Smartest Strategic Steps Negotiate your Diamond Purchase Online and Offline

Smartest Strategic Steps Negotiate your Diamond Purchase Online and Offline

Diamond vendors have endless strategies to make you cave on the price they want you to buy the diamonds. They might try to upsell by convincing your partner how pretty the stone is. To evade their tricks while applying your strategies is not easy. That’s why you must listen to our experts on how to negotiate the diamond purchase, both online and offline.

8 Simple Steps to Negotiate Diamond Purchase Online + Offline

Diamonds cost a lot. So, if you can negotiate a few hundred dollars down the bill, you’re in for a treat, right? Try your chances with our expert advice to negotiate diamond purchase online or offline.

Is it possible to negotiate diamond prices online? How do people save money on diamond purchase offline? Why do smart people negotiate diamond prices? Are there strategies to negotiate when you buy diamonds online? Get all your questions answered now!

1.      Research Learn About diamonds

When you walk into a diamond shop, the executives are all-ready to show you the stones. But, are you ready to buy the stones? If you are, you must know the type of stone you want and what makes it different from another.

That’s why it is important to research and be prepared about your diamonds when you’re trying to buy it. Go online, find diamond forums and websites like to find verifiable and genuine reviews on diamond sellers offline and online.

2.      Set Budget and Commit to it

The next most important strategy that will help you win your dream diamond at the least price is your budget. Tell the sales guy right away the budget you have. Say a few hundred dollars below your budget. This will help the sales guy show you pricey diamonds with discounts even without asking. They might show you pricier options, but as you’ve claimed your budget, you will always have the privilege of staying within your budget and getting the real deal!

3.      Ask for Certifications

Diamonds without certificates are 100% fishy. Even if they turn out to be the real deal, how can you be sure of their origin? That’s why, you must always get diamonds with worldwide recognition, licenses or certificates such as GIA, AGS, HRD, GCAL, IGS or AGL. Also, remember that every diamond certification is not of high quality as the equipment and consistency of the laboratories differ. It is always best to get your diamond appraised independently after buying too.

4.      Inquire about Price Matching

Most diamond sellers online and offline provide price matching options that you can avail for getting the best deal on the rock you choose. To do so, you must be able to identify the stone and its per carat prices from other diamond sellers online or offline. If you do, you can vouch effectively and confidently at the shop when buying the diamond.

5.      Request Free Goodies

From ornate box to free maintenance for engagement rings for a lifetime, jewelers offer many attractive freebies. Some of the freebies you can drop in when negotiating your diamond purchase are free cleaning, appraisal, resizing, maintenance and inspection. It can protect your diamond purchase in the future too and it’s not too much to ask!

6.      Quote Average Prices

You must not pick up the biggest rock in the jewelry and say you’re ready to give $1000 at max. You might get thrown out for merely insulting their diamond. So, get real and make your quotes realistic. It is good to pull down a few hundred dollars, but not thousands.

7.      Call the Manager for the Best Price

When you’re in a rut with the guy selling you the diamond at the offline or online diamond store, the last resort is to ask for the manager. They will call the manager with your request and you will always get a lower fee on the jewelry. This is the smartest trick to negotiate when buying diamonds from anywhere in the world.

8.      Walk Away because Walking Back is Easier

If nothing works, and you can’t forget that diamond is to go back home and do your research. Is it a viable buy? Can I ask for an appraisal before buying the rock? How can I get some discounts?  Are there other diamond sellers selling the same rock for a lower price?

Find answers to all the questions.

If you don’t find another alternative, go back to the same shop and redo your negotiations. You will definitely get a slightly lower price at the least, we promise!

Before you go …

Diamond is a precious buy. That’s why you need to get your dream stone for the feasible price. Use our brilliant strategies and ideas to make your diamond purchase a cost-saving deal. It will also help you to avoid getting ripped off by slashing prices on your buy, not to mention the savings!

Get started on your dream diamond with our diamond education posts right now!

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