Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time?

Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time?

The engagement ring is not just a style. It’s Holy. I’ve wondered so many times after my hussy proposed if I should wear the diamond engagement ring all the time. That’s why I’ll share all the pros and cons of wearing an engagement ring all the time. TO WEAR or TO NOT WEAR? Check it out!

I just got engaged. Should I wear the Diamond Engagement Ring all the time?

No way because if I did, it wouldn’t look half as good as it is. I skim through cosmetics and hair products every day. On top of it, I prefer to wash dishes without gloves due to my sensitivity issue in the palm. So, wearing the engagement ring every second of every day sounds ridiculous to me. You need to take care of it than keep gloating about it 24/7, else there’d be nothing to dazzle tomorrow.

Is it Okay to wear Diamond Engagement Ring all the time?

A good majority of women never take off their engagement ring. If you’re thinking along the same lines, a snag-free ring on plain bands or sans prongs is the way to go. However, if you are engaged with harsh chemicals and negligent care, the metal and diamonds will lose its luster.

Get an Insurance, if you’re planning to wear the diamond ring all the time.

When to wear the diamond engagement ring?

The right time to wear your engagement ring is up until marriage. But, what after that? Do new brides wear their wedding rings all the time? The answer is not a clear-cut yes or no. While you may want to wear your shimmering bauble all the time, many keep it safe when working with chemicals or water to preserve the beauty of the jewelry.

It is best to wear your diamond engagement ring when you’re not doing anything to do with heat, ice, vapor or chemicals. Gold and platinum are inert to air, but not to force. Moreover, stains and even water spots dry and damage the sparkle of the precious metal surface.

How often should I clean my diamond engagement ring?

If you’re wearing the engagement ring all the time, it is best to clean it once in 1-2 weeks. Regular use exposes your ring to dirt, grime, and pollutants. As you cannot use the facewash to clean the ring, it is best to go with a cotton swab with denatured alcohol or vodka.

When not to wear the diamond engagement ring?

Your engagement ring is the epitome of your love. You love it so much, you wouldn’t stand anything hurting it. You know what else could get hurt when you wear the wedding ring all the time? DIAMONDS!

Find out the DANGER ZONES you’re not supposed to wear your diamond engagement ring.

1.       Sleeping

When you’ve dozed off, you’re not conscious. If you sleep in the same bed as your partner or kids, you’re bound to injure the other with the prongs. You might even snag the prongs of the ring on the bedsheets.

2.       Swimming

The chlorine in pools is damaging to metals. It leads to tarnishing and kills the natural glow of silver, gold and platinum rings.

3.       Showering

Besides water exposure, the hard water or minerals in the shower or bathtub can damage metals as well as the diamond in the long run. Remove it before you go in!

4.       Exercising

Be it the gym or personal skipping rope, it is best to take off the wedding ring before you begin sweating. Besides the physical soak in sweat, there are higher chances of the metal thudding against surfaces that dent it.

5.       Washing

If you have a habit of washing dishes barehanded, you must keep the ring off. The dishwashing soap is harsh enough to tarnish your ring. Most gloves end up damaging the ring than the other way, too.

6.       Cooking

Heat and reactions in the cooking pot can be seen on the wedding ring if you’re a newbie. As a result, your precious wedding ring looks dull sooner than later.

7.       Makeup

Another threat to your engagement ring is the harsh chemicals in your makeup routine. From toner to foundation and lipstick, it’s all a concoction of chemicals. Put the ring on after you apply makeup.

What are your thoughts on keeping the engagement ring in a safe place?

If you’re wondering what to do with the diamond wedding ring when you are not wearing it, I’ve got three finest ideas for YOU!

·         Keep a jewelry box for safekeeping the wedding ring

Whenever you need to take off the ring, take it off and place it inside the jewelry box.

·         Silk bag to keep engagement ring when you’re not wearing it

Another compact way to store jewelry is in a silken red bag. Ask a jeweler if you don’t have it.

·         Clasp the diamond ring inside your chain or bracelet

You can also open the necklace or pendant chain on your neck and put the ring inside the clasp to turn into a locket instantly! It will be safe and ready to use right when you’re done.

Before you go …

Experts know the right answer to whether you should wear the diamond engagement ring all the time. They’ve spoken and I’ve combined the facts with my experience. How often do you wear your ring? Tell us in the comments below.

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