The Complete Guide To Anatomy Of Your Engagement Ring

The Complete Guide To Anatomy Of Your Engagement Ring

When I was looking for a wedding ring, it was towards the last that I found what the head or shoulder of the ring was. It gave me such an upper hand at the jewelry store where the store pickup of my ring was scheduled. I was just not this-and-that in the store. The sales guy actually called the manager in to serve. I literally appraised the ring there. So if you want to find the perfect ring that makes her say yes, learn the anatomy of your engagement ring in simplified form.  

What is an Engagement Ring?

An engagement is a ring symbolizing the arrangement for a marriage. Although it is not worn on the wedding day, an engagement ring is even soldered after the marriage with the wedding ring.

It is worn on the left hand, by both the engaged partners until the wedding.

How to Understand the Anatomy of an Engagement Ring?

Besides the historical part of it, an engagement ring is going to be on your hands forever, until death does you part. Don’t you want to know the nooks and crannies of this expensive buy?

It’s easy and takes only ten minutes. To select a strong ring, follow the anatomy of your engagement ring below.  

Take a ring and observe your ring from the up.

·      Head

The top of your ring including the diamond whether it is beveled or pronged is called the head of the diamond. Known as the setting as well, head of your ring must be resistant to damage based on the handiwork you assume you will have to put up with daily.

You need to decide on a strong chassis for your engagement ring. From halo to pave, beaded and pronged, there are many choices to look for when you see the setting of your dream engagement ring offline or online.

·      Shank

When you looking down, the head of the ring is gone and your left with a semi-circle, it is called the band, base or shank of the ring. This is where resizing effects can be most seen. It needs to strong to hold your stone and dazzling on your fingers. A high degree of comfort is to try out multiple rings and find a width you are comfortable with.

You can add diamonds on the shank to sparkle the ring from all sides and angles.

·      Shoulder

Between the shank and the head is the area called the shoulder that determines the shape of the center prong. This is where tiny diamonds can be pronged to highlight the center rock you have.

·      Center Stone

Every ring has a center when you’re wearing it on your fingers. Plain bands were the classic choices, today solitaires to double halos are all the fashion. Do you want diamonds or gemstones on your ring? Diamonds are not as affordable as gemstones and unique, especially if you select by your birthstone. Choose your center stone wisely.

·      Bridge

Between the shoulders of the ring is a connecting area seen on diamond rings called the bridge of the ring. It adds a halo to the ring sides too. You must ensure this area does not restrict your ability to take off the ring at will.

·      Prongs

Also known as a claw setting, prongs are like the ultimate metal insurance you can give for your ring. The basic solitaire has up to six settings for more security. Moreover, they also give a highlight to the center rock.

With prongs, more the better!

·      Gallery Rail

When you have multiple stones on your ring extra to the center ring, the extra shanks hold a table called the gallery rails.

·      Melee

The little diamonds are called accent stones too because they adorn and add light to the center rock. You can choose to add them with diamonds or gemstones if you don’t have a center stone or when redoing your plain band!

·      Jacket

Called a wrap to the engagement ring, it is best to pick a wedding ring called the jacket that goes with your engagement ring.

·      Hallmark

The purity of the metal will be hallmarked in tiny letters here. You can also get your names, initials or dates engaged here on the ring. Click here to check for things when getting your engraving done.

Before you go …

Now that you know so much, I bet you can proudly walk into any shop and pick the best ring of your dreams, huh?

Do you know three stone rings sanctify past, present, and future? Think about how many bright stones can you put within your budget for the setting when choosing an engagement ring.

Good luck~

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