Various Engagement Rings Review

Various Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Engagement and Post Engagement Tips
  • Customer Care Value
  • Credibility And Transparency

Why Should You Look For Wedding and Engagement Ring Reviews On Various Wedding?

One of the best wedding planners you can find for the progressive audience of today, Various is a rising talent in the online wedding and engagement ring niche. Given that most online engagement ring providers have little or no accreditation or inspections, the extensive information and research details of Various Wedding is highly valuable to the layman.

The best part of Various Wedding that makes it an efficient place to seek wedding ring buying advice is because it is a storehouse of ancient to modern secrets on nuptial rings, so rare that you will never find it elsewhere!

The post engagement-prepping site is a one-stop-Shoppe for wedding accessories as well!  When you browse on various website, you get

  • Ironclad security

Having a history of never been penalized by Google search engine, Various Wedding also has an HHTP Secure SSL certificate.  The safety and security ensured by the website are 99% trustworthy. We found it easy and effortless to navigate around the official website- Apart from detecting no underlying unwanted pop-outs, phishing and malware actions, the general interface is appealing and hassle-free.

  • Lovely Wedding Proposal Section

With multiple posts explaining how and where to propose your sweetheart as well as the post proposal woes, the Wedding Proposal section attracted us the most. Besides the quality of the material being substantially high, we loved the uniquely valuable topics that seemed to answer many uncovered topics in the pre and post engagement ceremonies.

  • Venues

Apart from being perfect as the epitome of your love, the wedding venue should be convenient to you as well as your guests. From churches to banquet halls, there are many wonderful and lovely venues that Various Wedding has reviewed and hosted, in its past! Having been a long-term host for many weddings, Various Wedding provides flawless and multiple packages of choosing your wedding venue based on its reviews.

  • Music

If you’re not a musician by profession, choosing a band that can fill a warm, loving and symbolic vibe, essentially of your wedding, is essential when you are one of the just married lovebirds! Various Wedding provides help with choosing a musician through the hefty reports on local DJs, Guitarists, Bands, Vocalists and many composers who are accessible, affordable and available immediately! Regardless of whether you want an ambient mix or psychic loop in your love song, is no longer a dream when you choose Various Wedding as your Wedding Planner.

  • Caterer

To start with weddings, perhaps you have a diverse or crazy palate and would like your caterer to be perfect with your dream delicacies at your matrimony. In any case, the Various Wedding Reviews will help you arrange a menu that suits and gels with everybody’s taste buds, sans any allergies or distastes based on its jaw-dropping recipes perfect for weddings!

  • Dress

Various wedding provides the complete help for designing the bride’s, groom’s and even the bridesmaids’ costumes with efficiency and the least of worries. The website provides innumerable reviews on different designers, styles and even expert suggestions to match with your choice of wedding dress.

  • Photography

How do you want your holy matrimony to last- An eternity or infinite eternities or a wink?
To help you save those loveliest moments of your life forever, this wedding ring and store review site will help you find tons of multi-faceted photographers.

Various wedding can provide you a zillion tips and guides to choose a perfect wedding photographer that fits your dream albums and budget too.

Why Might It Not Be Helpful For Me To Look For An Engagement Ring On Various Wedding?

To start with, Various is not an engagement ring review website. In fact, it uses the same information from other sites like Huffington post, with little or null original content. Clubbed with no evidence of on-field or retail experience, Various Wedding merely hosts the opinions of others.

The hosts of Various Weddings are not vendors, but merely experts who are trying to share their knowledge with whoever is in need for it. Keeping the post-progressive mindset aside, having no proof of professional or practical expertise is also a signal of the lack of factual accuracy in the material.

To top it all, we also found extreme nonprofessional in the beginning of a post on wedding proposals that started with a typo. The article being weeks old and uncorrected is a significant flaw and proof of how often the website is inspected or even proofread!  We do not want to come out as a Grammar Nazis, because we’re talking about spellings here! Unfortunately, we could not but take offense for the lack of professionalism that was clearly hard to miss!

Yet another significant flaw on the Various Wedding Website is that it is rated as the least popular sites by other scam checkers and website raters. In fact, upon checking, we found little to no comments or involvement from the side of the audience as comments and shares.

Given that Various Wedding is a new site, the lack of involvement and slow marketing strategies are evidence of the low ranking that the page bears on the Alexa rankings. We emphasize that the crew at Various are not 100% involved in reaching their target audience because there is no social media page like that on Facebook, a forum or testimonial section to connect to its readers.

To quote the truth, some websites even tagged it as fraudulent and we couldn’t but help infer why!

To keep all the flaws of Various Wedding aside, the two shocking-most demerit of browsing Various Wedding for your wedding planning is  that they claim the right to irrelevant advertising from credit bureaus on the website, in their privacy policy. Another significant lack of readership for Various Wedding is because it is not a child safe website. Almost all the publications provide by Various Wedding is for adults

What is Various Wedding? Here Are Some Facts:

Various Wedding mostly provides outbound links to articles that surround trending topics. These hold little to no opinions or comments, rather highlight the parts of other’s opinions from other websites’. A noteworthy fact about Wedding Planner is that the IP Locations of the website has been traced to Virginia and Ashburn in the United States. The primary location of the owners of the website is- 1200 12Th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98144, US.

Noted as one of the top class wedding planners for online guides and offline support, Various Wedding is one of the most sought after wedding planners of the virtual reality. Having years of experience in the industry of eternal happiness and love, various wedding has hosted and realised scores of weddings, the zillions fears of the bride and groom as well as the chaos on a special day.

The various wedding website has a reliable traffic of 3000+ everyday as well. Important factual information about Various Wedding is that it has used the same IP address for 12 different websites in the past, and is hosted by

To reach Various by phone, here is the contact- +1-206-266-4064.

The website has a lovely and detailed section with 100+ informative posts on the subject of engagement or proposal, which caught our eyes. Needless to add, we have loved it and you would too. In short, Various Wedding prepares a couple since the relationship, through the love and during the wedding stress as well!

What Can I Find Helpful At Various Wedding? The Full Review:

With over hundreds of topics on the topic of planning a wedding inch-by-inch, Various Wedding is a star wedding planner, according to us. We have cherished reading every article posted on the site for its high substance, concise and lucid nature.

We loved it for many reasons and were disappointed for some others too. To be fair, here’s the transparency of our judgment.

One of the most stressful decisions to make while planning a wedding is to choose a venue that you echoes with your dream, is appealing to your fiancé as well as family, apart from being connected with a busy transport beside it. It seriously makes the earth looks so small, when you’re trying to hunt a place to get married in!

Another core character that enlivens the wedding part is music. It is not just a symphony to your ears, but music is also a mood-setter and life-changer. The vibe that can be created with the help of the perfect music for your special duet is possible only with musicians who understand your headspace. Wouldn’t it be the best if you can have the loveliest wedding waltz to the rhymes and romance in Frank Sinatra’s -Stranger’s In the night or The Beatles love song- Michelle? Well, that being said, Various Wedding can fix all that up, in a wink!

Moving on, another post engagement worry is about the quality, accessibility and availability of the Food you demand for your perfect day. – Food is the symbol of prosperity, if you did not already hear the zillion quotes on how food is a vital part of marriage. In addition, Various Wedding also provides a section of reviews on caterer’s which are beneficial to de-stress.

The picture of a wedding to most people, regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, shape or medical history, the first thing that pops up into the head is a variation of a beautiful bride walking down the aisle with her daddy in an ivory peach dress, like never seen before!

The wedding attire for a bride and groom should echo and blend with each other. If you’re passionate about the wonders of textile designing, you can even make a wedding costume that renders multiple meanings in different angles while both of you stand together or so.

If you did not get married while being threatened with a double edged butterfly knife, capturing the memories of your special day is an MUST-DO to. So, make sure you read all the filters to choose the best photographer for your wedding, let alone the best moments of your life are irreparably lost!

Is Various Wedding A Scam?

Definitely not. With over 5 years of Whois Lookup id creation, Various Wedding is a legit wedding planner that genuinely tries to help engaged couples have a hassle-free marriage. Browsing through the website, we found that Various Wedding, merely hyperlinks to the opinions it favors, on other jewelry geezers rather than providing a 100% uniquely valuable a post. Most of its posts are outbound to Huffington Post.

Various wedding website is owned and operated by legitimate means without once being reported or penalized by popular search engines like Google.

Being a complete wedding planning site, you can find a dandelion bouquet to a designer with the most innovative weddings rings at a breathtakingly romantic venue. When you give it slow thought, what more can you ask, to have a better wedding, right?

Our Final Conclusion

It is true that certain incompatible websites rank Various Wedding as fraudulent or untrustworthy. However, proven that it is not a scam or swindle, you should seek the best qualities that Various Wedding experts are renowned for.

The abundance of topics and the in-depth substance in each one is appreciable on Various Wedding.

In fact, to make your special day, exceptional and not in ruins, you must get a complete bridal or wedding planning set with an adviser, rather than virtual reviews alone. These are beneficial to help you make the final choice, but dependent on the factual accuracy of the subject, your rightness or wrongness of choice can vary too.

In short, based on our expert analysis sans bias, we have come to the conclusion that experts at Various Wedding are well-qualified but not practically equipped to help you out at all times. If you’re online seeking accurate and sensible wedding planning tips without the headache of researching a million websites, Various Wedding can be of serious help.

It can aid you to locate your wedding requirements easily and even give tips on what massages to exclusively do and give your partner to have a de-stressed and fulfilling wedding.

Various Wedding Ratings

User Friendly 18/20

The website is a top-notch website with multiple tabs such as

  • Wedding Planner Archive:

Wedding Bouquets & Boutonnieres, How to Be a Wedding Planner and Fifty Shades of True Love and many such topics.

  • Engagement Proposals

How to Propose, Best Places to Propose in NY, How to Propose a man in the leap year, Wedding Registry Mistakes and many more topics;

  • Shower & Parties: How to plan a Bridal Shower, Bachelor Party Essentials, Memorable Moments, and Criticism for being engaged in the early 20s as well as many more self-help topics for the bride and the groom.
  • Dress & Make-up

How to Apply Wedding makeup, stitch your Bridal Gown, Ideas for Dress-up Party, Wedding dresses <$1000, How to wear flowers on your head and many more topics that bring out the best of you, with the perfect wedding costume.

  • Wedding Traditions

Wdding Garter Guide, Weird & Wonderful Wedding Traditions, Alternatives to a traditional wedding, no-sex normalcy Rules of Open Marriage, Italian Carnival Weddings and Every Wedding Dress Appointment Summed in 700 Words!

  • Food & Reception

How to choose a Wedding Cake, Wedding Reception Dilemma Solutions, DIY: Wedding Feast and many more healthy, yet exotic and fantastic recipes.

The final tab on various is Honeymooners which provides insight on How to make Love Juice Cocktail, Wedding Pants and many experts as well as rare tips on having a fairy tale wedding that you always dream of.

Variety Of Engagement and Post Engagement Tips 17/20

The biggest priority of any groom or bride is surely their own presentation, even if the bouquet is on fire! With its year of hosting many weddings and reviewing many more wedding services, Various Wedding has summed up qualitative tips and expert advice that is fluff-free and substantial.

Some titles to quote the diversity of topics on

  • Engagement Proposal is Shooting Naughty Videos with your Partner
  • Where and How to Propose
  • Freaking out during engagement
  • Top places to propose for same sex couples.

Customer Care Value 16/20

Unfortunately there have been no efforts from the side of Various Wedding to make an active online presence through social media interaction as such. There are no comments or public interactions with readers, customers or reviewers.

Although, without a doubt, the staff at Various Wedding always make sure to highlight the most important issues that need critiquing at present. Furthermore, this way, the company answers the queries of its customers, without ever literally interacting with any.

We add this because the articles featured on Various Wedding relates and directly answers the customer’s questions without fluff.

Credibility And Transparency 19/20

99% transparent about the working ethics as well as consistency in the type of posts emphasize that Various Wedding is a credible company. Established on March 17th 2012 by Piyatpn Thaipanich through the domain on GoDaddy, the current owner and operator of is Registration Private Domains By Proxy, LLC, since June 30, 2015.

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