What to Know When You’re Resizing Diamond Engagement Rings

If your ring is becoming a pain on your hand than making it beautiful, a resizing might be due. The truth is, diamond engagement resizing is a simple process if this isn’t your first time. On the contrary, first time worries for resizing diamond engagement rings can be many.

  • Will the jeweler do a good job?
  • Does resizing bring down the quality or durability of my ring?
  • How many days does it take to resize a ring?

Hold on! It’s easier than you think. Go ahead!

How to Check if your Ring is the Right Size?

If you’re trying to pull off a loose ring on a stacked ring or tight ones, we can’t warn you enough. But, if your diamond engagement ring is aching your periphery than adorning your fingers, it’s time for a pro check.

  • Ideally, your ring should slide down the finger and come off in two or three seconds, maximum.
  • For men, the knuckle-area can seem stubborn for a few seconds more.

But, understand there is no perfect fit unless you custom design the engagement rings on your own.

Can my ring be resized?

Jewelers can go one or two sizes up or down to your size. That’s the standard. If you have put on weight and want to resize the ring more than that, ask this directly to the jeweler. Often, jewelers have a free resize warranty for life on quality diamond engagement rings.

Which Metal Rings are resizable?

Silver, gold and platinum bands are easy to resize. You don’t have to worry if your engagement ring is made of one of these bands.

If your band is too thin, resizing might be a bit off an issue, unless you’re with the right jeweler. If this is your issue, message us in the comments below!

It goes without saying, plain bands are easier to resize than halo, micro pave or vintage rings.

Why Resize your ring?

Resizing is not a trend. It is a choice of comfort for daily wearers of the engagement ring. Most people resize and improve their rings once in life, before the wedding and then bid goodbye to the process forever.

Find out if you need to resize your ring.

·        Resize your ring if it’s Too Tight

Is it a painful ordeal to take off your ring? Have you tried oil or gentle lather? If it’s still a struggle, you NEED to resize your engagement ring. Tight rings cut off the blood flow to your finger and pose many dangers to the skin underneath.

·        Resize your ring if it’s Too loose

Does your ring fall one too often? You might be lucky to catch it once or twice, but what if it falls off and you never notice it? Don’t fret, it has happened to me and many others.

A loose engagement ring is a danger waiting to happen. Don’t lose it. Take it your jeweler and get it fixed.  Good news is, all that exercise has finally worked!

How to Resize your Ring?

Once you are ready to get your diamond engagement ring resized, no need to think twice. Your first option must be to call up the original jeweler who made the ring. He or she will find it easier to work around safely with their design.

If you don’t have a jeweler to resize the ring, read ahead.

·        Find a Credible Jeweler to Resize your Ring

Going directly to the retail jewelry store is the best practice to resize your ring. The Blue Nile does the best job online if you ask me!

·        Ask if your ring can be reworked upon

Ask the jeweler if they are sure they can resize the ring without hassles. If you notice creases or shortcomings, it’s better to take it to another jeweler.

·        Fix a date!

Once you’re sure you want the resize, complete the transaction and track your diamond. Click here to read how to prevent diamond switching by the jeweler!

What is the total time to resize your ring?

I must say, this depends on the jeweler. Often resizing takes a few days with a reputed jeweler because he takes days to add to his workload. But, if you’re in a hurry you can always find a priority fee at credible jewelers. It is best to wait a week at the most, in any case.

Before you go …

It takes $20+ to resize a diamond engagement ring. If you’re sure about the jeweler, nothing can break the trust. Go ahead and ask us any question you might have!

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