What Damages Diamond Engagement Rings?

What Damages Diamond Engagement Rings?

There is a story that Joseph Asscher prepared for months calculating the cleavage of $400 million diamond. He fainted after splitting the diamond perfectly, woke up and fainted again at the perfection of the cut! Even though Royal Asscher cut remains applaudable today, not every jeweler cuts the diamond properly and not every girl remembers to keep the rock away from cleavage plane. If you’re wondering the last part meant, your diamond education is weak and you need to get started ASAP!

7 Things That Damages Diamond Engagement Rings

Isn’t diamond the hardest thing on earth? How can a diamond be destroyed? Is wearing a diamond engagement ring all the time bad for safety? What to do when you have a chipped diamond in your wedding ring? I know how it feels when you wonder if your precious diamond engagement rings are precious than just flaunting. If you’re worried about the safety of your rings, we suggest you talk with your insurer about the jewelry ASAP!

I’ve added all the things you must consider as a threat towards your diamond engagement ring. Ready to start?

·        Diamonds can Scratch Each Other when Kept Together

It is common practice to keep precious jewelry together. So, if you have a habit of keeping your diamond earrings and rings crammed together, quit it.

You know diamonds are the hardest things on earth right? That’s why geologists used the diamond to determine the hardness of the other stones by scratching or rubbing each other. The fact is, a diamond can scratch another diamond easily.

·        Hit it at the Cleavage or sensitive spot of the diamond

The bull’s eye of a diamond is the cleavage. It is where you can hit the diamond for it to split into the cleaving plane. In diamonds, the cleavage changes with the shape of the rock. Simply put, if you accidentally strike the cleavage of a diamond, it can split in half with minimum pressure too.

Want to hear more of the Asscher diamond cutting story? Check it out here

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It is not easy to keep your diamond safe if you work at a job where your hands are exposed to threats that can break your diamond. Hence, keep the diamond ring in a safe box before engaging in work you think can break your diamond.

·        Chlorine in Water can Erode the Stone out

While I just told you ways to protect your precious rock in all possible ways from chipping or breaking, an e-ring can get damaged on the metal too. Don’t think that gold or platinum is indestructible because swimming in the chlorinated pool for a few months can erode metals quickly!

Almost all swimming pools are brimming with chlorine, so ensure you safeguard the ring before diving in.

·        Ammonia in Cosmetics can Damage diamonds

Another prominent advocate of diamond damages is the ammonia, which is found in hair dye to grooming items. Moreover, harsh chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and sulfates in lotions, moisturizers, and makeup items often damage diamond rings easily.

Remember to take off your engagement ring when you’re putting on makeup. You can wear it once you’re done with grooming!

·        Dirt and Grime can Pop the Rock Out

Are you a busybody? Perhaps you’re an independent businesswoman who has not enough time to clean every jewelry she wears. However, if you’re too late, constant exposure to pollutants can damage the metal on your diamond ring as well as the stone such that the rock will fall out eventually.

On the flipside, if you take the engagement ring for maintenance once in 3-6 months, experts will ensure that the prongs are tight and your diamond undamaged.

·        Lack of Protection for Culets

Culets in the earlier days were often faceted to prevent damage to diamonds. However, if you choose a design or rock with the sharp culet, please understand that you can chip off the culet with negligible force. Ensure that the diamond is set in a good setting or pronged well such that the sharp culet does not hit anything.

·        Wearing already Chipped Diamonds

If you noticed your diamonds on the engagement ring is chipped, you need to take off the ring and secure it ASAP. Moreover, take it to the jeweler and get it fixed right away. I have met many women who sighed not keeping the chipped diamond ring safe at first sight. Don’t regret them. Better yet, get bezel, partial bezel or v-prongs for your precious diamond on the engagement ring.

Before you go …

Besides diamonds, White gold, Gold, and Platinum can equally be damaged in chlorine, ammonia or scratches. That’s why you must start regarding your precious e-ring with respect. Always take it off and keep it in a safe place if you doubt about the safety of the ring.

Better safe than sorry right!

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