Verragio Engagement Ring Review

Verragio Engagement Ring Review

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  • Variety Of Settings
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Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Verragio In 118 Words?

Being a renowned seller of unique diamonds that are customized with the state of the art technology, the first reason that one must keep off Verragio is its cutthroat price tag. This is an added benefit to the women, but definitely a pearly drop of sweat to men. You shouldn’t buy diamonds from Verragio because their prices reach the sky and they sell only through authorized dealers.

Verragio has no direct selling options to the public and their authorized dealers are chosen specifically to represent the ideologies of the brand. In addition, Verragio also sells nothing but semi-mounts. In short, customers without center-stones should consult the authorized dealers to choose one first, before proceeding to order with Verragio.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Verragio in 160 words?

A stellar diamond seller today, Verragio has a self-accomplished foot of being the owner of many revolutionary diamond designs. The best reasons why you should buy your wedding ring from Verragio are as follows:

  • Revolutionary Lumino Setting: Barry Verragio is the patent-holder of the ingenious sparkling setting that revolutionized the face of diamonds for the world.
  • Stylish, Unique and Intimate Collection: Verragio has diverse collections of diamonds that are, made uniquely in the trendy styles to give an intimate feel to the users. Some of its unique collections are Venetian, Classico, Insignia and Paradiso.
  • High Quality and Intricate Make: 95% of all Verragio rings are built with cutting-edge design setting like Lumino Setting and high detailing to make it a star level wedding rings designer.
  • Lifetime Warranty: All Verragio rings are covered under their lifetime warranty , which is an added assurance to keep your treasure safe from defects of craftsmanship through natural wear ‘n’ tear.

Facts- founding Date of Verragio

Verragio was found by Barry Verragio, an alumnus of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York who also went onto invent a lumino setting for diamonds. Barry was a jeweler’s apprentice since age 14 and perhaps that is why the Verragio designs speak a hallmark of a superb quality and brilliant cuts of diamonds in its every ornate creation. In fact, the first ring of this 20-year-old company, Verragio was made for the Barry’s own wedding for his wife.

Full Review on Verragio Diamonds

Verragio is a genuinely renowned diamond seller with a large customer base and a hallmark quality to its brand. Started as a one-man firm in the 90’s, Verragio has grown to become the epitome of the best proposal rings. The designer of the company, Barry Verragio entered the jewelry industry with the promising Lumino setting. Lumino setting brings out the perfect brilliance of a diamond through suspending the diamonds to expose all of its endless facets to light. This also amplified the beauty of the stone in a delicate quality such that it enhanced the hand of the wearer than highlight itself.

Verragio provides even sophisticated ring sizer to mimic the aesthetics of the wearing the ring in real, on your hand. All Verragio metals are made from platinum, 18K/ 14K in white or yellow gold. Being a quality diamond maker, Verragio is an upscale line of superb quality ornaments that is sold solely through authorized dealers and hence, one con is that you have no chance of directly negotiating their high price tags down.

Verragio uses VS clarity and F-G color diamonds on all its ornaments except Parisian as it features the SI clarity and G-H color of diamonds. You can check the Verragio rings with a 3600 swirl on their website for a never-seen-before, detailed view. As all genuine Verragio rings have its brand signature on its inside, there are no swindles involved. Furthermore, as Verragio diamonds are sold through authorized dealers, you do not have to worry about re-sizing, replacement or return options as these are adequately covered under the Lifetime warranty of all Verragio diamonds.

Complaints against Verragio

As part of the BBB reports, Verragio was ranked an A grade. There has been one complaint registered with BBB in the span of past three years, which was in the sales category. It was regarding a misinterpreted price of rose rings (ETERNA 4022), which Verragio has responded with two alternatives to honour the complaint. Furthermore, BBB reports the complaint as resolved.

Is Verragio a Fraud?

Verragio is definitely not a fraudulent seller; however, it has not sought accreditation from BBB yet. Verragio has 99.99% customer satisfaction that it is 100% genuine in its trade. Additionally, verified customers gratefully vouch for Verragio for designing their favourite rings with personality.

My Conclusion on Verragio

Based on the unbiased analysis of our experts, Verragio has been inferred as a reliable and a unique online diamond seller and manufacturer. The firm has an extensive customer base, excellent customer service, star rated feedback and its own patented Lumina setting. There is no dream ring that can be made, if you’re shopping on Verragio!

Verragio Ratings

User friendly 12/20

The website has a unique and sparkling charm, such that, it is difficult for a diamond fanatic to not purchase ASAP! The website is very user friendly, convenient and exceeds customer expectations with its amazing 3600 diamond pictures.

Variety Of Settings 14/20

The website features unique collections such as Couture, Insignia, Paradiso, Parisian and Venetian styles. There are varieties of emerald cut engagement to halo engagement rings on the website with in-depth pictures, specifications and data-oriented clips.

Customers’ Shopping support 15/20

Even though Verragio rings are not directly sold to the public, but only via authorized dealers, their shopping support is exceptional. We test requested assistance from Verragio and in less than 15 minutes, we received a personalized mail (not autoresponder) from one of their representatives with the forwarded address of the dealer. The crew at Verragio give optimum customer support for a breezy shopping experience!

Payment, Shipping & Insurance 15/20

As Verragio jewelry is sold through authorized dealers who are specialized with Verragio dealings, the payment and shipping are known to exceed customer expectations. Added with the Lifetime warranty and insurance for manufacturing defects, Verragio is surely a trustworthy diamond seller to buy that perfect wedding ring of your dreams from!

Returns Refunds and Trade In 15/20

Send a request to the authorized dealer via Verragio’s official site, discuss their returns, refunds, and trade options. As verified customers state, re-sizing, replacing and returning the ring if it does not meet the customer demands is hassle-free.

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