

  • Softer than Platinum

Being side tracked in the past due to platinum, even now, Rose gold is facing competition due to its inferior strength. Science dictates that Rose Gold has a softer composition than Platinum and hence is prone to damages more than platinum too.

  • Costlier than Palladium

Being called an affordable metal for ages, Rose Gold should not be confused as the cheap gold. In fact, a big con of Rose Gold is its price of being costlier than other affordable jewelry metals such as palladium. This owes to the fact that Rose Gold consists of alloys like Copper and Silver, which is higher in price than palladium.

Make sure to conduct an allergy patch test on the Rose Gold jewelry you wish to buy, at the time of purchase to avoid distressing allergies in the future. In addition, consult your jeweler and comprehend what the jewelry is made of, prior to buy.

Tips to Make the best out of Rose Gold

Unlike other precious metals like yellow gold or platinum, Rose Gold care is not an easy cake. These require care a notch above your other jewelries because it is unique. However, the high durability feature of rose gold makes the jewelry care an effortless routine as well.

If you choose one of the exclusive romantic jewelry- Rose Gold diamond as your engagement ring, the following will help you flaunt the best out of your dream jewelry on your dream day.

  • Rose Gold care

You need a bowl, warm water, cloth, salt, baking soda, dish soap and aluminum foil to clean and care for your Rose Gold. With your rose gold dipped in 7 to 8 oz of warm water mixed with one tea spoon of Baking soda, Salt and Dish Soap for ten minutes, begin softly cleaning the jewelry. Afterwards, pat dry the same with the dry cloth after. It is good to line the bowl with an aluminum foil with for better handling of the cleaning.

  • Rose Gold Is Gorgeous Independently as well as with other precious metals

Just like the vintage Russian nuptial tradition was proved a bestseller worldwide through Cartier Trinity rings, Rose Gold is a perfect element to blend or highlight on its own.  The unique hue and mesmerizing designs possible with the gold alloy called Rose Gold makes the jewelry striking as well.

  • When not to wear Rose Gold

If you intend to wear the Rose Gold jewelry for a long time, make sure to avoid wearing it to exercise sessions as well as sleep. This is because sweating while wearing the rose gold can fade its luster slightly. Avoid it in conditions where the pH is too acidic or basic as well as during cooking, cleaning, gardening or power tool activities.

Depending on the rate of copper used in the rose gold, the crimson shade thickens. While high karat rose gold boasts high percentile of gold, lower gold percentile mellows the red and creates a striking pink.

How to Identify High quality Rose Gold for Engagement Rings

In addition to storing your Rose Gold like a pro in dark places, if you’re dreaming about owning Rose Gold jewelry, you must know how to recognize pure or high quality rose gold for your engagement.

How to tell if your rose gold is not just copper?

Copper is a dark red element while gold is bright yellow. While the hue of Rose gold is dependent on the weight of the gold as well as copper, an easy way to observe the amount of copper is with the color of the jewelry. High quality rose gold has a higher tint of pink while copper will be dark red. For an 18k Rose gold ring to be deep red, it should have higher copper than 25% and hence, the same will be a fake.

How to tell if rose gold is real

The best way to determine the authenticity of your rose gold is by checking the hallmark. The weight or karat weight of the Rose Gold will be engraved on the ring and this will help you determine the gold in it.

In addition, doing the magnet test on your jewelry will tell you if the metal is a fake or not. This is because gold does not have magnetic properties and hence does not get attracted. Furthermore, if you notice any odd colors on the metal which is different to the original color, your jewelry must be merely plated with a cheap element and hence a fake!

Our Final Conclusion

Rose gold is a beautiful and romantic metal and perfect for nuptials, as history as well as statistics prove. The most important thing to remember when buying Rose Gold is to do the tests to check its purity by appraising it.

Unlike the color change of the statue of Liberty, from copper to the blue patina, rose gold cannot develop a patina, because if it does, then your rose gold is majorly just copper!
A trend that can never be a fashion disaster, Rose Gold is the symbol of being unique as well as romantic today. The startling vintage look of Rose Gold can be uplifted using different colored or even fluorescent diamonds!

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