Stone of the Month: Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Stone of the Month: Aquamarine Engagement Rings

A unique gemstone, aquamarine is being sold like hotcakes this month. Why do you ask? It’s the month of Aquamarine for crystal lovers and ordinary people. For all those who are born in March, aquamarine is the best stone to wear because astrology says so. Maybe that’s why aquamarine engagement rings are trending so hot right now. Find out if aquamarine is a stone for you or not.

What is Aquamarine?

A precious gemstone in the color of pale blue like an ocean is how an aquamarine looks in plain sight. However, esoteric believe it has the power to affect chakras and regulate your physical and spiritual body.

How true is this? People say so because everything around us has energy. When your energy touches the gemstone, it gets charged and gives the energy to affect different parts of your body, especially because crystals are made under the ground.

Keeping aside the metaphysics, aquamarine is a beautiful beryl gemstone in a blue-green color. Depending on the clarity and origin of the rock, price of aquamarine can differ. It’s a breathtaking stone for your engagement ring if you’re proposing or getting married in March.

Is there a History to Aquamarine?

Definitely yes. Aquamarine was even added as a color in the late 16th century to English. It is a recognized stone of life. It was used to mark the phases of the moon as well as a mirror to deflect evil eye in the earlier years.

Do you know aquamarine was also used as the stone of justice, centuries ago? The sea-green colored aquamarines were treasured in the 19th century. In 21st century, the bluer type of aquamarine finds value as an engagement ring stone.

Why is Aquamarine Good for March Engagements and Weddings?

March is the month when aquamarine gets charged the most naturally when Pisces is up above. Aquamarine can make you feel great during this time. It will bless your matrimony and attract truth and prosperity to your union.

What’s the Secret Super Power of Aquamarine?

You should say powers, not power because aquamarine is a treasure house of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. You must have noticed how I talked about the supernatural powers of aquamarine. These are no joke. They work because aquamarine is a beautiful stone. If the bride or groom is born in March, it’s a great reason to get aquamarine as the center stone on your engagement rings.

3 Handpicked Aquamarine Engagement Rings to Galore

I went ahead and picked the most breathtaking three aquamarine rings you need to see if you’re smitten by this blue rock. Aquamarine engagement rings look outstanding because they are made from unique gemstones. From color to clarity, it’s as precious and gorgeous as a diamond when it flickers with a different play of color under different light.

·      Aquamarine Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

Source: Brilliant Earth

A bestseller on Brilliant Earth, with 114 reviews, this aquamarine ring has double shanks with one inlaid with channel set diamonds in a twist. The wine twisted ring looks pretty and accents your fingers. The pave diamonds come to a total weight of 0.125 carat weight.

You can even customize the ring width from 6mm to 7mm and 8mm in addition to a wide range of metal choices. It is made in the U.S with 5% of your payment going towards charity!

Available Metals

  • 14K Rose Gold
  • 18K White Gold
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Platinum

Price: $2,140

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·      Enit Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Emerald-Cut Aquamarine  and VS Diamond Three stone Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Source: Diamondere

Another startling piece from a credible jeweller such as Diamondere, this Enit ring is fully-customization from the center stone to the shank metal and setting itself. Currently what you see in the picture is an aquamarine ring set in 14K White Gold an emerald cut aquamarine with a weight of 1.41 carats. You can change it to precious stones like ruby, blue topaz, amethyst and much more on the website.

Added with free resizing of the ring when sought within 100 days of purchase makes the buy easy.

Available Metals

  • Sterling Silver
  • 10K White, Rose and Yellow Gold
  • 14K White, Rose and Yellow Gold
  • 18K White, Rose and Yellow Gold
  • Platinum

Price: $1,803

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·      Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Image result for Aquamarine Engagement Ring 1/10 ct tw Diamonds 14K White Gold

Source: Jared

Yet another breath-taking design that screams simplicity, this aquamarine ring has up to 0.1 carat weight of diamonds set in 14K White Gold. The blue and the white dance with the metallic luster of the ring, making your fingers look elegant, however you wear it.

The floral design has one verified review on the website so that you can check before buying. Diamonds are round on the ring while the aquamarine is a natural round set with prongs. The 6.0mm gemstone complements the bezel set diamonds as it sparkles back and forth like stars all the time.

Available Metals

14K White Gold

Price: $789.99

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