What You Need To Know About Emerald Cut Diamonds

What You Need To Know About Emerald Cut Diamonds

The shape of a diamond can be cut in many varieties. One variety that boasts the shimmer and dazzle of emeralds is when you cut a diamond in the emerald cut. I am smitten by emerald cuts for engagement ring diamonds and so are you. If you want to know everything about emerald cut diamonds besides their pros and cons, start scrolling!

What is emerald cut?

A flat shape with a rectangular shape, the emerald cut has incessant step cuts, chiseled to perfection. The facets of an emerald cut diamonds are linear, cut parallel to the stone. You can also notice the emerald cut diamonds are cropped on the corners to prevent chipping off of the diamond. Popular as the square cut, emerald cut is fancy shape for a diamond.

Why are Emerald Cut Diamonds cheaper?

Offering up to 20% less than round or princess cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds will always be lesser in cost than other shapes. More importantly, the low price of this owes to the lesser demand for emerald cut diamonds. On the contrary, heart shaped diamonds cost the highest.

What is the symmetry of Emerald Cut diamonds?

Do you know where the emerald cut comes from? It comes from the way emerald gemstone looks. The green gemstone is usually seen in an elongated shape that looks like a natural bevel. When you’re looking to buy an emerald cut diamond, parallel cutting is a must.

Just like all the other variety of diamond cuts, emerald cut is graded in symmetry from excellent to poor. If you want your emerald-cut diamond to look great, go for a good to excellent symmetry.

Is Emerald Cut sparkle of the diamond real?

Unlike most of the cuts, emerald cut is a unique cut that can brighten the ring on your finger. However, the brilliant cut is especially chosen for its brilliance and sparkle. The emerald cut is different from the brilliant cut. On the other hand, emerald cut has a step cut. It is known for a phenomenon called Hall of Mirrors.  The flash of light will create a wide elongated reflection, ensuring maximum sparkle. You will see the play of light the best at the corners of the emerald cut. Total depth percentage 60% to 70% of the stone’s width if you want your emerald cut diamond to be brilliant.

Three things that affect the sparkle of an emerald cut diamond is its symmetry, polish and proportions. To maximize this sparkle, you should go for excellent symmetry and proportion.  

Pros and Cons of Emerald Cut Diamonds

Today we will find out the good and bad about emerald cut rings so that you can decide which is the perfect choice for you.  

Pros of Emerald Cut Diamonds

What is the merit of emerald cut diamonds? Are they good for engagement rings? Will they look good on thick fingers? What to remember about emerald cut?

·      Looks larger than it really is

Due to the elongate table of the emerald cut, this diamond cut looks bigger than it really is.

·      Exceptionally Smooth

As most diamond cuts are made with multiple cuts and facets, they tend to show clean lines. Emerald cut, on the other hand, is smooth through and through.

·      Unique and Outstanding

Ritani reveals that emerald cut is chosen by merely 5% of customers while the total number of emerald cut diamonds are not more than 3%. That proves how unique this cut is and special your ring will look from other people.

·      Cheaper than the others

 As emerald cut looks larger than it is, you can go for a 1 carat or less weight of diamond to make it look double its size.

·      Complements Slender Fingers

As the cut is elongate, it makes slim fingers look slimmer.

·      Safer and Durable

Emerald cut has tapered ends that makes it safer to wear without the diamond chipping off the sides.

·      Vivid and Bold Flashes

The hall of mirror effect creates spectacular flashes on this cut of diamond.

Cons of Emerald Cut Diamonds

What do you need to know when you’re selecting emerald cut diamond? Why not buy emerald cut diamond?

·      Inclusions and Imperfections are Too Clear

As emerald cut shows a flat and long table. That’s why if the clarity of the stone is not excellent, you will notice flaws and imperfections easily.

Before you go …

Do you know Angelina Jolie wore the emerald cut diamond ring? Other fans of this cut diamond cut are Amal Clooney and Beyoncé. If you wanna look exceptional, emerald cut is the way to go. s

If you want to make your emerald-cut diamond look extra good, you need to add accent stones around it. Emerald cut diamond with baguettes are the best bet. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions about emerald cut diamonds in the comments below.

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