Understanding Diamond Engagement Rings Prices- This Ain’t Cheap!!

How To Overpay For Your Diamonds

Hi there, I guess that you are here just a moment before making your first or next diamond purchase, and you thought that you should make sure there is nothing that you missed when checked for reasonable prices all across the web!

You should know that there is no hidden formula or QR code that allows you to find out about each and every stone. Diamond prices estimations are not easy to tell and evolve a large number of varieties.

Just like any other merchandise that people buy every day, our most important recommendation is to be smart and compare other products on different stores, for instance Whiteflash and Brian Gavin or Ice.com. Looking for a 0.5 Carat of the same cut, color and clarity should give a reasonable estimation for the price you are looking at.

There are numerous ways that help diamonds vendors to estimate the price of stone and set a retail price, the popular names are Rapaport sheet, and many options that allow the customer to compare and estimate, such as:






What exactly does the diamond price is calculated by?

At first we examine the cut and shape, which you by now should know that it’s all about: round, princess, oval, pear, radiant, marquise, heart, emerald, cushion and more!

Second stage: carat (weight), usually in between a quarter of a carat to 2 and even 3 carat diamonds.

Next up, is the clarity, which you should already know that is described by FL IF VVS1 VVS2 vs1 vs2 s1 s2 i1 i2 i3 as FL is the highest clarity and therefore the most expensive.

To continue, we will determine the color, where a colorless one would be graded D as a full color one would be graded Z anything in between means more expensive as closer to D.

What else do we pay for when buying a diamond engagement ring?

Now let’s talk business, what do we really pay for when buying a diamond, or anything else out from a retail store: we start with the diamond itself, add on the additional work of the polishing, cleaning, setting and measuring. On top, there is some extra advertising, products insurance, cancelled orders, lost payments, shipping, storing, cleaning and more! We do not intend to say that buying a diamond engagement ring is a mistake, because we can say that about almost anything in our lives. Our point is that when making a big purchase, such as a diamond engagement ring, you should be more than certain about the efforts made by your diamond dealer, to allow a nice marginal profit for him along with a reasonable consumer price for you!

At the moment of purchase, you should pay attention to any financing options that might pop up, at a glance, it might look tempting for anyone who has over dozed his price range, but do not forget that nothing comes free of charge!

What should you do when looking for a diamond engagement ring?

First, take a good look about what the market has to offer. For instance, making a purchase of a diamond engagement ring can be done on-line and for sure will decrease the amount of your bill that will usually be made for store location rental fee, employees, electricity and more. In addition, you can try and find out your future to be fiancée specific preferences and save yourself resizing, resetting or refunding issues. On top of that, you should always use at least one of our diamonds price calculators that were mentioned above. Last, make sure to double check your budget and try to avoid any last minute financing offers that add to your payment!

Our final suggestions:

Keep calm; do not let any crazy prices get in your head while looking for an engagement ring.

Try our questionnaire and see that we can fit almost any budget to a preferred type of diamond engagement ring.

Make sure that this is a once in a lifetime purchase, (and we are not talking about the ring but your choice of a partner).

Allow yourself to be wrong, make sure to go over store policies about return and refund, never hazitate to argue for your right!

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