When to Buy a Diamond for your Engagement Ring

When to Buy a Diamond for your Engagement Ring

Buying your dream rock is not so easy when you’re eyeing for diamonds. To get your money’s worth and savings, you need to buy the precious rock on the engagement day! If you asked if there’s a season-best to buy a diamond? There is! And our experts will tell you 5 Answers to When to Buy a diamond for your engagement ring!

When is the Engagement Season?

The months following November until February is called the Engagement Season. This combines the best holidays of the years starting from Thanksgiving/ Black Friday/ Cyber Monday until Valentine’s Day. It is revered such as it combines the best time to buy due to seasonal offers. Diamond jewelers offer slashed discounts during the Engagement season and hence, it is wise to buy your rock during these months.

Why buy a diamond for your engagement ring during the Engagement Season?

Engagement seasons stock up on new releases to shocking discounts during the Engagement season. Moreover, people besides lovers also invest in diamond jewelry during these seasons, making it the best time to buy your rock and metal for a wedding or other festivals.

Why not buy diamonds during popular seasons?

Another important factor that suggests you not to buy diamonds during the Engagement season is because you’re being tricked by diamond vendors around the world. You must evade these promotional offers during the BIG holidays because jewelers and geezers always upsell the goods during these times.

Real Shopping Seasons Best for Buying Diamond for Engagement Ring

When does engagement season start? How to find your dream ring on discount? What’s the benefit of buying your diamond during the engagement season? What is engagement season? Why buy engagement ring during the engagement season? Which is the best time to buy a diamond for an engagement ring? Get all your questions answered now!

·        Valentine’s Day

The international day of love, Valentine’s Day sees higher diamond sales than any other season. It’s the most popular time to propose to your ladylove and get the ‘I Do’. Besides millions of diamond shops vouching for discounts on February 14th, there are online diamond shops with surprise discounts during the same time. If you wait for the valentine’s day, you will catch many diamonds on shocking discounts!

·        Christmas

Another perfect holiday to buy diamonds, Christmas sees as many engagement rings in diamonds for proposals as Valentine’s Day. Christmas season shows the start of discounts on diamonds for wedding rings. It combines many holidays. Moreover, people invest in diamonds as gifts during the Xmas seasons too. No wonder, you see so many engagement ring ads during the winter festival of Christ.

·        Black Friday

One of the iconic holidays after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is accounted to sell the most number of items. It is generally a holiday that helps you stock up on Xmas gifts and hence, you are bound to find some of the best deals throughout the year at Black Friday. The Thanksgiving holiday is best for diamond purchases as your favorite diamonds can disappear in seconds if you don’t hurry enough.

·        Cyber Monday

The Monday following Black Friday has become one of the best days to purchase diamonds online. It is named after the slashed prices on the items that didn’t sell on black Friday. Tune in for Cyber Monday if your favorite diamond is online. It can get you double savings if you found the best diamond on Black Friday already!

·        Spring Time

A lesser-known equivalent, spring season sees a rise in diamond sales for engagement rings. One of the best romantic seasons to propose, spring offers many discounts for diamonds if you look right. It gives you a chance to brace up if you don’t find a viable rock on Valentine’s Day or any of the other above holidays.

When is the right time to buy a diamond for your engagement ring?

The right time to buy your diamond ring is when you’re ready to propose your mate. Waiting a year for the engagement season to come might just make you lose your love. The right time to buy your diamond ring to propose is when love is in the air.

You can get custom engagement rings with a trusted jeweler with credit payment option if your wallet isn’t heavy enough. Moreover, the truth is diamond sellers can upsell during popular holidays for glitzier promotions.


You must choose your diamond with care, but waiting for the season to change might steal more than a diamond.

Diamond sellers with positive credibility often sell diamonds at attractive prices during the engagement season. Hence, it is good to plan a few weeks before the engagement season by browsing for your dream rock on websites like the Blue Nile or James Allen.

Remember the price of diamonds tends to rocket up than down. So, if your eye caught a sweet rock at a price you can manage, check the diamond forecast and take a quick decision before it disappears!

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