The Truth About Handmade Engagement Rings

The Truth About Handmade Engagement Rings

With the advent of technology, hand making of jewelry hasn’t died yet. It has become better. When you go for a handmade engagement ring, you don’t get a mass produced piece, but one that is specially made for you. But, the same is why handmade rings do not offer return options often. So, it is best you know everything about it before buying it off. Let’s find out the truth about handmade engagement rings.

What are Handmade Engagement Rings?

When a ring is made by hand, it is carefully made with top precision. It is not cast or 3D printed, handmade engagement rings are made by multiple people starting by the bench jeweler who makes the mold of the ring. Followed by gemstone setter for your diamond or gem selection on the ring and then polisher to make your handmade bespoke design.

Undoubtedly, handmade engagement rings are available for selection and you will get to see our favorites next. It doesn’t have to be a custom piece all the time. Handmade rings are ideal for engagement rings as they scream ‘SPECIAL’. If you’re thinking that way, keep reading.

Our 11 Favorite Picks of Handmade Engagement Rings Online

I have personally spent hours and weeks looking for endless engagement rings until I decided on the one I want. Handmade rings are stronger than any other rings besides easier to adjust if you’re making it from scratch.

Remember to click on the picture to visit the source website where you can buy the ring you like.   

·      Sienna Ring From Juliet & Oliver

fancy yellow diamond engagement ring

Source: Juliet & Oliver

Crafted to perfect in hand, Sienna Ring from Juliet & Oliver is a sight for sore eyes. It is made in 18K Yellow Gold with the central stone in VS clarity of carat weight 0.40 in the yellow color. This beautiful ring is accompanied by round diamonds of 0.20 carats each. The beautiful milgrain beautifies the light that falls on this ring. Total weight of diamonds on the ring comes up to 0.74 carats. The top of the ring itself features 14 brilliant cut stones.

With an EGL certificate, you can trust this ring to be good. But if you want to inquire about GIA certification, talk to the seller directly.

Price: $3,050

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·      Serafina the Black Beauty by Abby Sparks

Meteorite engagement ring from Mars

Source: Abby Sparks

One of the unique handmade engagement rings for women with a refined sense of fashion, Serafina is set in 14K Yellow Gold. The center stone is an original Martian Meteorite. Found from Sahara, the center stone is clutched by gold that is hammered. You must see it to do justice. The channel set diamonds along the shank of the ring are imperfect in rose cutting. The Martian meteorite weighs 2.08g and the accent stones in rough weigh a total of 0.40 ctw.

Price: $29,000+

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·      Spinel in Rose Gold by Angeline



Source: Angeline

Made in Portland, this spinel rose is made by a full family. Angeline’s husband cut a spinel and she created a rose setting especially for the gorgeous pink rock. With diamonds on the shoulder of the ring, this has turned out to be flawless. Her son polished the ring and it looks better than the camera reveals.

This custom made piece is truly one of a kind and features some of the best artisanal handmade engagement rings I have ever seen in my life!

Price: Request Price

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·      Briony by Samara

Engagement Ring : attractive marquise flowing design : Samara James

Source: Samara

Another beauty we saw when scouting for the best engagement rings made by hand is Briony. Minimalist and classy, this is a jewelry worth a thousand words. The central stone is embraced in the swirls of the 950 Platinum. The diamond you see in the center weighs 0.30 carats and is slightly included. It’s a beauty that emanates an old Hollywood glamor worth adoring.

Briony comes with a GIA report so that you can be sure of your buy. As you have 60 day free returns, you don’t have to worry about her not liking it.

Price: £1,371.68

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·      Handmade Celtic Ring By Harriet Kelsall

Fit for a goddess, this beautiful ring is designed by Chloe Drake for a special person suffering from arthritis pain. The twisted bands with the central floral diamonds is a Celtic design set in white gold and yellow gold.

Price: Request Now

Before you go …

If you’re thinking of custom engagement rings, you can do it with 3D printing these days for intricate designs. Click here to check one such credible jeweler.

Which handmade ring did you like from our list? Tell us in the comments below!

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