What to Spend on Diamond Engagement Rings in USD

What to Spend on Diamond Engagement Rings in USD

If you’re wondering how many months’ salary will need a good engagement ring, we’ve got your back.  We have simplified, the minimum, above average, decent, pricey and exorbitant rates in USD to spend on Diamond Engagement Rings. Start planning because you might just be able to buy an engagement ring of the priciest category with a bit of planning ahead!

What is the average price of a diamond engagement ring that will make her say yes?

When you’re thinking about proposing to your girl, you need to first think about the budget of the engagement ring you’re going to propose her with. There is no price for love; however, checking the average price to spend on diamond engagement rings in 2018 will help you plan with ease.

·        $1000-$5000 is Minimum to Spend on Diamond Engagement Rings

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Called the minimum price to start on Diamond Engagement Rings, you can get a tiny stone in 14K for $1000 if you save up for one month. If you’re ready to save up for a few months, $5000, is easy t invest for a Diamond Engagement Ring!

·        $5000-$10,000 is Above Average to Spend on Diamond Engagement Rings

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Any Diamond Engagement Ring above $5000 is above the usual cut. You can get stunning double halo Diamond Engagement Rings to Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for $5000.

Moreover, at $5000, you can get a good rock for the center as well as a precious metal such as platinum! Set a goal for one year and save up from your monthly salary starting now!

·        $10,000 to $100,000 will buy a Pricey Diamond Engagement Ring

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Diamond Engagement Rings above $10,000 are made from rare diamonds or one with the least of inclusions.  The best way to find that kind of money is to find a quality jeweller who also offers a plan to loan the money. Within a few months of debits, you can repay the money and still get a stunningc Diamond Engagement Ring that will stun her into a yes!

·        $100,000 and Above is a special price for a special stone engagement ring

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Flawless diamonds make, Diamond Engagement Rings above $100,000. With that price you can buy any ring she wishes for. Browse our picks for the best and most popular Diamond Engagement Rings. If you can buy it, she will definitely say yes!

What to follow when you spend on diamond engagement rings online?

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Check the 4Cs of diamonds to avoid getting ripped off!

·         Cut of Diamond Engagement Rings

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The ability of a diamond to make the best out of the light that falls on it is the effect of cut of a diamond. The brilliance of light in a diamond is the result of a good cut. Diamond absorbs 80% light and 20% reflects backs as the radiance of the diamond.

Some examples of cuts for diamond engagement rings are Super Ideal Cut, Ideal Cut/ Excellent, Very Good Cut, Good Cut, Fair Cut and Poor Cut.

To read more about the cut of a diamond, click here!

·         Clarity of Diamond Engagement Rings

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The coherence of a diamond is referred as the clarity of the diamond engagement ring. Clarity of the diamond gauges the rate of inclusions and flaws in the diamond. That being said, there is no 100% eye clean diamonds. An 11 point clarity scale is used to determine the clarity of diamonds for engagement rings.

Some examples of clarity for diamond engagement rings are Flawless (F), Internally Flawless (IF), Very Very Slightly Included Diamonds (VVS1), Very Slightly Included (VS1), Slightly Included (S1) and Included.

To read more about the clarity of diamonds, click here!

·         Color of Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamond is the hardest gemstone on earth. The same is why it was chosen as the betrothal ring when Pope first announced engagements, centuries ago. Diamonds are available in colorless to white, yellow, pink, steel gray, blue, yellow, black, orange, red, brown, purple and green.

GIA uses a scale of A to Z to refer to colored diamonds. Scale for determining and rate the color for diamond engagement rings to price are Colorless (D, E, F), Near Colorless (G, H, I, J), Faint Color (K, L, M).

To read more about available colors for diamonds, click here!

·         Carat of Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamonds weight is measured in carats. One carat is equal to 200 mg and 5 carats equals one gram. Moreover, 1 pound is equal to 2,268.2 carats in diamonds. The magic weight of diamond is perfects carat weight of the precious rock such as 1 carat, 2 carats, 0.5 carats, 5 carats, 10 carats and so on.

To read more about the carat sizes of diamond engagement rings, click here!

What we recommend

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We suggest you buy your precious diamond engagement ring from a good jeweler online. This way, you can avail loans and select your rock or proposal ring without worrying about running out of money.

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