Wedding Chicks Engagement Rings Review

Wedding Chicks Engagement Rings Review

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    Why Should You Look For An Engagement Ring Review On Wedding Chicks?

    A celebrated wedding planner with an efficient track record, Wedding Chicks is a website for finding local vendors to make your wedding exactly as you dream! Wedding Chicks is best for engaged couples looking to plan wedding on their own, in unique and personal ways.

    You should spend a few hours on Wedding Chicks because

    • Free Printables

    Unlike any of its counterparts, Wedding Chicks provides a complete section on the homepage called Free Printable. These are expert methods with detailed designs on DIY Wedding Invitation cards. As most wedding planners require a lump consulting fee for the same and offer minimalist or smothering design options in return, Wedding Chicks has truly superlative service.

    The free printable come with templates, color codes and exemplary graphic designs that provide the maximum potential to make the invitation card just as you want! Wedding Chicks also provides Printable on all Wedding Invitations including Bridal Showers and Bachelorette and Boudoir events.

    You can choose free printable for Invitation Suites, RSVP, Monograms, Signs, Labels and anything likewise.

    • Complete Wedding Planner

    Wedding Chicks is called a complete wedding maven because it coordinates the best of local vendors to provide various services fast and with ease to the needy.  Wedding Chicks also provides expert advice on Wedding Accessories at knockout prices. On many sites, we found Wedding Chicks customers recollecting experiences of how the crew went an extra mile to make sure the shipment made up for the faults en route.

    You can shop on Wedding Chicks for customized tote bags, gifts, hankies, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, flowergirl, tanks, tops and jerseys for spicing up the wedding events.

    • Exposure to Local Vendors

    Another commendable characteristic of Wedding Chicks is that they are well connected with efficient local vendors.  When you pillar your wedding with My Wedding, you will not only have the best access to local vendors, but also the freedom to conduct wedding planning independently. Wedding Chicks merely provides the information and a re-direction page to the official website of the local vendor/ business, from where you can make further specific contracts.

    The local vendors available on Wedding Chicks are Photographers, Videographers, Caterers, Event Managers, Florists, Dress Makers, Jewelers, Beauticians, Stylists, Light Accessories, Entertainment Equipments, Discounts, Rentals, Honeymoon Destinations, Wedding Travel and DIY Paper Goods for making your wedding extra special!

    The better half of why Wedding Chicks is a magnificent wedding maven is because it also ships the matchless wedding accessories internationally! As wedding is a momentous occasion, often destinations abroad are cut off, owing to lack of management available for realizing a wedding at the same place. Simply put, with Wedding Chicks, your dream is going to get really real!

    • Exclusive Engagement and celebrations section

    The exclusive section on engagement and celebrations is another insightful content on every about what to wear when you’re proposing, how to set the light setting to brew the romantic mood in your proposal, naturally. The art of proposing with a “Will You marry me Cake’, to a Christmassy Engagement, there is a storehouse of information to bejewel your wedding if you checkout Wedding Chicks prior.

    Some topics in the engagement section that caught our eye are Countryside Engagement, Beach Engagement and Camping Engagement Ideas for couples.

    Another important reason to check Wedding Chicks when making your engagement plans are because it has an exclusive take on engagement jewelry.  Some listed Engagement Ring Makers on Wedding Chicks are Leibish & Co., Lilyemme Jewelry,, Seraphinecreations, Diamond Mansion and Eniko Kallay Fine Jewelry.

    Wedding Chicks also provides accurate and original citations for each of the content published.

    Why Might It Not Be Helpful For Me To Look For An Engagement Ring On Wedding Chicks?

    It is true that Wedding Chicks is an established name in the nuptial industry. Nevertheless, there are many flaws that reason why you should not shop on Wedding Chicks. Wedding is not an Engagement Ring Vendor, but merely a reviewer.

    The most controversial complaint against Wedding Chicks is its recent policy for photographers to display 3-5 portfolio items on the official Social Media Pages of Wedding Chicks for $100-$150 each. The policy became a rebuttal when popular No#1 Wedding Photographer Dina Douglas spoke of the policy as betraying and petty.

    This is what she posted on her Facebook Page- “Oh, Wedding Chicks (the blog, not the people). You’ve built your business with the backs of generous photographers who have given you their work at no cost. And now you want to charge them $150 to show off their images on your Pinterest? The Industry is laughing at you”.

    There is no use of looking for an engagement ring on Wedding Chicks because the listed Jewelers on the Wedding Chicks website are a hyperlink that redirects you to the official website. Hence, Wedding Chicks also holds the least of ties or history with the vendors. Furthermore, unlike My wedding  or Martha Stewart Weddings, there is no feedback or rating page on the vendors to do a ground check on.

    As the website independently and officially guarantees no information, the trust is a tough bump that stops from winning new customers.

    Another important reason to avoid Wedding Chicks is because it shares the least of personal information on vendors or contracts, which makes the choice of choosing vendors, difficult.

    Another important reason not to check Wedding Chicks for your Wedding preparations is because Wedding Chicks is not an interactive business. Although, it has an active facebook page and likewise social media pages, however, the on-site interaction with audience is null. This results in adverse outcomes as there is no valid way to estimate the value and skill of the vendors referred on Wedding Chicks.

    Yet another important reason not to browse Wedding Chicks is because their privacy policy vouches for behavioral advertising. This means that Wedding Chicks permit selected few advertisements form third party companies that also collect non-personal information for identification by using cookies and third party beacons.

    In addition, all articles published on Wedding Chicks are paraphrases, with limited information, that are hyperlinked to the original article. The webpage is not optimized for mobile systems and the text looks tiny when accessed through the same.

    What is Wedding Chicks? Here Are Some Facts:

    Wedding Chicks is an exquisite wedding blog providing Wedding Inspiration, Accessories, Planning and Advices. Known as the ultimate stop for Wedding goodies at the best price in the market, Wedding Chicks also provides costless hacks and tips for making your engagement and wedding, a truly unparalleled day.

    The DIY Wedding Inspiration Blog was established by Jocelyn Canrinus and Amy Squires in 2008. The website has a listed rate of oddly 10,000 unique visitors per day and is an active seller of wedding accessories apart from providing free professional wedding planning.

    Wedding Chicks is the lone Virtual Wedding Planner that provides high-grade printables and hacks for free to its audience. The website showcases wedding articles, tips for choosing accessories as well as planning each step of the wedding, efficiently.  The website is a One Stop Shoppe for the ones in love (about to be engaged) and ‘Just engaged’.  The website provides high quality content with unique insight on wedding planning. The URLs are clean and the website even provides exclusive discounts for the wedding deals that it has triggered or mediated.

    Wedding Chicks is a learned wedding host who is infamous for providing wedding aides domestically and internationally! With Wedding Chicks, no dream will be left unturned

    What Can I Find Helpful At Wedding Chicks? The Full Review

    An ideal wedding planner, situated within the United States and offering services for interested fiancés exclusive DIY Wedding Planning advices. The Website is renowned for many of its unique features, ranging from free printables to international wedding destinations.

    The trademark of Wedding Chicks is their commercial launch of wedding accessories that speak the heart and soul of everything that a couple wants for their holy matrimony. With exclusive customization options to detail and design your graphic available with Wedding Chicks, your every wedding fantasy will be realized!

    Free Printables for every wedding event that are ready made and DIY Wedding Invitation Cards. Most websites today offer free templates and designing options, but Wedding Chicks is a level above all. It provides a broad range of options to make the card look professional and elegant.

    Wedding Chicks mediates local vendors for wedding planning and deals by connecting with the potential audience, easily.

    The local vendors on Wedding Chicks include

    • Photographers: Hundreds of local vendors such as Kiel Rucker Photography, The Studio B photography, M Fisher Imagery, Everly Studios, Arthouse Photographs and Golden Hour studios.
    • Caterers: Local vendors for cakes such as Evie and Mallow, Plumeria cake Studio, The Baked Equation and Corrs Cakes.

    Local caterers such as SBB Gourmet Catering, Garnish Craft cocktail, Five Crowns, 24 Carrots and Simply Brigadiero;

    • Beauticians: Mix of vendors- Stacy Ford Weddings, Bride To Be beauty, Bella Bridal Napa Valley, Honor Beauty, Holistic Bridal Coaching and Megan Strawn.
    • Stylists: Local vendors- Tress hairstyling Company, Jewel Hair Design, Steeve Danielle Hair Makeup and Hairshop.
    • Light: Local Arrangements- Carcano DJ Audio Visual and Lighting, The Event Light Pros, Got Light and Mood Event.
    • Entertainment: Specific Arrangements- The Love Revival Orchestra, Treja Vu Band, Supernova Italy Music, Live Event Painter- Anthony Galati, Marti Longo and The Bailsmen.
    • Rental Furniture: Specific Arrangements – Blush Creek, The Rental Company, Vintage dish Company, Touch of Whimsy Design and Coordination, Sweet Pickins Vintage Rentals, Rustic Urban and Finders Keepers.
    • Florists: Specific Arrangements- Compass Floral, Primrose & Co, Floral Designs- Christa Rose, 2CLVR Designs,  Nave Floral Design and Southern Accents.
    • Dress Makers- Specific Vendors – White Runway, Davinci Bridal, Doris Petticoats, Shut The Front Door, Joanna August, Veils of Art, Calypso St Barth and Justin Alexander.
    • Honeymoon Travel- Specific Arrangements- Destination,  Sri Panwa Phuket, Luna Dancer with Honeymoons, Inc, Honeymoonist and Tribeats.

    The best thing that Wedding Chicks is appreciated for is its selection of photography. Recently, the controversy of Wedding Chicks demanding hundreds of dollars from Photographers to put a quarter dozen pictures on the Official Pinterest site caused uproar.

    To the protest, Wedding Chicks responded to the as –

    “Firstly, we wanted to let you know that any of our Valentine’s Day promotional pin packages, that have been purchased alone and part of a larger advertising package, have been refunded and issued an apology. We apologize breaking from the Pinterest Terms of Service. We had no intention to do that and have tried to rectify the situation”.

    Is Wedding Chicks A Scam?

    No. Wedding Chicks is a legitimate wedding planner with a flawless record of providing creative and budget-efficient wedding offers. Wedding Chicks provides a diverse style of vendors specific to each wedding accessory. With over 7 years of history of selling wedding goodies and promoting efficient wedding shopping, Wedding Chicks is an exemplary website. The impeccable nuptial knowledge is evident in the unique tone and content of the articles posted on its official website.

    The articles are non-fluffy and capture nothing but the quintessential. The best thing that asserts the authenticity of Wedding Chicks is it’s free of cost wedding goodies for DIY Wedding Planning. Eliminating the countless sessions and money spend on consulting individual contractors for your-specific design can be daunting as an economical stab when the occasion is wedding. The most special day of your life has to be thrilling, extravagant and exclusive. Wedding Chicks promise everything that an engaged couples looks out for in a wedding planner. From the consoling warmth of a guardian to the efficient hacks of a professional wedding planner, Wedding Chicks does an efficient and exceptional job with each of its audience.

    Our Final Conclusion:

    Based on the unbiased and professional parameters that helped to review, we have come to the conclusion that wedding chicks is a treasure house of wedding wisdom.  The independence to design one’s own wedding as well as how to keep calm, during the same is the penultimate focus of Wedding Chicks.

    It is not an Engagement ring vendor, but reviews fashions, trends and styles to explore when choosing engagement and wedding accessories. Wedding Chicks provides trustworthy and skilled vendors through easy setups and costless registration. While the blog explores unique and daring wedding topics, the shopping tab is exclusive for its wedding accessories like customized totes, tees, garments and other fabrics. 

    When you shop on Wedding Chicks for your wedding, your every nuptial dream will be true!  The website is 1000% valuable, experienced and flawless in its publishing methods. Even though the website was dragged into controversies over its Valentine’s Day Offer of charging photographers to showcase nuptial photography for hundreds of dollars, the company has resolved the issue with compensations.

    The blog explores wedding topics in abundance and suggest creative ideas that truly shrink the stress of a wedding!

    Wedding Chicks Ratings

    User Friendly 17/20

    A highly user friendly website, Wedding Chicks is set in the backdrop of a soothing peach shade with warm photos of brides and the glitz of weddings.  The engagement ring jewelers featured on Wedding Chicks are Eragem, Eniko Kallay, Suzie Saltzman, Ritani, Meljoy, The Three Graces, Brilliant Earth, Primestyle and Brian Gavin Diamonds.

    The main tabs on the website are

    • Find Your Vendors- To find local vendors;
    • Wedding Inspiration- Weddings, Beautiful Weddings and Jaw-dropping Weddings;
    • Trending- Hottest nuptial topics like Engagement & Celebrations, Dress, Beauty, Health, Food, Drink, Gifts, Jewelry, Music, Travel and Tips.
    • Free Printables- For Invitation Suites, Monograms, Events, Signs, Labels and RSVPS.
    • Shop- Customizable Totes, Tees, Hankies, Art, Bridal Accessories, Groomsmen Accessories and Gifts.

    Variety Of Engagement Rings Stores 18/20

    Wedding Chicks provide a deep insight on the type of engagement rings to choose as well as where to choose it from. The website forwards the query to the page of the finest Jewelry Vendors, which helps to clarify individual interests with ease.  Wedding Chicks is infamous for its Wed anywhere deals, where all wedding shipments are shipped internationally as well.  The website has an exclusive section on Engagement and Celebrations which focuses on a handful of topics on pre- engagement facts and the on post engagement planning, until wedding planning.

    Customer Care Value 19/20

    The website is renowned for its customer care value and is hence known to provide member registration for vendors and customers. The website has a high page grade of 3 and a global rank of 38202 and it receives oddly 10,000 unique visitors every day, mostly from China and the U.S.

    The website also has 2679 likes on Facebook as well as 23 shares on Google+.

    Credibility And Transparency 17/20

    One of the striking and commendable facts of Wedding Chicks is its Privacy Policy. The website clearly explains how personal information of the audience is protected from the third party sites. By merely sharing the non-personal information such as scrolls, browser type, time, subject of ads and click stream information.

    To avoid the non-personal data collection automatic on Wedding Chicks, merely turn off the same in the Settings of your Internet Browser.


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