Understand 3D Printing and Custom Rings for Wedding

Understand 3D Printing and Custom Rings for Wedding

Choosing a unique design for your engagement ring is of paramount importance to most couples. But, most of them still end up buying a mass produced design than making own. Today we are going to talk about your options of using 3D printing for making custom rings for wedding in detail. 3D printing makes it cheap to make dummy rings you can check the comfort of!

Let us find out why 3D printing and custom rings go hand-in-hand.

What are custom rings?

When you create a ring with a unique design (probably designed by you), you can call it a custom ring. Usually a jeweler helps you design the custom ring. However, today you can share your design with custom ring manufacturers and they will do the rest of the job.

What is 3D Printing?

For jewelry, a 3D printing machine makes custom orders. It means when you order the ring, it gets made, rather than showing you a copy of something. You can create original rings perfect for unique engagement rings with 3D printing today.

However, keep in mind, 3D printing is restricted to precious metals right now. But, the unique designs you can create with 3D printing makes custom gold engagement ring designs endless.

Why does 3D Printing makes custom rings easily?

We learned what custom rings are as well as 3D printing. For jewelry makers, 3D printing is revolutionizing craftsmanship. It makes creating artisanal jewelry quickly and effortlessly as what it used to be, with handmade.

Why does it work so well for jewelry? Well, we’re about to find out right now!

1.    You can design a truly unique piece

3D printing makes dream come true. With such an advanced technology, you can actually craft impossible-to-craft jewelry designs in a few minutes.

Did you ever want a ring in a setting that no one else in the world has? That’s what 3D printing promises. It can help you create a special design combining your favorites or drawn by you! 3D printed custom engagement rings will be truly one of a kind, bespoke jewelry you can treasure for life.

2.    You can do a trial run to check comfort

With 3D printing, everything becomes easy. At this age when jewelers refuse to take engraved rings back or give refunds for the same, 3D printing cuts the hassle. You can create a design exactly as you want. Furthermore, you can wear it in plastic to check how well it fits.

You might have to wait a week or two, but much lesser because 3D printing jewelry takes lesser time than making it by hand.

3.    You can design multiple pieces without much wastage

Another best benefit of 3D printing is that it makes crafting a precious metal ring easier. That’s because you can create many pieces or designs at once rather than just focusing on one blue print. You can create multiple rings and try them on before you move onto precious metals.

Imagine how hard it was to do that before. Custom rings cuts the clutter and extra expenses to design engagement rings that are really unique.

4.    You will know the exact price and weight

Are you a perfectionist? Then, you need a custom ring than a random ring off the shelves that thousands have rejected or set eyes on already. 3D printing can create a ring of exact weight and price. You wouldn’t have any bad surprises at the end unlike working with a goldsmith to get your ring in order.  

5.    Your design will have exact precision to construction

Size of your ring finger is unique. It is impossible to imagine a universal size for all the fingers in the world because we’re all so different, right? That’s why 3D printed rings can be a comfort. It is made in exact weight and precision to fit your fingers. You will be really comfortable, we promise!

Example of Online 3D Printing Jewelers

Here’s a 3D printing expert for gold custom rings you need to check out! They’re called WithJK. They have in-store designs mastered by the designer called Joel Kahn too. As they work with clients all over the world, it is easy to get your order through WithJK.

Check their video below-


Amazing what 3D printing can do, right? Try it for your engagement ring or casual everyday wear ring because they specialize in multiple metals too.  

Before you go …   

Are you smitten by custom rings as I am? They are gorgeous because they’re truly unique and special- you can make it together with your beau. Isn’t that exciting? To make a symbol of your love, with your own hands.

Have you ever made a custom ring before? Tell us in the comments below.

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