What to Ask when Getting a Custom Engagement Ring for Surety

What to Ask when Getting a Custom Engagement Ring for Surety

Most celebrity engagement rings are custom designed. So, are all the royal ones. In fact, if you want to keep your love evergreen and unique, you need a custom engagement ring that represents your love than a traditional wire knot. Today I will surprise you with all the guidance you need to get a custom engagement ring.

Why make a Custom Engagement Ring with Diamond?

Getting exactly what represents your love is hard with ready-made engagement rings. Although you can resize rings, you can’t change it on one fine day because it is the ring that stays until the last breath with you.  That’s why custom engagement rings are important.

If you want a special ring design that conveys the spirit of your love and holiness or sparkle, designed a custom engagement ring by following our guide to making custom rings can help you out.

Things You Must Remember When Getting a Custom Engagement Ring

Why make a custom diamond engagement ring? What are the correct steps to make a custom engagement ring? How to avoid risks of returning a custom diamond engagement ring? Find all your answers below because I’ve countered every point so that you can decide on your own ASAP!

1.      Explore Engagement Ring Designs

The first step to choosing the right custom diamond ring is by exploring all the options you have. Today, it is easy to find gemstone and diamond embedded jewelry with heirloom quality or glamor beyond finesse.

From different shapes of diamonds to designs that are archaic and fancy, you will definitely find inspiring designs en route. We have many engagement ring designs for you to browse from. Have fun!

2.      Find a Jeweler You Can Trust

You need to find a reputable jeweler who can make the jewelry as you design. It needs to be authentic where you can access the stones and variety of precious metals you want on the ring. Find a jeweler who can offer all that. Once you ensure he or she is good, you can check out their designs and suggest your own.

Start working once you’re sure they can deliver exactly what you like. Even when the sketches come, it is important to collaborate with the designer to make your dream design of a custom engagement ring!

3.      Trust a Setting You’re Comfy with

When you’re trying to find the perfect setting, you need to measure the size of your fingers as well. If your fingers are bold, it is best to use rings with the least of prongs. From halo to bezel and solitaire, it is important to try out every setting so that you can try out the comfort rate of multiple rings before finding the best fit for you.

Remember, this is for a lifetime and not a party you’re attending on a random weekend!

4.      Start As Soon as Possible

It is golden to start EARLIEST when you’re trying to design a custom engagement ring with diamonds for your wedding. If you haven’t proposed yet, you need to start there. However, if you’ve decided on the ring, you need to get the design burnished ASAP. Do you know it can take anywhere from a month to a year to get your custom engagement ring done?

5.      Choose a Diamond that Fits

This should be the first step to making custom engagement rings. But, if you love designs more, don’t ignore the center rock. Find a diamond that contours to the setting and design of the ring you choose. Buying a loose diamond will help you appraise its value beforehand itself.

Do read more on Diamond 4Cs and everything else before buying a loose diamond.

6.      Pick a Metal Your Tone Agrees With

The next step is to pick from gold, platinum or any noble metal that can stand the test of time and tide. Overall, the best metal for your engagement ring is the one that agrees the most with your skin tone, lifestyle, and preferences. Have you found the right one?

If you have a warm tone of skin, yellow gold, and rose gold are both perfect while cooler skin tones look best with platinum and titanium like metals.

7.      Establish your Estimated Budget

Another first step to getting a custom engagement ring, estimated budget is required before you make the first step to getting the diamond ring. However, if you have no idea about what you’re looking for, estimating the budget is hard. Hence, find your jeweler, design and then estimate the budget to make a sensible one!

Before you go …

Once you are done assessing a wide variety of engagement rings along with all the other steps in the custom diamond engagement ring checklist, you can go ahead with the decision. Even if she doesn’t like the diamond engagement ring, she will understand the long process you went through.

Good luck~

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