What if she doesn’t Like the Diamond Engagement Ring You Picked?

What if she doesn’t Like the Diamond Engagement Ring You Picked?

There is no chance of her canceling the wedding just because the engagement ring doesn’t look good. Get real. So, stop panicking and listen to the words of vice from successful men who wooed their birds with a thunderous yes even when they didn’t like their diamond engagement ring. Sounds crazy right? Well, start reading then!

11 things to do when she doesn’t Like the Diamond Engagement Ring You Picked

Will she break up with me if she hates the ring? Is there a way to prevent her getting angry if she doesn’t like the diamond engagement ring I picked? What is the secret to finding a diamond ring she loves?

It’s not easy. But, the ride is fun and we promise you will find the perfect solutions to find the wedding ring of your dreams. Ready?

1.      ASK IT: Is it the ring or is it You?

It is scary, but there is no better time to ask this question. If it’s the ring, you can work out something in the future. But, if it’s you, quit making a fool trying to propose. Move on and save your precious bauble for the REAL love of your life.

2.      Say Sorry and that you Understand

If she didn’t like the ring style or design, you can say sorry if the situation is getting awkward. Try to be sensitive. Understand and empathize with her helplessness. That will definitely make her scream ‘I Do’.

3.      Confess Why you Picked the Ring

Another way to set thing straight is by sharing why you picked the engagement ring design. Perhaps there is a memorable story or sparkle she will see. That way, she will also open up about the ring she wants you to propose her with.

4.      Time to check the Returns and Refund Policy

Unless you got a custom diamond engagement ring, you can return or refund it with most sellers. You can go together to the store and let her find the one she likes. Ensure that you call the jeweler ahead of your visit so that your beloved can find her dream ring quickly without paperwork.

5.      How about Ring Enhancers?

If she thinks the ring you selected is too simple or classic, you can always get enhancers for the solitaire to embellish it. Moreover, wraps for engagement rings come in a set to highlight the main ring. Here’s a link about ring enhancers if this is the first time you’re hearing about it!

6.      Tell her to pick one or show one she likes

Coming right out and asking her what she likes is not an offense. Although, you might want to give her the courtesy of picking it as well. It’s bold but, it does the job like a man.

7.      Is it the diamond or the setting? You can switch ‘em!

When you’re wondering what went wrong, the best solution would be to break open your voice and ask her if the rock upset her or the setting did. Once she tells you what set her off, you can surprise her with an upgraded proposal ring, ready to go!

8.      Go for a Fancy Wedding Band and Lock the Proposal Ring

One of the conventional best ways to minimize the damage of a poorly designed engagement ring can be marred by a gaudy wedding band. Heck, she can even chuck the simple looking engagement ring after the main ceremonies and continue with the fancy pic throughout her life.

9.      Tell her it’s a Test Trial

A crooked way to understand what your girlfriend wants if she doesn’t like the diamond engagement ring you picked for her, tell her- ‘SURPRISE, IT’S A TEST TRIAL. Wear it for a week and tell me if anything bothers you’. Good, right? It’s just like taking the car out on a drive!

10. She needs you more than Diamonds

See, you need to understand that material things will always drain out. That is not where her or his love is invested. You need to know that your beloved needs you more than a piece of rock any day. Hence, go ahead and accept your poor choice.

11. Ask her for a Solution

When you’re left with no solution of the above, the last resort when she doesn’t like the ring your proposed with is to ask her for a solution. Easy right? Motivate her and share your inventory of rings and details to have a fun time selecting your wedding rings together.

Before you go …

If you haven’t decided about the engagement ring and are just surfing about, it’s a good thing to drop hints. Tag her name on the pic of the ring of your choice on Facebook/ Instagram. See what she responds. Asking her directly is gutsy, not ballsy. Try it! Then, you wouldn’t have to wonder what if she doesn’t like the diamond engagement ring you picked.

Good luck!

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