RRP Diamonds Review

RRP Diamonds Review


Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Diamond On RRP Diamonds Jewelry?

A supplier and retailer, RRP diamonds is not like the diamonds sellers you see usually. They are credible and reputable with a long line of history. Here are the reasons or pros of RRP diamonds to buy diamond for engagement rings.

·      Half a Century of Experience

Established in the mid-20th century, RRP Diamonds is a supplier of high quality natural diamonds.  From their reviews on Google+, you can note how widespread their clientele is. RRP diamonds boasts multiple generations of diamond sales and accountability.

·      100% Refunds and Easy Returns

In case you don’t like a loose diamond you purchased from RRP Diamonds, you can return it for 100% refunds. Make sure you contact the customer service at RRP Diamonds to get immediate help.

·      Price Matching Option

Like any reputable jeweler, RRP Diamonds also offer price match where you can show proof of the same diamond sold for lower rates by other jewelry to get your diamond for the same lower price. RRP will match the lower price, provided they are the same characteristics, grade, clarity and certification.

·      GIA, IGI, HRD Diamond Certificates

When you purchase from RRP Diamonds, you have a wide variety of diamond certification and laboratories to choose from. Depending on the diamond you choose, RRP Diamonds offer GIA, IGI or HRD diamond certifications. If you’re looking for GIA, sift through the list.

·      40% Lesser Price Than Retail Stores

The prices for diamonds on RRP diamonds are immensely cheaper as they are sold at a wholesale rate than a retail rate. RRP diamonds can give you a better deal because they are online store. In short, you don’t have to pay for store costs, overhead costs or inventory costs. It is diamond from the mine to your door!

Moreover, you can save the maximum money by getting rough diamonds than polished diamonds as well.

·      Flawless Reputation and Reviews

You can go through all the reviews of RRP Diamonds up to a year ago on their official Google+ profile. It will show you how good their customers rate RRP Diamonds. When you’re buying with RRP diamonds, you can expect a superlative standard of service.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond On RRP Diamonds?

Now that we have crossed the pros of buying from RRP diamonds, what are the cons of RRP Diamonds and buying loose diamonds from them? Let’s find out all the disadvantages of shopping from RRP diamonds.

·      Refund Not Allowed on Special Order Diamond and Custom Options

If you’re trying to return a custom or engraved diamond, it will not be processed just like any other diamond seller online. Custom pieces are not covered under the refunds and returns policy.

·      Cannot Buy, Only Inquire

As we were trying to add things to the cart, we realized RRP Diamonds does not have a cart option. Instead of ‘adding to cart’, you can click on ‘Inquire Us’, where a dialogue box pops up asking for your personal details of contact. However, that’s because RRP Diamonds is a wholesaler who creates custom quotes based on your requirements. All you have to do is describe your items and talk with their customer care to process the order immediately.

·      Minimum for FREE Shipping is $10,000 USD

Although RRP Diamonds advertise FREE Shipping banner on their home page, their minimum shipping price for FREE Shipping is $10,000 USD. This is not ideal for a retail customer, but excellent for a wholesale buyer such as diamond brand.

Simply put, pay $80 for orders below or equal to $4,500 and $200 for orders above $4,500 when shopping from U.S.A. For other countries, $80 for order of $1000 or $200 for above $1000 orders.

What Varieties of Engagement Diamonds Are Offered On RRP Diamonds?

Unlike most diamond sellers online, RRP diamond shows a technical selection of diamonds. It is not just divided by the shape of the diamonds, but its size and polish too.  While browsing, you can filter your options by size in mm, carats, purity, color and price of the diamond.

·      Melee Diamonds

Tiny diamonds often used for sidestones are called melee diamonds.

·      Color Diamonds

This is a collection of varied colored diamonds such as pink, yellow and black diamonds that is Coming Soon on RRP Diamonds.

·      Rough Diamonds

You can also select your parcel of rough diamonds on RRP Diamonds store online. Filter by price and newness of the product addition to the store.

Financing Options for Diamonds on On RRP Diamonds

You can only inquire about the product, not buy them directly. Added with that, we couldn’t find any financing plans or credit options to pay later for your purchases from RRP Diamonds.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

RRP diamonds is an online retailer. They sell diamonds to retailers and wholesalers or jewelries as well as customers.

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of RRP Diamonds?

RRP Diamonds have a clear returns and refunds policy. You can return any diamond bought on the website, including black diamonds unless it is a custom piece.

  • You can return the item you bought from RRP diamonds within 30 days of purchase.
  • Please attach the original invoice, certificate and box you received the item with.
  • If you do not attach the certificate, $50 will be fined and used for replacement.
  • The original buyer is allowed to return the item for 100% returns.
  • All refunds are made via PayPal within 21 days of processing.
  • If you alter or modify the diamond, RRP diamonds can void the returns policy on your item.

Contact Information of RRP Diamonds

You can contact RRP diamonds in many ways. Listed are the basic few. Alternatively, browse the social media profile of RRP diamonds to directly get in touch with them online. We found that they respond to messages and live chat instantly as well as Facebook Chat. For emails, they take just a few hours to get back to you.

  • Official Website of RRP Diamonds: https://rrpdiamonds.com
  • Phone: +919133717972 (India), +393288152929 (Italy)
  • Address: RRP Diamond, 301, Ashok chamber, Moti-Bazaar, Mahidhar Pura,, Near Bhagal, Surat, Gujarat, India
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat Option with Hitesh Dobariya
  • Contact Form

Does RRP Diamonds Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes. RRP Diamonds has an attractive and well-written jewelry education blog.  In fact, RRP Diamonds has a blog and a Diamond Education page too. While the blog details how to wear, buy, use, store and keep a diamond, the diamond education page elaborates on how to choose one.

RRP Diamonds Jewelry Full Review

With a record of polishing over 5000 carats of natural diamonds into 75000 diamonds every month in the Diamond City of India, RRP Diamonds is a unique seller. RRP stands for Rameshbhai Ravjibhai Patel’s. Founded in 1964, RRP is headed by Mr. Ramesh Bhai Dobariya currently.

Began as a wholesale supplier to high quality natural diamonds, RRP Diamonds is a wholesale suppliers of diamonds. From rough diamonds to melee diamonds, they have every stone for making jewelry. Established in 1981 as RRP Diamonds, the wholesale supplier turned into e-commerce shop, created on 2016 September 27 under the Registrant Name Prashant Borda.

Crunchbase founding date of the company is May 27, 1990, registered in Asia Pacific. The website displays a wide variety of diamonds such as melee diamonds, rough diamonds and color diamonds. You will find it almost half the price of retail priced diamonds. With 30-day 100% return policy, this is one of the best affordable diamond sellers online. They sell conflict-free natural diamonds ONLY. Situated in the Diamond City- Surat in India, RRP Diamonds is a credible and trustworthy diamond seller.

RRP Diamonds Jewelry Complaints

After reviewing the reputation and dealing of RRP diamonds over the web for over a week, we did not come across a single diminishing or negative comment about their company. We are glad to recommend RRP Diamonds.

Is RRP Diamonds Jewelry a Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

No, definitely not. RRP Diamonds is one of the stellar diamond sellers online with a flawless track record. As they are situated in India and BBB does not assess businesses outside North America, RRP Diamonds is not accredited by Better Business Bureau.

Diamonds On RRP Diamonds Final Verdict

After digging, analyzing and researching for over a week, we have come to conclusion that RRP Diamonds is a dream seller for the customers. If you’re looking for that perfect diamond for your engagement ring, wedding ring or even other bridal jewelry, buy diamonds in bulk at 40% lesser than the retail price directly from the wholesale diamond supplier! Isn’t that the best deal ever? Jump on it!

Ratings Of Engagement Diamond RRP Diamonds

– User Friendly

We love the simplicity and clarity of the official website of RRP Diamonds. It is easy to navigate and simple for browsing, whatever age you may be.

– Variety

Unlike retail diamond sellers, there are three types of diamonds you can select from on RRP Diamonds- melee diamonds, color diamonds and rough diamonds.

– Shopping Support

You will find an amazing live shopping assistant on the website. Named Hitesh, this person will help you find assistance for the selection of loose diamonds for your engagement ring.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


Payments are done via

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Wire Transfer

You can also pay using TransferWise, Western Union, Payoneer or Small World Financial Services when you’re shopping on RRP Diamonds.


Your order is shipped on RRP Diamonds via VAMASHIP, BVC.


All the packages are insured (VAMASHIP shipments).

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  1. Mr. Hitesh is very helpful to guide me on choosing the right melee diamonds for my engagement ring. he is the best supplier of melee diamonds.


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