Why shouldn’t you buy your diamond engagement ring on Shane Co?

When my cousin brother asked to go with him for diamond shopping to ShaneCo, I was excited. However, the entire experience was so horrendous; I managed to convince my cousin Tim it was not worth it. Both of us browsed reviews of Shaneco while waiting in their Seattle shop. That’s when he said; you have to write about this jeweler. ‘They’ve been scamming gazillions since like a hundred years”, he said. So, I decided to run our usual check and write a detailed review about Shane Co. We suggest you read and find out for yourself before making a big mistake. Watch out!

  • Pathetic Store Experience

The store representatives at ShaneCo are pushy about making a sale. Unfortunately, they also vouch to customers that diamond certifications are for the birds.

  • Wrong Certification

If you think you’re looking at an item with GIA certification on ShaneCo, you need to check twice, preferably with a person who works at the jewelry. Often, they provide ShaneCo independent licenses than GIA.

  • Poor Clarity

The diamonds checked by ShaneCo are often of lower quality than that of the GIA. Hence, it is best to re-appraise the stones from ShaneCo for an accurate market value it has.

  • Lack of Professionalism

ShaneCo staff tried to coax us into buying their favorite items.

  • Exorbitant Prices

There is a wide gap between the prices on ShaneCo than anywhere else. For example, a princess cut diamond of S1 clarity with D color on the Blue Nile is $1,500 while ShaneCo sells it for $1,770. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, ShaneCo’s Marquise cut diamond of 0.70 ct with D color and SI1 clarity (certified by ShaneCo) is $2,500, while Blue Nile’s Marquise cut of same clarity, color, cut and carat is $1,700.

  • Insane Warranty

ShaneCo gives a lot of extra goodies with your buy, but it doesn’t mean it comes without a catch. You need to mail or take your jewelry for maintenance to ShaneCo every six months to keep your warranty valid!

Why should you buy your diamond engagement ring, watch and jewelry on Shane Co Jewelry?


ShaneCo is an old jeweler that has survived wars and a handful of generations of hierarchy. It was established roughly 90 years ago and has a long line of credibility to its name. If you’re looking for a stable jeweler who will be there when you’re fighting for a return, ShaneCo is good.

Free 2 Day ShIpping

Added with the exorbitant prices, free-shipping is a blessing if you loved any special diamond engagement ring on their official website. However, it is only for U.S residents!

If you Find Something Great

Another reason to research and buy a bauble from ShaneCo is you love any of their designs. As the company gets its orders fulfilled from countries across the world from Antwerp to Mumbai, finding new and distinct styles are easy.

TagLine or Slogan of Diamond Engagement Ring Jewelry on Shane Co

This is the motto of ShaneCo, “Your Friend in the Jewelry Business.”

What varieties of engagement diamond jewelry are offered on

A huge variety of engagement rings in diamond is available on ShaneCo. Yet, most users including me find the designs fairly similar and mediocre. However, if you’re looking for classics, you can see more than 2640 ring designs. To make it more transparent, here are the records we checked on the official ShaneCo website.

How big is the Shane Co Wedding Band collection?

Besides engagement rings, ShaneCo also provides a wide variety of wedding bands for men and women. In total, there are 1,667 wedding rings to wear with an engagement ring.

Quality of the Photos of Engagement Rings on Shane Co

Photos of jewelry on Shanco are excellent. Although the zoom is useless, it has an 1800 video of the stone under normal lights for your further review. You can check it right here.  We suggest you get a real feel about the diamond ring you’re planning to buy on ShaneCo before you actually do it.

Financing Options for Engagement Rings on Shane Co

There is an exclusive way to match the prices on rings on ShanCo with your wallet. You can get a ShaneCo credit card that you can use to repay the amount loaned without interested if you do so within six months.  Rates increase by 9.99% to 12.99% APR with monthly payments.

What is the price range available for Engagement Rings on Shane Co?

While you can find the most popular styles of engagement ring designs at the quote of $ 300- $6,820 for setting alone, the pre-built ring rates are slightly higher. You can find ready-made engagement rings on ShaneCo for $1200 to $7,200. Make sure you select the wedding bands. They are available at prices $200 to $4,995.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

ShaneCo is a retailer as well as an online jewelry seller. It started as a brick and mortar shop in 1929 while it has grown to 10+ stores across the country in addition to worldwide fame. You can even buy diamond engagement rings on ShaneCo and pick it up at a store nearest to you!

Diamond Source of Shane Co Engagement Rings

ShaneCo has the unique advantage of cutting the middleman and buying diamond engagement rings on their own. Their favorite sources are Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Antwerp, and Bangkok.

What are the Refund and Returns Policy of Shane Co Engagement Rings?

ShaneCo offers a promising returns policy. If you’re dissatisfied with the engagement ring you bought on Shane Company, just return it to the direct mail address of the company with insurance. Your window to return the item is 60 days. Always ensure that it is not worked on by a third party jeweler to avoid voiding the warranty on your ShaneCo ring.

Warranty Options Provided on Shane Co Engagement Rings

When you’re buying your diamond engagement ring from ShaneCo, you get a lifetime free warranty to count on. You get

  • Free Resizing
  • Free Inspection
  • Free Maintenance
  • Free Cleaning
  • Free Polishing
  • Free Lost Stone Replacement

However, your warranty will be void if you return

  • Abused/ Lost/ Stolen jewelry
  • Stainless steel jewelry
  • Cobalt/ Titanium/ Zirconium/ Meteorite/ Damascus Steel
  • If you haven’t cleaned or brought the jewel for inspection every six months.

If you can’t go to the store, you can also insure and ship the item where ShaneCo will pay return shipping charges.

Contact Information of Shane Co Engagement Rings

You can get in touch directly with ShaneCo via

  • Phone: (866) 467-4263
  • Mail: Headquarters of ShaneCo, PO Box 3552, Englewood, CO 80155-3552
  • Email Request Form: Click HERE!
  • Twitter: @ShaneCompany
  • Facebook:

Does Shane Co have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Of course, yes. ShaneCo offers a vast blog listing almost all the information you need before buying a diamond engagement ring. Popular sections on the ShaneCo jewelry website are Diamonds 101Pearl 101Colored Gems 101Metals 101 and Product Guide 101.

Founder and Founding Date of Shane Co Jewelry

Although Tom Shane established the name Shane Co, it was his grandfather, Charles Shane who started the first company as early as 1929. It was the first set up in Cleveland in Ohio. The iconic year also marks the start of the Great Depression.  Since Charles, Richard, and Rordan, the next generations have joined in addition to Tom.

Shane Co Jewelry Full Review

One of the family-owned jeweler in the U.S.A, shaneco proudly sells jewelry with a tradition. The common designs use gemstones and diamonds on ShaneCo. As most of the jewelry looks ordinary, it is hard to pick the perfect sparkle. The jewelry was started in 1929 and has a survived almost a year through wars and famines, countless.

Moreover, through time, it has stepped down in clarity. Two labs GIA and ShaneCo labs certify the loose stones on ShaneCo. However, the accuracy of their private lab is questionable too. Added with exorbitant prices, the company is a premium place to buy diamond engagement rings. Although, I must say, ShaneCo offers a range of freebies when you finally buy with them. From free resizing and maintenance or cleaning for life, ShaneCo provides free shipping for all U.S orders, regardless of the amount. It has covered almost four generations and is still thriving with at least 4000 jewelry pieces exclusively for bridal wear on the site at present. You can buy the ring online or pick it up at a store directly after inspecting it. Besides the lifetime warranty, shaneco offers amazing trade-up options in case you want to exchange the diamond for a better one in the near future. It comes with a better price tag too! However, we found one too many complaints about the company and would like to remind you to be alert when buying from ShaneCo.

Shane Co Jewelry Complaints

If you type the same thing in google, you might just get a shock. There are scores of reviews that report the poor services received by ShaneCo, so we’re not alone. We have seen noticeable uproar against ShaneCo jewelry products on Diamonds ProComplaints Board, and RipOff Reports although the company sees 3.5 to 4.5 ratings on its different branches on Yelp. Wedding bee has many positive reviews about the company, showing the shopping experience differs from store to store.


To quote a valid review, BBB gives the company almost three stars with an A+ grading score. There is one complaint against the jeweler that is addressed but unresolved due to the void of warranty.

Engagement Ring Jewelry on Shane Co Final Verdict

We find ShaneCo credible, yet recommend you thoroughly inspect the jewelry you buy from this store. It is best to be safe than sorry, so just get a second opinion when you’re investing in your favorite engagement ring you found on ShaneCo.

Ratings of Engagement Ring Jewelry ShaneCo

– User-friendly

I found that the ShaneCo website has a slow navigation time to load the pages. Moreover, it is not so easy to find or browse your stones. Although, color theme of the website is an appealing and classic mix of red and black.

– Variety

As aforementioned, there are 2000+ engagement rings in addition to 1600+ wedding bands on ShaneCo.

– Shopping support

There is no live chat feature. However, the ShaneCo website offers a pop-up chat that opens to an email request form where you have to enter your name, email, and phone in addition to the query. When we raised a query, it took three business days for us to get a response back from Shane Co.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance

  • Payment

You can buy diamond engagement rings and jewelry on ShaneCo by using Free Layaway Plan, Paypal or ShaneCo Credit Card.

  • Shipping

In addition to Free 2-day shipping for all products via Fed Ex, you also receive a gift box with your item. Although, my delivery date is showing four business days from the date of ordering the product.

  • Insurance

ShaneCo has an amazing buyout where you will receive the amount you paid in case you want to upgrade your diamond stone! Disclaimer: Everything written above is checked and researched until the date of publishing. Please use the keywords to search more about the jewelry before you move on. Our comments

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