What Is Best Color Scheme For Your Wedding?

What Is Best Color Scheme For Your Wedding?

While some people never think about wedding colors until they get to the dance floor or see their friends, you don’t wanna be shocked and stress like them.

You might think a white or golden color suggestion will work out, but when you haven’t listed the wedding colors, you have no idea the monstrous colors your guests will mix and mingle. If you really want your wedding photos to pop, select your wedding colors and get your venue, props and guests to wear them, including you.

Let’s find out the best color scheme for your wedding in the next 4 minutes!

Why Pick a Color Palette for your Wedding?

Finding the right colors for your wedding is a superb planning trick that works miracles by introducing consistency of colors. Regardless to say, it is eye-pleasing and photogenic too.

You will get a consistent series or sequence of colors when you choose a color palette for your wedding. The right colors help to coordinate the look of the wedding party so well that the bride and the groom really look like stars.

Your color palette will also introduce a sense of togetherness that loses up the guests during the wedding party. No more alienation and aloofness or division of groups in your wedding party.

Truth be told, a color palette can also make your wedding party look classy, professional and dreamy. It’s great for the photos and does a lot to keep the guests closer to the wedding party.  

What is the Color Wheel?

To decide on the most important number of colors, you better take a look at the color wheel. Sometimes, going with a color wheel quadrant might turn out as the best answer to select your colors.

  • Primary

Red, Yellow, and Blue are called the primary colors.

  • Secondary

When you mix any two of the primary colors, you get the secondary colors such as Purple, Green, and Orange.

  • Tertiary

Mixing a primary color with a secondary color gives you a tertiary color. These are Amber, Vermillion, Magenta, Violet, Teal, and Chartreuse.

How many colors should I select?

It is best to select three colors as a start to your wedding colors. There is an easy way to do so.

·      Base Color

This is your most favorite color that is essentially used for all the main things like writing the name, main flowers and so on.

·      Accent Color

This is the color that accompanies your most favorite color. It is also the second most used color, so select one that goes with your base color.

·      Neutral Color

You need a color that is whitish or grey so that you can use it to pull the attention away or fill the space. Go for a color that complements both the base and accent colors.

Are there premixed color schemes for wedding colors?

Definitely. The premixed color schemes can differ based on your wedding theme and planning. Basically, read the four options for wedding color scheme if you don’t know how to pick the right colors.

·      Monochromatic Colors

When you use one color and shades of the same color from light to dark for your wedding, it has a monochromatic color scheme.

·      Analogous Color Scheme

From the color wheel, all the colors that exist next to each other are chosen. As they are adjacent to each other, these colors create a base-accent-neutral combination quite quickly.

·      Complementary Colors

When colors opposite to each other are chosen, these give room to a contrasting set of colors. That is bold and fiery depending on your choice. One example of a complementary color set is Red and Green or Amber and Indigo or Yellow and Purple.

·      Triad Color Scheme for WEdding

When you choose a triadic color scheme, you are picking three different colors from different parts of the color wheel. For example, Purple, Orange, and Teal is one such example.

9 Best Color Schemes for your Wedding

I know it’s tough to choose the right colors on your own. But, you don’t have to worry because we have found the best color combinations in 9 ways for your wedding so that you can pick the best easily.

·      Yellow, Pink and Red

·      Pink, Gold and White

·      Purple, Orange and White

·      Red, Black and White

·      Teal, Turquoise and Silver

·      Red, Gold and Green

·      Royal Blue, White and Black

·      Scarlett and Navy Blue

·      Jade Green, Olivine and Gold

Before you go …

So which color scheme from the above stunned you the most? Are there other wedding color schemes you’ve heard about? Share it with our readers right away!

You can also ask us your doubts about choosing a color scheme for your wedding in the comments below.

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