What Are The 4 C’s?

Origin of the Diamond 4Cs

The 4 C’s are only a measurment tool that was invented mid 20 century. it simply means that there is a common evaluation method for all kind of diamonds so you can compare, or so diamond dealers can dizz you with those facts so you wouldnt notice that you are over priced! here are the 4 C’s in my language:


A colored diamond is cheaper than a colorless one! a colorless one would be graded D as a full color one would be graded Z anything in between means more expensive as closer to D.


Absence of Inclusions and Blemishes simply implies that the diamond is more fancy and therfore more expensive! the common symbols are FL IF VVS1 VVS2 vs1 vs2 s1 s2 i1 i2 i3 as FL is the highest clarity. the important tip is that even profeesional diamonds graders woukd have to examin very carefully with professional equipnt in order to obtain a vs2 and a vvs1 if you are more interested in the show off than the professional evaluation it might just turn out to take a lower grade clarity.


A diamonds cut is actually ones total design in aspects of light and natural design. it is the hardest topic to evaluate as it contains so many prototypes to measure that may vary from one stone to another. The measurement is divided to Brightness under white light, Fire- for the scattering of white light into all colors of he rainbow. Scintillation- the sparkle. The cut ranges from Excellent to Poor.


200 miligrams thats it. A diamond can vary from a quarter of a carat and even less to a few carats. Here offcourse- the smaller the cheaper.