Precious Metal Battles- White Gold Vs Platinum

Precious Metal Battles- White Gold Vs Platinum

Precious Metal Battles- White Gold Vs Platinum

Gold has been the centripetal force that has attracted centuries of human civilization and even the ancient astronaut theorists. White gold is not a mysterious extra terrestrial metal just because it looks heavenly white. In fact, an ugly secret of White Gold is that it is duller and greyer than platinum as the rhodium coating chips away in a year in erstwhile.

While platinum debuted in the 20th century, white gold has seen a consistent turnover being the best engagement rings for decades before. Albeit, by the turn of another century, technology had improved so much that platinum was easy and efficient to bejewel. While white gold is affordable, platinum is extravagantly priced such that to have a platinum engagement ring is to actually have a new treasure in your life!

Merit wise, white gold and platinum both has its advantages and disadvantages for couples. Judge by the the pros and cons of the metals- white gold and platinum that you need before buy.

What is a White Gold Engagement Ring?

In fact, the defining properties of white gold owe it to being a nickel, sterling, copper, manganese or palladium to make an alloy of gold. Gold being one of the unstable metals in its pure form is popular in many varieties of its carat weight. White gold comes in 18, 14 and 9 carats of weight; however, the alloy composition in each type differs.

  • 18ct white gold is created by mixing 750 parts (Or 75%) per thousand parts with gold and remnant 250 parts (Or 25%) parts per thousand with different metals such as zinc or copper. In short, the gold composition remains consistent while the total percentile of the alloys change.
  • 14 ct white gold is created by mixing 520 parts per thousand of gold (52%) with 420 parts (42%) per thousand of other metals.

Until the 20th century, platinum was a jeweler’s challenge metal, to until technology advanced. Unlike its grey natural color, white gold is made to shine the searing white like that of platinum by coating another white colored metal called rhodium on it. Apart from whitening the white gold periodically as well as initially, rhodium also makes it more scratch resistant than platinum. However, it wears off soon and it must be re-plated each 12-18 months.

Why Should you Get a White Gold Engagement Ring?

Apart from being the neo-metal of the era, white gold is incredibly cheap too. With over $1000 difference between the two, white gold is definitely the most affordable bite of luxury and fortune amongst world’s prettiest and priciest baubles.

You should get your metal choice on the engagement ring because

  • Strong at delicate settings

Despite being the strongest jewelry metals, platinum is unfavorable for bending during the jewelry making. Nevertheless, white gold is strong at delicate settings and ideal for the art deco engagement ring lovers!

  • Higher scratch resistance than gold

One of the star attractions of white gold is that it is highly resistant to scratches owing to the rhodium coating. As rhodium is a strong metal, coating the softer white gold, accentuates the durability of the metal besides keeping your engagement ring scratch-free, and untarnished forever!

  • If you like a mild golden shade

For those of you who are head over heels in love with the dandelion to bumblebee yellow hues of the varied gold ornaments, white gold is the best cost-efficient buy, considering the metals’ superior aesthetics.

  • Mixes with and complements other metals

The high quality that makes the white gold an appropriate metal exclusively for the engagement aspirants is because it contrasts Hawaiian rainbow colors to the exotic amber tint of gems, with the least effort on the photographer’s behalf!

An exotic combination to try and mix your gorgeous centre stone is with the white gold varieties by adding other metals to it.

  • Classy Silver Shade without the ado of perpetual tarnish

Perhaps not invincible after a year, wedding rings made of the metal white gold are better than most of its counterparts. With a shimmering and adorable shade akin to silver, white gold is invincible unlike silver as it never tarnishes.

Additionally, the three different carats of white gold blend with any cloth or accessory or even stone, that you wear.

Why shouldn’t you get a White Gold engagement ring?

Engagement rings are not the result of momentary whims getting a chocolate bar from your lover or for him. Perhaps a silly pendent will remain forgotten in the corner of your safe or lost at the bottom of the drain, but an engagement ring lasts forever and even after.

Is white gold as good as platinum or even durable?

  • Allergenic

A little-known notorious fact of using the white gold metal on your engagement rings is that certain alloys of white gold cause a serious allergic reaction in the wearer. This owes it to the traditional additive of white gold, a metal called nickel, which is known to cause threatening inflammations.

These sensitive allergies cannot only ruin your health, face and precious ring, but also the best day of your life!

  • Fading off color

Yet another con of white gold is that the rhodium plating that it bears, often wears off quickly. Used to change the original shade of the dull gray of white gold into the bright and white shade of platinum, rhodium corrodes within one or two years of initial coating. The color fades and results in a duller shade, depending on how active the lifestyle of the wearer is. Additionally, if nickel is the alloy used in the white gold, it fades off into yellow, while palladium gives a grey tint.

  • Cost of maintenance

White gold requires regular maintenance from re-plating to re-sizing. In fact, if you actively wear the engagement ring in your daily life, chances are that the original rhodium coating will chip off, revealing the dull gray. The average cost of maintaining a white gold engagement ring to be worn most of the time is higher than platinum. To clarify, a minimum of $50 per year for the rhodium coated white gold engagement ring while platinum needs none.

However, there are more jewelers who can re-size and re-make or re-design white gold rings than platinum ones.

  • Chemical Sensitivity

White gold being an uber sensitive metal, it is bad for such an engagement to be worn while in a hot tub or the swimming pool. It is not that white gold is unstable and reacts with water, but as the tubs and pools have chlorine treated water, it can make your lovely engagement ring, irreparable!

The common issues noticed when white gold is worn in sensitive solutions are dissolving, pitting and discoloration. The same is applicable to strong disinfectants and cleaning bleaches used around the house.

When compared to platinum, white gold is soft. This is the reason why white gold has a lesser durability and is hence, lightweight than platinum. Despite the fact that some people may not like the searing Tuscan sun shine of the white gold, even the Incas loved it!.

Celebrities Who Were Engaged to in White Gold Wedding Rings

From Aristotle’s golden mean to Olympic hailing gold as the highest achievement, gold has always reined as the precious most metal to dream. Celebrities who loved their white gold engagement rings are-

  • The Duchess of Cambridge from Prince William

Oval, 12 carat Ceylon Sapphire with 14 Solitaire Diamonds priced at £28,500, 30 years ago.

What is a Platinum Engagement Ring?

With a strong and bright allure, platinum displays the best durability that a priceless engagement bibelot is dreamt to be. Mostly described as a classy metal, sans blotch or blemish, probably in the classic snow white shade that complements with any gem, metal or twine!

Platinum is the only purest metal amongst all the metals. White gold has fewer than 54% of gold in it while platinum is 95% pure. Being the strongest metal, it has its fair share of difficulties to work on for bejeweling. Nevertheless, if you want your engagement ring to bear the symbol of your infinite love with your sweetheart, platinum is the king of jewelry metals fir for you!

Additionally, Platinum is also very dense such that your platinum engagement ring will be heavier than a white gold ring of the same weight. The supreme lure of platinum is certainly its affordability, which is sky rocketing, since platinum was ever made susceptible to jewel making. Roughly put, a platinum ring will amount to twice the expense of a white gold ring, with an odd $1000 margin!

Why should you get a Platinum engagement ring?

It is true that most couples start their engagement ring selection from gold to white gold and finally to platinum with each choice educating them a little more about the different metals and their quality. Considering platinum metal for your engagement ring takes much more than a fat wallet. In fact, platinum is actually cheaper, when compared to the lifetime re-plating that a white gold ring has to undergo. In fact, it makes you proud beyond the price you paid for!

Get a platinum engagement ring because Platinum has

  • Density

Given that Platinum is 40% denser than white gold, it is has a superior density to last your engagement ring for an entire lifetime. This is the same reason that platinum engagement rings have a static and a secure setting too. Most couples in love with diamonds choose platinum as the higher density ensures that any gem burnished or channeled on platinum, will have its brilliance enhanced by the diamonds.

  • Hypoallergenic

Unlike white gold, platinum is 90% to 95% pure. Platinum is made without mixing any other non-precious metals like nickel which is the lone substance in traditional white gold that makes it itchy, unlike platinum.
Platinum is the best metal to get your wedding and engagement ring in, regardless of whether you have normal or sensitive skin.

  • Classy Color that never changes

Naturally derived in an elegant shade of white, platinum is perfect for everlasting intimate jewelry like the engagement ring. Unlike white gold that requires being annually maintained to keep it from changing into an ugly shade of yellow, the color lock of platinum is forever!

Even with mild scratches, the brilliance of the platinum ring intensifies.

  • Loses little to polishing

Platinum is also one of the strongest metals used for ornament making. This is what makes it durable as well as efficient when compared to its counterparts. Platinum loses little to null weight in polishing, which is an alternative way to maintain the brilliance of your platinum ring, provided it is scratched all over.

Platinum also has an innate scratch resistance, which makes it susceptible only to harsh scratches, unlike softer metals like white gold.

Yet another worthy benefit of using platinum for your engagement ring is as it has a hassle-free cost of Maintenance amongst all other bejeweling metals. Given that you do not need to re-plate platinum rings unlike white gold rings, the money saved is indeed a lump sum.

Why shouldn’t you get a Platinum engagement ring?

With over thousands of dollars in difference between the two, platinum is definitely a choice for the opulent. Regardless of what the grandiose you have is, platinum should not be bought on a whim of a drink. Platinum is a heavier investment than white gold and can cost you a fortune, regardless of your pick being right or wrong.

The exorbitant pricing of platinum owes it to the fact that annually, platinum is lesser mined than white gold such that the ratio of betwixt the metals is: 160: 1,500 tons. Being a denser metal, the ditto rings in look each of platinum and white gold will weight differently as well.

  • Less Whiter or a dull shade

Color and aesthetics of both metals are dependent on the wearer’s palette, which is unique to each and new to another. Most engagement ring buyers complain that platinum rings are less white in color than white gold. This is because the dull white gold is coated with lily white rhodium to make it look whiter. Moreover, platinum has a dull shade of white, which dulls with time and scratches.

Platinum has no shine or shimmer while white gold sears!

  • Heavy

For people with nimble fingers, the weight of platinum can be a tough call. Platinum is not hefty, but it is heavier than white gold. For certain people, wearing jewelry is not synonymous with happiness. Often, they end up removing the engagement ring and chucking it off in the safety locker, if the ring makes too much of an impression while doing their chores.

Platinum rings are made with 95% platinum and a total of 5%- iridium, palladium, ruthenium, and several more alloys.

You might not believe it yet, but even a small difference in weight, over the time can make you feel stressed such that the engagement ring loses its value and gains negative value!

  • Patina

Another significant demerit of buying platinum engagement rings is that it grows a natural patina. A patina is the distorted or blurred radiance that forms over a metal due to multiple scratches and incremental bumps due to the natural wear and tear.

While some people detest the scribbled reflection that sheens over the ring, there are many who specifically adore this luster and describe it as warm too!

  • Bad option in delicate settings

Another important disadvantage of platinum to consider is its incapability of bending and unease of working. Being the denser in structure, platinum is also tough to bend and next to impossible when working with delicate settings. This incurs higher costs of artisanship, when compared to white gold.

If you have decided to shrug off all the cons of platinum for engagement rings and you’re reading to spend thousands of dollars on it, you might want to consider doubling your estimates too! Given that platinum engagement rings, go with platinum wedding bands alone and as you also need an eternity ring made of platinum, your budget just got tripled!

Celebrities Who Were Engaged to in Platinum Engagement Rings

If you’re a classy pair with a lovely mix of love, elegance and care, in your relationship, platinum is the best engagement ring metal choice for you.

  • Reese Witherspoon from Jim Toth

Ashoka cut 4 carat diamond ring


Furthermore, there are many things to consider like the ring setting, centre stone, budget and the rate of activity of using the ring, before settling on one metal for your engagement ring. Engagement is the first seal of your love and surely you know your love will last forever.

If you think platinum and white gold is too much for your malnourished wallet, here’s another cost-efficient eternal engagement ring metal to ponder about- Palladium!

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